We found some good Cyber Monday tech deals!

hey everyone
Dan here with Elena and it is the second part of the consumer holiday known as
Cyber Monday maybe you missed out on Black Friday deals
maybe you waited on something and then it passed by because you thought
something would be better today yep so real quick how does it compare so in
my opinion Cyber Monday is not as good as Black Friday especially because
pretty much all ice shopping is done online now for Black Friday so there’s
not that distinction between having to go to a store to get good deals so you
didn’t camp out don’t can’t be mad oh I feel like the only thing that’s cuoco
worth camping out before would be those crazy cheap TV oh I watched I had
watched on Twitter all the fighting yes seriously oh wow yeah kiss like a 43
inch TV for like $100 I mean if you want it for like a second bedroom or guest
room kind of thing like that’s a really cheap way to get it but otherwise I
would just rather stay home in my pajamas and you know it’s a much easier
and I feel like especially this is the first year I got installed like the
Amazon app so it’s a little bit easier to like kind of browse from my phone
whereas before I felt like I needed a PC but this year I felt a little bit more
mobile friendly maybe yes so I think it’s every passing year shopping online
gets easier and easier hmm for Black Friday and as a result it makes Cyber
Monday look really quiet amazing so you’re not that excited about today or
are you there’s a couple of good things out there but on the whole I feel like
most of the really good deals have you know dried up there’s a lot fewer a
number a lot of the deals that have continued into today are like your
Google whole minions same deal it’s just kind of pushed and pushed further and
like you know the ones that are a product of Amazon and Coco fighting it
out yeah either for your television or to listen to your every word yeah so
before you jump into the exact deals do you think that
today is like the last day of the deals or are these deals gonna kind of
continue throughout the week even longer you know what I mean um I don’t think it
means that you won’t find any good deals between now and Christmas that’s usually
the cutoff for when all this really ends yeah but they become a lot more you know
far and few between and you really have no way of knowing which of the things on
your list are going to actually come up yeah
whereas black fight is a great time for that because just so much goes on sale
the chances of something you want going on sale are very high yeah and then just
diminishes so it’s very step down to Cyber Monday like I think our Black
Friday deals list huh was you know it was gigantic and the Cyber Monday list
that I compiled is maybe a third or 40% of that sighs okay okay so what are the
most exciting deals today okay so I mean obviously if you live near a micro
Center and you miss all the CPU deals and the motherboard bundle discount on
top of that it’s still ongoing you’re in luck
stock has really diminished though so it really is gonna be luck of the draw to
see if your nearest location still has things in stock do you think that they
will like they get a shit in because it’s Monday in the morning and they’ve
resupplied or is it like this is they’ve cleared out from the weekend
good luck oh I don’t think they’re gonna get stuff back in stock so this is just
like if they had anything left over from the weekend then yeah I mean maybe this
second gen rise in parts there’s perhaps a possibility of that but I mean for
example the 1800 X is pretty much sold out everywhere that was at that drop a
$200 over the weekend yeah and pretty much every location I
checked my spot checked like maybe five of the you know number stores I think
and it just says sold at this location sold at this location yeah so there are
people out there hungry for you know where’s in threads yeah so I noticed
also a 2700 X I think sale that is one of the best deals out there however I
just was looking this morning on I think it was slick deals Oh pop
on my alerts that there is a bundle deal where you can get a 2700 X plus a
motherboard an X 470 board for 330 which is a really good price it comes very
close make a free motherboard almost basically right yeah yeah so I think
Micro Center selling for 250 right now well no just the CPU okay okay and then
you get a motherboard and I think an X 470 board will probably run you a little
higher so that’s a really great deal if you can grab that a new hmm you think
what else is really good they still have their 1700 X 4/3 oh sorry $130 none of
the other retailers are really matching that so again if you if you’re looking
to upgrade your CP oh you couldn’t do it over the weekend because you were out of
town or busy or whatever yeah you can still do it now so what if they’re not
near Micra Micro Center what other deals can people be looking forward to right
now it’s a little all over the board like I have an immediate suggestion at
Newegg or Amazon counter it cuz that’s that’s the difference really / – every
Monday I’m Black Friday you start seeing less of that price matching willingness
to duke it out instead there is a really great budget monitor deal at Best Buy
that I like so there’s a there’s a dull one going around right now it’s like 27
inches 1080p 75 Hertz refresh rate and free sync support I’m PS panel last year
was $100 so this year I was rather cool in the fact that it’s 120 this year at
most retailers but this lg monitor is a 24 inch 1080p IPS monitor with a 75
Hertz refresh rate and free sync so basically a similar impanel but smaller
and I actually like this better because one it’s cheaper it’s 110 and it’s gonna
seem more pixel dense because it’s 24 inches instead of 27 you have to look as
far so if you’re competitive gamer yeah you know you wanted to be even smaller
screen so this one’s one of my top picks that’s available at Best Buy right now
see other PC components that I like if you’re in the market for an RT X 2070
I think it’s a blower style or blower style cooler so keep that in mind but
Newegg has a deal it’s four hundred and eighty dollars and it comes with a
digital code for battlefield 5 ok so that’s a pretty good price and you don’t
have to fill out an email and rebates you don’t you just check it out you’ve
got the deal write them in there that is good yeah I know that there was a battle
between you and Gordon on the 1080 1080 a verses 28 and does this deal change
anything in your opinion well no it’s a 20 70 so that’s like a different
ballpark okay okay and it’s not a bad price if you’re willing to go with a
high-end enthusiast part mm-hmm still more pricey than most people probably
want to spend yes yeah that’s true see in terms of other expensive things
there’s a TCL 65 inch TV it’s their 6 Series which is really popular yeah
they’re popular colors yeah and the HDR quality yeah I guess some people don’t
like it because I guess the quality isn’t consistent from panel to panel so
I think you sometimes I have to try to get like try yeah right a little bit
is it 55 inch or the 65 65 interesting hundred dollars I can I think how much
is it regularly I think like maybe 11 or 1,200 oh no it’s 9
it’s 980 nice a minute MSRP yeah cuz I bought that one last year and I was
really excited for I recommend that TV I mean because at that price point you
can’t get like you’re either gonna get you know LCD or you’re gonna step up a
lot and go LED but then you’re starting to spend d-mail fifteen hundred two
thousand dollars at least and you can still spend that much on an LED TV so I
figured you know just get a good decent one and that’s why I was island so you
know I spent my own money on it you know when he came out I was like right when
they came out yeah eight hundred dollars I would say it’s not like a fire sale
where you feel the face to get to it but it is a very respectable price so if
you’re in the market for a TV of that size and you kind of want to you know
hit the sweet spot between quality and budget
that’s a really good spot to settle yeah and it’s a good TV and I feel like at
least is like Black Friday Cyber Monday I’m on the side of like you wait for it
just to save some money it’s like you know are you not gonna if you’re going
to just get deals that’s gonna like blow everyone tell everyone about like how
great of a deal you got I mean there there is that right a little bit but I
go with the strategy hey if I save you know 15% off all these purchases that
adds up to what adds up to a lot of money yeah um that actually happened to
me this weekend so Black Friday there was an amazing deal at B&H you could get
a 750 watt Gold modular PSU no power supply $30 after mail-in rebate uh-huh I
don’t need it but you bought it I bought it but the thing is is that when I say I
don’t need it it’s not that I bought it like I’ll never use it you know it’s
just that this will help me with some upgrades and I can like shuffle parts
around it wasn’t ice and they anticipated but I’ll still save money
versus when I actually planned to do it would you know it later yeah
and so the money I’m saving is you know worse jumping a little early I mean
that’s a good deal I will say because like I bought a bunch of computer parts
and see like on premise on prime day I had bought an SSD mmm-hmm a 2 terabyte
SSD and that was like $300 so it’s a good deal then yes but now it’s like
that’s just like the regular price I’m gonna haven’t even used it cuz I’ve been
waiting I know it’s something I like like so but not like me at least the PSU
you’re probably not going to as you know the pricing is not gonna get better
exactly now that was a true Black Friday sale yeah the technology doesn’t really
change that much so for people who are who are buying a stock for the future
you know learn from me it’s like you for you unless you’re gonna use it right
away maybe wait unless you’re gonna unless you know it’s so good
that’s not going to go obsolete yeah but speaking to 15% yeah target is actually
doing a 15% off their entire site with some exceptions so like Apple is
excluded fitbit’s excluded kind of like game consoles a few things we have the
list up on PC world but you can put an additional 15% off their existing prices
and at first I thought that they were gonna take most of their site off of the
sale and they were just gonna stick to within their circular and then just have
the 15% as a side and I wasn’t impressed by that but it turns out that they kept
some of their sale pricing from Black Friday so like Google whole Mini is $25
on the site right now which is a sale price yeah you can still take another
15% off of that okay so that’s one of the best places to get that right now
that actually beats Black Friday that’s a very rare instance today it beating
Black Friday and do that is that like anything weird with them where you have
to like sign up first time special I got an AK in the cart you don’t have to even
put in a code you just add stuff to your cart go to checkout and you’ll see the
discount automatically so get some underwear get some socks Kevin’s gonna
like Google Chrome Mini boy yeah something for your feet
something yeah neck and then something to listen to you all ours is it all mine
only in store I believe it’s online only because the
cyber monday okay yeah I guess that would make sense
cybron but Micah Center I sure the Micro Center yesterday bill aware I know but
just this is target being true to the spirit of Cyber Monday okay let’s see
I’ll finish out with we have some more pics on on our side and PC roll comm me
you know roundup bliss yeah I mean the last one I want to close out with is a
pair of true wireless earphones okay so there’s the Bang & Olufsen vo
play e8 which our sister site Macworld named as their top pick for you know the
best shoe wireless earbuds to get for someone who’s an audiophile okay
normally it’s three hundred its two hundred right now I believe it Best Buy
you just double check that real quick so still a little bit more than I air pods
air pots are like 150 yeah 160 but like this is for somebody who really
appreciates the little nuances you know particular song or being able
to hear like those little details I think I’m partially deaf right now so
that would not be me okay but even for $200 it’s you know it’s a solid discount
that isn’t in this cock and I am this year during Cyber Monday and Black
Friday in particular I’m seeing the prices on this how technology start to
go down which is a good sign for next year I think next year we’ll start to
see it actually hit a more affordable range for you know for that kind of
stuff for that kind of stuff yeah yeah maybe air pods – the best deal I saw was
Black Friday at new a cobalt places they had a $20 discount on air pods which for
air paws is actually quite good because they never go on sale although you can I
think it’s sort of like we know lights off if you go to Costco really yeah
everything air pods yeah that’s why any any day deal yeah so where can we find
all the updated deals if they so if you go to PC real calm there’s we have two
articles up right now one is highly curated just like the very top picks and
that was done by one of our writers Jared Newman and then there’s my article
which is you know all the best tech deals these articles better I’m not
gonna throw that out there just wanted to see how you attract you’re not gonna
ever admit to it publicly if you’re a decent human being okay I love you both
equally yeah I love you both equitably okay anyway thanks for joining me Daniel
yeah thanks everyone this closes out our series of holiday
shopping videos for this weekend yeah yeah I’m gonna take a nap and I’ll do I
will do I I plan on doing I think a build that women yeah by all the things
I bought a lot of stuff yeah yeah that’s good stuff I was helping you in the
background I know she’s she was here to Raleigh when Troy and I had it correct I
could have saved a couple dollars hearing there but again like I said you
know I I don’t want to miss out on a deal because I’m like waiting for a
better deal yeah so I’m like you know I’ll take this 20
sure there’s a chance something better but you know I might miss that one too
so yeah all right thank you everyone and we’ll see you next time

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18 thoughts on “We found some good Cyber Monday tech deals!

  1. iPhone 8 worth $49 now below lowest of burner phone cost. iPhone notch, all models soon to be discontinued already failed twice. You will look crazy carrying around one after March 2019.

  2. Cyber Monday has died, since the original reason for its creation is not relevant. Cyber Monday originated from the days of broadband Internet speeds only being available for people at work, while dial-up was still the norm at home. So Cyber Monday game people the chance to use their companies' fast Internet to do some shopping. But with broadband being more ubiquitous, Cyber Monday is kinda pointless.

  3. Newegg has some pretty good deals right now but I really haven't seen anything that I Had to have… I really think SSDs are going to go lower.. but they have 16 gigs of g skill ram for under a hundred.. Haven't seen that in a Long time.
    Good job getting Alaina into the school-marm look…

  4. Well, I have gone through a lot of Cyber Monday Deals but haven't really found any good deals that worth the price. But, I got Ivacy VPN's Cyber Monday Deal for 87% off and got an additional 10% off after applying the coupon "icm10" at checkout. Got premium VPN for dirt cheap pricing. And that is one of the only good tech deals I came across.

  5. it's established now that cyber monday has reported more profits and sales for the businesses. also, the discounts on some of the digital stuff was amazing from photoshop, to bitdefender's securiy suite and ivacy vpn's 77% bargain.

  6. I'm building my first pc and I love the h500 cooler master series.. but do I get the H500? Or the H500p mesh?
    ( love your Chanel btw)

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