We Now Know Why Scarlet Witch And Vision Were Defeated So Easily

The Battle of Wakanda in ​Avengers: Infinity
War was an event that will reverberate throughout the MCU for years, and in one of its climactic
moments, two of the Avengers’​ biggest guns failed to come through. Fans have wondered ever since: how did Thanos
defeat Vision and Scarlet Witch so easily? “I thought you were formidable, machine. But you’re dying, like any man.” The question was answered by Avengers: Infinity
War and Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo during a Twitter Q&A they conducted
for Wired’s Tech Support series. Essentially, they, along with screenwriters
Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, knew that the pair would have to be hobbled if
Thanos were to achieve his victory. Vision’s injury early on in the film was the
circumstance which allowed the Mad Titan to narrowly avoid a whipping at the hands of
the two heroes. Joe Russo explained: “Vision gets skewered right at the very beginning
of that fight, so he’s really not functioning at full power.” He went on to say that Vision even becomes,
quote, “a liability in the fight,” putting Scarlet Witch at a disadvantage since she
has to protect him. Anthony Russo chimed in to add this comment
about Corvus Glaive’s sword: “And as Vision mentions, that weapon had an
effect on him that he didn’t expect.” Joe added that with Wanda and Vision cornered,
it takes the combined might of Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow to get them out of
the jam. Apparently, that early battle weakened Vision
enough that Wanda was forced to destroy the Mind Stone mounted in Vision’s forehead to
stop Thanos. Of course, that only stopped Thanos for a
moment, since the Mad Titan used the Time Stone to undo her action, and ripped the Mind
Stone from Vision’s head himself, killing him yet again. With the final piece of the Infinity Gauntlet
in place, Thanos unleashed the snap heard ’round the universe, reducing Wanda and a
slew of other heroes to dust. The Russo brothers previously clarified shortly
after Infinity War’s release that, since they knew that the Mind Stone-powered Vision would
be a primary target of Thanos and his Black Order, it was necessary to render him vulnerable. It just so happened that Glaive’s attack on
Vision might have been the deciding factor in the Mad Titan’s ultimate victory. Fortunately, as we all know, Thanos’ victory
was eventually reversed during the events of Endgame by a Stark Gauntlet-wielding Bruce
Banner after the Avengers’ successful mission through time. Scarlet Witch, along with all of the other
dusted heroes, was revived, but Vision was not, since he didn’t die from the first snap. This raises the question of how the character
will return for the upcoming Disney+ limited series Wandavision, and while we don’t know
for sure, we can hazard a pretty good guess. It’s been speculated that Wanda will use her
growing reality-warping powers to create a nice little alternate universe, one in which
Vision is still alive and that this action might lead to some serious trouble. We learned from the events of Avengers: Endgame
that alternate timelines and realities are not things which one should tamper with lightly. If Wanda’s abilities evolve to be consistent
with her powers in the comics, her meddling might end up causing serious problems. Those problems might require a doctor’s assistance. It’s already been announced that the events
of WandaVision will tie directly into Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse
of Madness. All things considered, we appear to be looking
at one heck of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, everyone loves Vision, and
he’s coming back. On the other, his return will almost certainly
lead to a massive threat to all of existence. We suppose you’ve got to take the bad with
the good. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the Marvel
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100 thoughts on “We Now Know Why Scarlet Witch And Vision Were Defeated So Easily

  1. We Now Know Why Scarlet Witch And Vision Were Defeated So Easily – Thanos' Plot Armor…there, no need to watch this video.

  2. I always thought Strange should have been a lot more effective on Thanos than the others. Most rely on brutish force, even Thanos himself. Strange's tools – as well as those of Scarlet Witch – should have been really more effective on Thanos.

  3. so i saw avengers end game today.i think its very weak movie sadly.i like infinity ware way more,but it was also not that great.i dont get why thoose movies make so much money

  4. Vision maybe dead in body but wasn't his mind copy pasted in wakanda? The only thing missing was the stone and they were returned to their rightful places by cap. All that was needed was a body and that was left intact after the infinity war battle. So Thanos actually saved Vision who would have been nothing more than pieces after Scarlet Witch destroyed him.

    Now looper, find out what black widow said to stark when using the soul stone after his snap. Thanos saw the sacrifice made in his vision so tony saw something.

  5. I’m sorry but a sneeze from Queen Wanda shoulda sent all 4 of the members of the Black Order to hell. They just nerfed Wanda to the pit. Marvel hates Wanda and Thor. But this overly pro woman era will be good for Wanda.

  6. Marvel wanted Iron Man to score the winning touchdown. That's why they gave The Hulk a sweater and turned Vision into a vegetable.

  7. Looper: We now know why looper always begins their vids with “we now know why”

    Jk… we’ll never learn that

  8. Well seeing how captain America stayed back in time here changed time. That's why time travel and alternate universes are stupid too many possibilities too many chances to make mistakes/contradictions/incontinuity

  9. Random thought but it's still weird af that Wanda started out hardcore Russian but lost more of her accent in each movie hahaha

  10. I mean people complaining or saying that this was contrived to give Thanos plot armor have no idea how stories are told or must have never read a comic before in their lifetime. There are always things weakening heroes to even matchups or make a bad guy get the upper hand.

    Not to mention that it's not like this isn't something that you couldn't gather from watching the actual movie. I don't see why people need it explained to them as it's obvious that was the problem w/ Vision and the reason Wanda was off her game. After all she comes back in Endgame able to hold her own now that she doesn't have to worry about Vision and almost defeat Thanos if it wasn't for a cheap shot.

  11. I wonder how wanda's powers are so magical and vast in the MCU when they come from hydra dping experiments on her….not magic based….

  12. Can't wait for scarlett witch and dr. Strange 2 of my favorites to join in strange's movie its gonna be bonkers

  13. wanda might release the full might of her powers and bring vision back like in the comics but not quniksliver but vision

    But aye anything related to marvel gonna get you the views lol

  15. End game already fucked up the timeline when they killed the alternate past version of thanos and his army . So yeah.. Dont know how theyre going to fix that

  16. Simple, vision could turn intangible and increase his density plus was made of Vibranium. Thanos cant counter that. So he had to be nerfed to explain Thanos victory. And Wanda was MCU Jean Grey. Power Couple>Thanos.

  17. Whatever their reasons are, it's still crap they were defeated so easily. Scarlett and vision are ridiculously powerful and theres no way they'd go down like they did! I mean scarlet witch is considered in some circumstances as an "omega level" mutant. Give me a break…. the real reason is that they had to dumb down characters for the mcu for story purposes. That's really it. Which is pretty damn lame if you ask me

  18. Wanda didn’t really get defeated so easily! She was destroying the stone with one hand and holding thanos back with the other (who had 5 stones) she wasn’t even trying to fight him

  19. Vision couldn't catch a break in Infinity War, they were after his throat the whole movie. The stone was trying to warn him though but he was too in love. See why love makes people stupid.

  20. Looper: We now know why Scarlet Witch and The Vision were defeated so easily.

    Me: Yes by Thanos using FIVE Infinity Stones. Did y'all motherfuckas see the movie?

  21. I can tell you didn't watch Infinity Wars or Endgame properly. Thanos had 5 stones and Wanda was destroying the stone. And clearly you're dumbass doesn't know that Wanda is the strongest Avenger. Plus, when Wanda rised and revived, she was so strong. She was about to defeat Thanos but Thanos called his army to fire. And for vision, he was weak because he was injured in the middle of infinity wars. I can tell you're dumb.

  22. I love stupid nerd theory videos like this! They’re hilarious!😂
    Endgame sucked because of bad writing! It’s hilarious watching channels defend dumbass writing!
    The bald black woman said it right!
    Why was she up there all the time?
    I think we were all wondering that ALL through the movie!!
    Why were the toughest characters constantly being propped up by the weakest characters?
    Because stupid is as stupid does

  23. the final battle in endgame is suck !! Iron man deserve better armor & more action before his death. I think doctor strange can do alot of things better better than playing with some water , his battle with thanos in infinity war was much much better!! warmachine although having a new badass armor we did not see him doing anything absolutely !! & finally thanos really was need to use some stones in the battle , trust me it will be more funny .

  24. THEORY….. WE LOST in ENDGAME. we defeated thanos but did not win. I have a feeling and will explain why to anyone but i needed to say

  25. "Why Wanda was defeated so easily."

    Yes, because as she was experiencing an emotional breakdown, pushing back the power of the space stone, while destroying the mind stone. But she was so a pushover. You're right.

  26. Yeah THEY WERE CAUGHT OFF GUARD. VISION was weakened once he got stabbed through the body with an alien weapon. Wanda killed Proxima with ease. Fast forward, she was destroying an INFINITY STONE while holding back the power of the OTHER 5! Add on the fact Thanos went all "Malekith status" on his own army 'cause Wanda was 'bout to kill him by herself…

  27. I'm pretty sure before this video was made every knew vision was weak because of corvus glaives staff so he wasn't able to phase I'm pretty sure he explained it in the movie

  28. Vision would stand no chance against thanos even if he was healthy… looper make it sound like he had a chance against thanos like for real…?

  29. Stop the nonsense they were not defeated easily .vision was struck by a spear that had mystical properties to it and he never recovered .and scarlett witch was busy trying to blow the infinity stone out of his head so she didnt have time to fight thanos who at the time had 5 stones and could have beaten her or anyonelse with those stones .in end game without the stones thanos was nothing mote then a giant powerhouse without those stones .stop trying to syir up a debate on who is the strongest or more powerful avenger because you can argue that fact for 5 avengers the hulk the vision captain marvel scarlett witch and the mighty thor can all be put on that list as well as the ant man and dr.strange so just stop with the nonsense people .

  30. I am sorry but the Russo brothers jacked up infinity war creating a ridiculous and incredulous sequel. The sequel had to clean up the messes created in infinity war. The biggest one was how they had to severely under power not only vision and the scarlet witch, but the hulk, dr. Strange and black panther in order to allow two very minor characters in the comic book infinity wars, Captain America and Ironman to shine. Thor one of my favorites got a very raw deal in the sequel as well. Lastly, I don’t even know why they even bothered with Captain Marvel since it is Ironman who saves the day in the end.

  31. So the reason they got defeated so easily is because they were so easily defeated. Gotcha, thanks for explaining it!

  32. Wanda is nearly a nerfed character at this point. Which is why I'm so stoked that X-Men is returning to Marvel.

    Wanda when she is at her full abilities is closer to Phoenix then Captain Marvel. I mean for Christ's sakes Wanda nearly had a Thantos level event of her own.

    Nearly destroying all mutants with just three words. S*** she can have a latte and still kick everyone's ass.

    To see her character so misrepresented here & ultimately snapped away by Thantos is kind of disheartening. But I'm hoping that will change in time.

  33. I don't think Vision's return has to be so extravagant. He is a robot. They had already discussed separating him from the Mind Stone. He can be fixed in Wakanda

  34. What if Dr Strange Multiverse of Madness is Dr Strange's journey into Wanda's mind where she's set up this alternate reality to save her from Nightmare? Just a random thought

  35. Here's the answer: that's how the script was written. It's a movie. It's for entertainment. It's not real. Ugh

  36. I have a question. So, if Thanos didn't send his peeps after them Vision wouldn't have been skewered which would have left him at full power when Thanos came after him and Wanda.
    That puts things in a different perspective. So wouldn't that give the very high probability Vision wouldn't have died?

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