We Need To Talk About The Disturbing Exploitation Of Kids On YouTube…

Sup you beautiful bastard hope you’re having fantastic Thursday fantastic Thanksgiving Welcome back to the show whether you are watching this to escape your family or your this is actually this would be a weird one To show your family where you get some of your news that’s because today is a weird disturbing one But it does kind of fit in the theme of Thanksgiving about family unfortunately It doesn’t seem to be about a good families the reason for that is this kind of an update in addition to a story we covered last week about Really really inappropriate content on YouTube that was geared towards children We saw a lot of animation and live-action of characters hurting each other doing weird sex fetish stuff together Characters eating poop tricking each other into drinking each other’s pee need a recap of that and that whole Elsa gate thing I’ll link to that video down below, but in that video I mentioned Child Exploitation said that we would get to that as well because that is also a very big issue There’s a good number of people that have a different idea in general what they think about Child Exploitation Some people have a low bar of just having a channel that is that is focused on a child or children That by itself is exploitation to that I say I understand where you’re coming from the mindset there But I don’t that that’s I think too low a bar that bar includes channels like ryan toysreview Which is a massively successful channel? And they were accused of biting a brought him onto the show met the family met the kid that that child that child is having A blast making those videos that child wants to make the videos far more than the parents it is new silly family stuff in their Videos now if at any point one of the kids in a video doesn’t want to do it They still have to do it boom that’s exploitation. You could argue. That’s abuse at that point You’re essentially forcing a child to work reason I mentioned that kind of channel that’s geared towards children is because what we’re about to compare it to is Oh my god channels We saw on YouTube like toy freak eight million Plus subscribers millions and millions of views on tons of video and the videos included things like the father terrifying the daughters filming them while they were in the Bathtub and shower of them spit up food or force feet up or having pretend to be babies There’s one video where it looks like the girl peed or they just try and make it look like the girl peed on her so I would you embrace a pee fetish video with your family like I’ve seen the reports that he’s done interviews And he said you know he’s trying to follow a trend. That’s your family How could you put a video out of one of your daughters Peeing on the other even if you just insinuate to ensure the wet spot on one of your children after Does that how do you think this is going to affect them mentally? And I’m so tired of parents that do this, and they’re like the kid says it’s okay You’re the parent you’re putting your child a minor in a position where they’re incentivized to go along with whatever you say it’s why I say I Understand where people come from where even if a channel is just focused on a child They think it’s messed up for videos like this or the DaddyO5 situation. We’ve talked about in the past It’s like come on when you find a lot of these inappropriate videos It does feel like many of them are just copying one another They’re they’re doing the same thing but but taking just a different character Or a different person these are your daughters also keep in mind. It’s not just Greg Chisolm there There are a ton of accounts and weird Genres the report that came out from a BuzzFeed around this they talked about Greg what they also talked about just the genre of Children acting like babies the videos that got featured there were then removed and in fact one of the reasons I mentioned this isn’t just to say that there is a problem Just like many of these other outlets have been doing But it’s also to point out that YouTube is listening and doing something about it right now Greg Chisolm the toy freaks channel got shut down YouTube also saying in a statement this week in the last week we Terminated over 50 channels and removed thousands of videos under these guidelines. You’ve also said in a recent announcement They’re going a step further to block comments on a lot of these videos with young kids you have a lot of inappropriate sexual or predatory comment Jim said they’re getting even more aggressive here where they’re just going to turn off the comments in general on videos where They find that adding across the board we have scaled up resources to ensure that Thousands of people are working around the clock to monitor review and make the right decisions across our ads and content policy these latest enforcement Changes will take shape over the weeks and months ahead as we work to tackle this evolving challenge That’s fantastic But hopefully YouTube realizes that this is not just a moment in time This has to be a change moving forward even after all those channels were shut down videos were removed It’s still very easy to find very troubling videos There’s some channels that are debatable and they shouldn’t be compared one to one that being kind of like young gymnast channels some of those Channels seem to include. Just little girls that like gymnastics, and it’s like hey I learned a new movie, then there are those channels But the the camerawork zooms in like in a way that I can’t show you in this video and I wouldn’t want to sometimes they seemingly go out of their way to wear less clothes in the video the Thumbnails are incredibly troubling you also have channels like Lady Diana that seem to show children in trouble constant little kids tied up There’s kidnapping fake torture channels like mr.. Tisha you have a scary clown That’s like kidnapping a kid I seems to Advertise pain and discomfort for children giant ant bites child another one of the kids bleeding from his good mind It’s not the case for every kind of video, but some of the videos that we’re talking about here End up getting monetize And that’s without even going into the weird random shit that pops up if you search webcam videos We got channels like seven fabulous teen and this channel might sound familiar because a while ago Daniel Tosh on his show tosh point-o he Pointed it out Yeah
Videos like the naughty elf on show where this teenage girl gets an elf on the shelf And then it kidnaps her then dragging and taping her Unconscious body against a wall the Elf on a shelf then eats the marshmallow in slow motion And this is a channel that on It’s about page says is a parentally control moderated shadow the parents are responsible for all uploads once again I’m not making this video to shame YouTube. I acknowledge that they are trying They are trying a lot more than it seems they have for a while But making a video on this for a few reasons one to acknowledge that YouTube is trying and they will need to Continue to try moving forward. This is not a moment in time. You are just playing a ton of catch They are currently trying to do something so I want to give them props for that because it’s very easy to complain I also want to acknowledge good chain the second is to showcase more channels and and to remind friends and family of children kids can still come across things like this YouTube can try And I think they will try their best to stop stuff like this because it is in their best interest if channels like rainbow rhymes They have a 25 minute video Beautifully in the middle of this video that seems to be for babies a plane crash is killing all of purple bears friends This is another channel called a mental ATT vit once again a lot of these channels follow the same theme this channel Also has a naughty Elf on a shelf video obviously the biggest difference here Is that an even younger child is taped against the wall guy videos like this with the title wound with knife? Giant right from beginning the kids crying thumbnails where there’s a hand Closing and on a nose another where it looks like a car is about to run over her where her face is all bandaged up And she’s bleeding there’s always going to be something that slips through the cracks, so don’t let YouTube kids Don’t let the YouTube app be your child’s parent at the very least just try and keep an eye on What they’re watching and when you see something that’s really messed up Flag away YouTube is a massive website the reason they’re talking about trying to perfect their Algorithm to find it to not just rely on human beings is because there’s just so much content And if anything it’s good to see that there. There are some issues that it’s not really a partisan issue I’ve seen people on the left and the right Calling this out because everyone wants just to protect the kids that is we’re gonna end today’s show I of course do want to pass a question offs you With these stories coming out does it doesn’t make you Concerned about YouTube kids you feel like it falls more on YouTube or the parents in general I’d love to know your thoughts on this story remember if you like this video like what I’m trying to do on this channel hit That like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button so if you missed the last philip defranco show you want to catch up Click or tap right there to watch that well if you want to see the newest behind the scenes vlog click or tap right there to Watch that lot so that’s it of course as always my name’s philip defranco. You’ve just been phill’d in I Love yo faces, and i’ll see you next time

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