What’s up guys, this is Amy from Subtle Provisions and welcome back to our channel to another sneaker related review Back on the 18th of May, we managed to cop a pair of black ACG 07 KMTR or Komyuter at the Haven shop here in Vancouver BC. We did a review on this amazing sneaker and you can check it out on the link in the description box below For this video I’d like to give a shout out to deekay13 for giving us the idea of doing a water resistance test on the KMTR pair. So for this test we decided to compare the level of water resistance with another popular product on long sneaker heads Jason Markk Repel We’ll be comparing the uppers of the KMTR against our Pure Boost OG that’s been treated with the Repel solution We will be doing two types of tests on both sneakers and compare the results right after Let’s get into it then For the first test we left right pair of the Pure Boost OG untreated. We then took the left pair and sprayed Jason Markk Repel on it We followed the instructions at the back of the bottle and sprayed the first coat on the uppers and left it to dry and cure for 24 hours. Then we sprayed it a second coat of the Repel solution and let it air dry again for another 24 hours For these tests we are also stuffing the toe box with paper towels to check the amount of water that will pass through Let’s get to the be untreated pair then. We poured a decent amount of water on the toe box and test the fabric if it absorbs water. You can clearly see that the breathable synthetic material instantly soaks up the liquid and does nothing to prevent your foot from getting wet Taking out the paper towels you can tell that this maker is not meant for rainy weather Next let’s get to the Jason Markk Repel test This pair has been coated twice oh we’re expecting it to do a better job than the untreated pair. We poured the same amount of water on it and it’s surprisingly doing an amazing job of repelling water from the fabric You can see most of the water droplets just slide over the fabric and it seems to be holding up quite well. After awhile though we do seeing some slight absorption around the toe box We’re still hopeful that the water doesn’t go through the material but let’s see and find out Unfortunately as soon as we take out the paper towels you can pretty much conclude that the Jason Markk Repel does not give a good amount of water protection but it’s prolonged exposure to the element it will give in Moving on to the KMTR pair now we’ve left this untreated and we’re expecting the durable water repellent coating on the uppers to hopefully live up to its claim We poured the same amount of water on the toe box and we poured over the bonded seal at the base of the tongue The KMTR’s upper is surprisingly hydrophobic and almost all the water just glides over the fabric it seems to be holding its own even when we poured for the second and third time Checking the paper towels it seems to be damp on some areas but for the most part it’s quite dry For this last test we’ve weighted down the KMTR and we’ll be partially submerging the shoe for about 20 minutes Fingers crossed they still hold back water Let’s check on the paper towels now To no surprise on some areas the water to get through but it’s not as bad as the Pure Boost OG with the Repel solution The fabrics did absorb moisture eventually and some parts the insole were damp Overall we think ACG did an amazing job with the KMTR’s upper and it solidly does repel water. Although it is a not a waterproof sneaker, as long as you’re not standing under the rain or on a puddle for more than a few minutes you should be good to go withthese That’s about it guys thanks again for watching. Please leave a comment below and just let me know what you think of this test and have you ever come across water repellent products that has great results let us know down below. Don’t forget to smash that like button and if you liked this video and would like to see more please hit that subscribe button. See you guys in the next one and as always keep it Subtle

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  1. Very nice test!! Do you know it's the fabric itself being water repellent or Nike put a water repellent coating on top of the fabric? I'm curious to know do I have to spray the solution by my own from time to time.

  2. yooo, these hav a few more colors out, i want some but i want to copp in person, not online..lol

  3. To be fair, the spray is just meant to make shoes more water resistant, not water proof. Considering the porous material on the Adidas I'd say the spray performed quite well!

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