Wearing a CRAZY OUTFIT at my High School Graduation! (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme)

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[Music playing] [Music playing]>>Guys. I graduate high school today. Let’s get it! [Music playing] Today is a really big occasion
for me for a couple reasons. The first big reason’s
the fact that I am graduating. And, that’s something that I’ve been looking forward to since I stepped in school when I was
you know in kindergarten. I was always a fan of school. I always did well in school. I actually have a pretty good GPA. My senior year fourth
quarter kinda shattered that. But different topic, I’ve always enjoyed school. It’s kind of you know it’s a great
feeling on the inside but it’s also you know a little saddening. I’m moving on in my life
and I’m excited for it. Because after graduation it’s my summer. And then after that summer,
it’s time to start my life. I’m not going to college
if you guys weren’t aware. I am moving to New York as soon
as I can get out of North Carolina. Why do you trap yourself in my room? [meowing] Why are you doing this to yourself? You did it to yourself. You knew I was coming back up. [Music playing] Alright, I’m gonna get my mom’s reaction now. [gasps] [Music playing] Alright, I am leaving
for graduation right now. I’m really excited. This is the first time that I’m gonna be doing something like this. I hope they don’t get mad at me, because they said that you’re specifically not allowed to drive but, I’m carpooling. So, ya’ll haven’t heard the subs?>>We have not heard the subs, yet.>>No.>>Oh! So, I gotta save up that. It just on. This is my time. I’ll be walking the stage pretty soon. I think I’ll have some sort of an iPhone
shot from when that happens. But until then I will be
documenting what happens. Me, and all the seniors
will be hanging out. So, I’m sure I’ll get some
of them on the Vlog. Today is the day. We did it. We have graduated. Not well- Not yet. How are y’all’s thoughts?>>It’s gonna be a long day.>>It’s kinda sad though, low key. We’re leaving school.
>>I’m just ready to get out of here.>>Yeah, I know. It’s going to be sad. There’s gonna be a lot of mixed
feelings about it for sure. How long is the graduation actually?>>Probably like two hours.>>I think it’s like two hours. At least.>>Alright, I’m out here with Jeremiah. This is the last time ya’ll
gonna see this man on the Vlog. Do you have any last words of
advice to the graduating seniors?>>Just focus on your school. But at the same time, only focus
on the stuff that’ll make you happy.>>And yourself.>>And yourself. Self-improvement is everything.>>Shout-out to the Blazen fans out there.>>Shout-out to team sports.>>Team sports.>>Tell them what you called me
for the last five years of school.>>This is Juan Carlo
graduating but it’s really Gian.>>Uh-huh.>>Wait, can I make your graduation Vlog?>>Yes, this is the graduation Vlog.>>Hello.>>Stay in school.>>Stay in school. [Music playing] This is it Shaughnessy.>>I’m so excited!>>We’re going out. [Music playing] [muddled, unclear speech] All right.>>Giancarlo Robert Purchia. [cheering] [Music playing]>>I don’t know where mine went.>>Whoo!>>And that’s it. That’s graduation. Today, I have my graduation party which is gonna be friends
and family themed. So, I’m gonna maybe be
making a video about that. And then tonight, is my
party that I’m gonna have where all of my friends are invited, so. All right so.. My mom wanted to take all of her
friends and show them my room. And I thought it would be
a great idea to capture an adult reaction to a teenager’s hypebeast room. [friends] Hello! I’ll give like, a mini room tour.>>I gotta know what all the boxes are for.>>Yes. Cereal. All the cereal boxes. The cereal. [laughs]>>You got a lot of stuff.>>There are a lot of cereal boxes. [laughs]>>A lot of cereal boxes.>>Loving the shoes. I’m loving the shoes.>>You definitely like cereal.>>This is just kinda my everyday closet. It’s just. Because I don’t have
actual closets in here. Like these are little half rooms storage
parts of the house that aren’t finished. So I have no real closets. And then, this is uh, kinda
where just the couch is and this is behind you where the TV is. I have all the systems.>>Oh. Like a, nipple light.>>I know.>>Yeah it’s a ceiling titty. It’s a, It’s a ceiling titty.>>So over there, like that one’s like
kinda the Bape stuff right there. That’s a brand that a lot of teens
these days are hyping up about.>>Teens.>>Teens these days? And then, this is Supreme. This is a long lasting skate
brand that started in New York. And they’ve kind of amassed
a huge following now, and there’s a lot of products
by them that I own. I, I collect them actually so.>>[inaudible] the Yankees supreme?>>Yeah, there’s a lot of Yankees stuff. Like I have all the Yankee Supreme Decks. And then these are all like kind
of my expensive kind of clothing. Like I’ve got some Gucci, the
Supreme North Face collabs. So like a lot of these hype brands do
a lot of collabs with like the main. So it’s like North Face
and Supreme will do a collab. And then like Supreme and like Everlast. Like you know like the boxing grips.>>I like those Nike Louis Vuitton’s.>>Yeah. They’ll just make a bunch of random stuff. This is my hype pug. This is like a stuffed animal. Do you know the rapper, UglyGod?>>Yes.>>You do- These are his goggles.>>Yes. I only know him through you.>>So then this as you guys can
see is my mass collection of shoes. I used to have a lot more shoes. Until like kind of recently I started selling a lot more of them. Make some room. Because I was going to start
running out of room eventually and I kind of did, so I gotta sell some more. But I try to keep to
around this many pairs. And not all of them
like are super expensive. And then some of them
could be really expensive. Like this pair right here is worth
like this entire row of sneakers. And that’s just like this one pair. And then this one right here. These are like, really special to me. I’ve been into sneakers- and like,>>Yeah.>>The “shoe game” for like,
close to six or seven years now. So you just kind of start
to get a knowledge of it. Have you ever seen
the movie Back to the Future? [friends] Yeah.>>These are the Marty McFly shoes. [friends] Wow!>>The ones that he wore. They don’t auto-lace
or anything like that. These aren’t that pair. My 100K subscribers. But, but I need the million button. And then this is just some more
Nike memorabilia right here. Some old like 1985 Nikes right there. The newspaper from the movie
Back to the Future.>>All of like your fans have done?>>Yeah, so this is.>>Oh my God. That’s amazing.>>So when are you moving to New York?>>In the fall. Poor Yeezus is sleeping. So I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. A lot of people are saying girl. But I call it Yeezus. Mom.>>Look at little baby Yeezus! We had Kim K, but she died.>>It’s like Jurassic Park.>>Aw.>>What does he eat?>>I don’t know. He kinda eats like omnivore mix.>>It’s very pretty. Jolene, have you held him before though?>>I had held him before. I don’t need to do it again.>>So yeah, this is
like my productivity area. I got like. I’m trying get into musical of this, so I’ve got like this whole keyboard thing.>>Do you wanna play us a little song?>>On my keyboard over there?>>Yeah!>>No. [laughs]>>He’s so good at it!>>I don’t have like an actual… Like real song.>>He makes them up. What about the one that you
made up that I love? [playing “Better” By Lil Yachty in piano]>>I’m making it up right now. I don’t even know.>>I love that you’re still a teen. You got all the snacks.>>Oh yeah.>>And all that kind of stuff around.>>All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed, please make
sure you smash the like button. Now we’re about to do some cake. [inaudible] know, get the purple [inaudible] [party chatter]>>Hey, hey, hey.>>How awesome is that?>>A Blazendary shirt, boy. Got the chain on you already know.>>Look how awesome,
with their little, their little caps on.>>Oh, they got little hats.>>I know. How awesome is that?>>That’s a passport holder.>>That. No way. I actually needed. Passport holder for when
we go to Australia.

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