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  1. I want that too. I want to do a lot of various testings on it. Looks too expensive tho😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Intel was doing Ray Tracing in 2010 in game on this thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVZDH15TRro crazy, nice find Linus, did you ever get it working?

  3. 11:13 Linus I think the "secret sauce" you were looking for is real! You can find it in Intel's internal memo about how AMD is a formidable competitor.

  4. I prefer the days of when LTT wasn't a script-based paid actors YouTube channel… this over the top presenting is pretty annoying.

  5. intel: WE GOT GRAPHICS CARD LOL. ryzen: but we sell graphics card and processors since we are created

  6. But I mean, why hasn't Intel just glued a bunch of their integrated graphics cores together and made one larger GPU? They have drivers that run pretty much every game, so I don't really get what the issue is after some R&D work to make this thing legit.

  7. Stop humble bragging, stop taking individual donations. LMG is so strong you should take it public. That ship has sailed. You pay for a name brand on Corsair, not performance. Crucial ram rated at the same speed does the same thing. Just not so flashy looking. You tools that buy that shit are retarded. And he KNOWS this. But yet he will let you over pay for ram or a gpu. Hence the advertising.

  8. You are trying to control absolutely everything within your little micro dot of a company. Keep that cute face. You will need it come actual business time.

  9. He tests shit on cinebench instead of a voltmeter and an O scope. Which means he believes manufacturers' specs. Don't ever do that.

  10. If I had unlimited money I could just keep throwing money at it until the problem disappears. Or if I invested 2000.00 in a quality meter and an O scope, i could probably figure out what the fuck was going on.

    I am old. They come in a combined unit nowadays.

  11. I have never seen Linus explain anything on a DMM. He really doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about.

  12. Intel should continue the project even if they cancelled it it's a really good idea to have it being mostly software based as they could have a program in it that automatically updates the drivers, or automatically puts your games at the best performance without sacrificing the graphics and with all of that from what I can understand it's basically a computer (all Graphics cards are but this one actually uses a CPU from what I understand) so if they were to make it they could pretty much have the same system as Google Stadia has right now but can play any game with them having the beefy hardware I don't know it's just a theory

  13. Could you use something like this for physics processor? Dedicated physX style? (I never got it to really work for me).

  14. If you still have this, LTT, there seems to have been a driver which has been pulled which seemed to have had support for upcoming discrete gpu's from team Blue. Maybe those drivers would make this dev board function ( somewhat.. ) as well.

  15. I actually felt bad for him, He looked like a kid hoping to find an xbox down christmas tree and find a sweater instead XD

  16. 9:26 sounds like idea from an Indian Manager… people did a lot good pre work, then this manager dude stepped in, and ruined everything, then dude just transfer to other team and repeat it…

  17. And less than a year later Intel announces discrete graphics cards:-


  18. Some cards don't post when they are pcie v1 try an older motherboard such as an Intel "945GCNL" if the card is good it should post on that motherboard.

  19. I had my own intel I-740 pci version. The card had an "AGP" interface as well as a standard "pci" variant. Basically Intel made gpus before but they were never truly successful and even some that were higher end had issues like one game would run great and another game using a simlar kind of direct 3d would be slow or have strange graphical bugs/issues much like newer onboard cards by Intel still do, e.g. hd-4000, hd-4600 and Evan later higher end onboard cards. Fortnite with an hd-4600 has glitched shadowing, flickering colours and other problems but yet there are other 3d games that may work good with that video chip so much like the I-740 did back in the day Intel has never made a truly powerful card that really works properly like AMD or NVIDIA. Intel CPUs are very powerful and stable I believe Intel has always made nice stable cpus and has still come a long way but in the gpu world they never really "got it"

  20. [Question @Linus Tech Tips
    ] Can you build a PC that unfortunately nobody does, PC for really fast clicking and switching and loading and browsing hard users and for the idea send it to me, please?

    The issue I am having with most of the PC is that they can't cope with my speed of work, what I mean. Example, when I am programming I need many times to copy paste names of variables, when I will click too fast (with my perfect and cheap dell cable mouse) it selects full line instead of just a variable name. Very frustrating when you then paste it somewhere I need to go back and copy again. Or loading, when I start my PC I need to open 5-10 apps straight away e.g. Chrome (with up to 130 tabs), IDE, git client, another IDE, text editor, music player, and few more. When I work on bigger project sometimes I need to have 4-5 IDEs open at the same time where many times I open them and close where I am changing something in core files and need restart. This takes a lot of time for me then standing and looking on the loading bars.

    So in the nutshell testing a setup which best fits for loading files, loading data into ram, scrolling, switching, browsing, loading websites many of everything. My current setup has 1-2 year ago very good setup:

    Samsung 970 EVO (500GB, M.2 2280)

    Intel Core i7-8700K (6, LGA 1151, 3.70GHz)

    Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x, 8GB, DDR4-3000, DIMM 288)

    be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 (16.28cm)

    ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING (LGA 1151, Intel Z370, ATX)

    Phanteks Eclipse P400S Tempered Glass (Midi Tower, Insulated)

    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (11.10g, 12.50W/m K)

    GTX 950

    WIth little XMP and overclocked GPU and still it is too slow, sometimes terrible slow!

    If you could do that you will safe me life time!

  21. I have the drivers if you still want them. We recieved this card for test purposes in our Crytek headquarter in germany.

    Seriously i got this bullshit 1 year later
    So +1 year later Linus you are good

  23. Honestly if thats where you're going to give up, give it to me. Ill work on this thing until I have it working. I cant stand to see such a cool piece of tech go to waste and sit on a shelf again.

  24. Linus: stands still for more than 1 second
    Me: ok it’s sponsor time
    Linus: announce the sponsor
    Me: awwww maaaaan

  25. wish we could see more of these cards being made. like having an all intel setup. ssd, gpu, mobo, psu, cpu, and ram made by them!

  26. This was not Intel's "first, dedicated graphics card." I owned Intel's first, dedicated graphics card in, what, 1998? It was an AGP abomination called the i740. Meant to compete with the 3DFX Voodoo cards of the day, it had, well, lackluster driver support at best. Actually, it had no official driver support. It was a dog. For your edification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  27. Linus is all lies when he says that this was the only/first Intel video card! The Intel i740 was their first discrete video card! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

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