Weekly Deals 2 for October at Accessory Geeks

Hey geeks miller here, your host over accessorygeeks.com. Last weeks you caught a glimpse with mad Miller on the new weekly deals that we are doing, that’s now available! First on our weekly deal list we have a Nokia retractable car charger It was $13.99 but now $5.99 shipping included to the US and Canada. This is a 70% off deal how could you missed out Not only this is charged as he drive but it’s retractable. Next we have our premiun Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, 3GS car charger It does come in white the original price was $9.99 Now $7.99, that’s including shipping to US and Canada for free this is a 47% savings deal. Your iPhone will fall in love with you. And your iPhone will stay updated wherever you go. As long as you driving Just for you we have our USB, SD memory card reader. The original price $12.99 now $9.99 oh yeah! That’s including free shipping to US and Canada. You save a wopping 60% off this one. Well what are you waiting for? Go back up your memory, go shop at accessorygeeks.com right now! Here’s an exciting weekly deal the iphone 4 battery back-up rubberized case with screen guard and USB It does come in black. The starting price was $39.99 we took it back to $36.99 That’s still including shipping to US and Canada for free. You save 26%. This is not gonna last long. So I will definitely hop on the band wagon and check this one out. Already now we have the original Otterbox defender apple iphone 4 case. Now available in black. The starting price was $49.99 now is being shipped as $34.99 That’s including to US and Canada for free. This is a 30% saving price How could you not want to protect your iphone 4 for now? Shop over accessorygeeks.com. Now come the best part of the weekly deal. The charms. All charms that were $7.99 are now $4.99 that’s nearly half off. Off course you get free shipping to the US and Canada Now there is an exclusion we had to separate all Disney charms from regular charms. So unfortunately all Disney charms are not included. Oh Darn! Since it is Halloween time we do encourage every geeks to dress up and send their pictures over to thegeekshere. If you having trouble looking for a costume this year, join the geeks over on october 16 for our beneficial costume exchange. Buy or trade is up to you. Meet our sexy geeks one on one. Now your focus worths the Halloween theme. Just have a look! So here’s what’s going on our Halloween sales. Ever thinking about pranking you friends? Please come on over check out voice changers, comes in robotic voice.. Man to old man, female to man, kids voice and the scariest of all the chipmunk voice. Just plug in right in to your phone as long as you have a 3,5mm jack If not we have a 2,5mm jack that comes along with it. Now the starting price for this was $16.99. But you can get it for $9.99 over accessorygeeks.com. Plus if you buy 2 you can get $7.99 for each. We’ve all wanted a little monster in our life well here’s your chance. If you have an iphone, definitely check on over accessorygeeks.com for our little monster iphone case. You can get this at $9.99 or a bundle for $14.99. How easy is that? Not to mention the variety of colors are around it is Halloween time off course. Finally on our Halloween sale for now at least we like to show you the 20% off on all glow in the darks cases. You guys come now, you guys are saving a tremendous amount and you’ll be conserving energy. Because well it’s glow in the dark stay safe this Halloween! Remember everything at accessorygeeks.com is free shipping to US and Canada. And the best discount online. So go on over shop and have fun! Don’t forget to be a geek and if you have any question please ask any of our geeks online. We’ll be there for you, through email and also on the phone. So we’ll see you next time geeks stay tuned here on thegeekshere… On youtube, facebook and twitter. Catch our special video on Friday with our great more adventure. So stay updated with us as we update you and always remember shop at accessory geeks! And that you got it from a geek

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