Warning: Hearing Damage! | 10 Crazy Tech Items!

What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to another video, today’s video is 10 tech items that may waste your money but before we begin I just wanted to give a big shout-out to robot proof for sponsoring this video northeastern University’s president Joseph E Aoun actually is a futurist and he actually wrote a book that I recently read called robot proof guys I’m gonna check out this book because it’s pretty awesome the idea behind the book is the fact that these smart machines or robots are Automating everyone’s jobs and they’re making jobs disappear if it can be automated it will be like McDonald’s you know I’m saying so this book talks about how colleges and Universities need to innovate to prepare their students for the future so that we can become a robot proof in this book president Owen says That higher education needs to focus on three things Reinforcing the skills that machine’s will never have like creativity and entrepreneurship You wish robots providing real-world professional experiences alongside classroom learning and providing lifelong skills for people of all ages and types make sure you guys click that link in the Description below to learn more about that book get it read it future proof your brain Cuz it’s not all that scary the future is actually pretty cool so on with the rest of the video. I have to Find the on button here. Maybe it’s just the call. I think usually hold down the But yeah, that’s right. That’s right. I know right now. That’s the old phone. How do you remember that tanner because I’m Whoa What’s going on guys welcome to ten tech items that may waste your dinero ah Decided go Spanish fine well cultured Guys Tanner is joining me today from the channel rect see that info card right there that What are you looking? Dude To get both shoulders, you know which is my good side, which is your good side? I’ve never looked at another man’s shoulders before but I think your best one is your left Guys before we begin you know the drill, but if you don’t know the drill that must mean you’re new here Which means you need to click that Bell icon cuz that’s the drill yo? Because we get we release videos and you’re gonna wanna not miss them you’re gonna want to watch them No, I did like a double negative there. Anyways click the bell icon I comment back in the next 30 minutes on all videos so do it here’s the deal with these tech items right Tanner picked them all out, and I’m gonna let you know whether it’s wasteful or Ta Ta Ta Tasteful first one New yes eight point five inch LCD writing tablet drawing board gifts for kids what does this mean? LCD drawing tab oh I’m very curious right now main functions writing and drawing on the tablet is just like on the paper It’s suit for kids writing drawing office memo board fridge message board and can be used as a communication tool Isn’t that what writing is for I just got a problem misspelling everything control products That the same with boogie board. No it is not this is a Chinese copy of the original boogie board Oh wait, what this is a Chinese copy of a boogie board? I think this is what they’re talking about Fifteen dollars nearby dude nearby guys should we try out the actual product though? Against this product and compare a knockoff with the original dude, that sounds like a new series Oh Dave’s already worked David a ghost is already working on it, dude Just kidding click like if you want to see a new series where we compare it knock off with the original I think that’s cool. I think that’s dope but is dope or nope Anyways let’s buy the knockoff right now add to cart One-year guarantee We have no charging three year battery life in magnet back put it on the fridge honestly This kind of looks a little better than the original one if you ask me yeah the boogie things that won’t look clunky Yeah, why would you call it boogie board anyways? Hey? Here’s both you put your boogies on Actually, I’m super curious about this thing. It’s super thin look at that look us then that is but then again Does it do anything? Oh look? We got it upside down here. Here’s the right side, okay? Here’s the pen so let’s see how hard I write. Oh, wow, okay, so I’ve barely been touching the screen and it’s working So cool And delete and delete oh dang dude nice. That’s actually a nice button It’s a clickable button click it. Okay. Did I get ya I totally got? He was like? And man The tan man, that’s standing he’s not tan though he’s super pasty white Would tell them that? So he was does the end of it erase no, no that just rights to what it does my finger right yeah? My finger rates too, so you don’t even need that kind of a pen but boom it’s gone honestly I have to say that this is tasteful a Legitimately you have to say this is tasteful just because I see the use of this it Saves them with the the use of paper I say it’s tasteful oh My word no stop Lipper KR 999 classic retro thick brick unlocked cell phone. Oh, this is a real cell phone. Oh no I want to walk around the office and just be like hey and just like call random people in the office whoa dude 9800 milliamp hour battery For reference I think your phone has like two to three thousand milliamp hour battery. Yeah, so it’s like three times It’ll last probably like a week or two wait continuous work for a month A month do take that iPhone efficient and portable, that’s what I’m saying The thud is real right now rugged long talk time standby enhanced features one of these enhanced features Because it just says it Hantz features. It doesn’t say what the features are oh my word. This is so heavy This is so heavy you Have the charger we have the classic antenna and we have Headphones right here guys by the way you’re not familiar with these things because you’re too young even me Know I mean these what were these in the 80s and 90s it is really nice Yeah So this is what a cell phone looked like no joke this is what a cell phone looked like in the 80s and 90s I have to Find the on button here. I maybe it’s just the call. I think usually hold down the and but yeah, that’s right That’s right. I don’t know right now. That’s the old phone. How do you remember that Tanner? Making a sting or making a song don’t be like in between I mean it was like Oh Battery what That is the battery oh, no, we don’t have sims with this yeah, I may need some help reading this tasteful or wasteful I’m not sure dude. Well. Maybe yeah be the use of this hello. Yes I’m calling you from a brick to block out all the haters Oh look like a like a couple hundred hundred dollar stacks. I think in a few years That’ll be tasteful because like nostalgia is such a big thing. Everyone’s just trying to bring back the oldie stuff Yeah, they’re trying to bring back the oldies stuff, but I mean who’s got room in their pants for this dude I mean could you pull that off dude? I think it looks cool actually? And I was gonna say hello, but hey hey, this is wasteful, I gotta say that’s wasteful, sorry guys my Au gesture control armband guys do you want to see us buy this and test this out what it is is a Gesture controller, so you can control different things by just doing gestures Who knows? What’s the white goal for this? 200,000 likes and we buy this and we show it off for you see if it actually works until then we’re gonna wait Digit C Spy lens spy gear periscope. What is this weird image? What are we looking at I think what this is is it’s like a mirror thing for your phone So maybe what the idea is that you can hold your phone up and be shooting straight forward We’ve tried something similar to this but not this exact one to where it’s like supposed to be like a spy thing so it’s like I can turn it around and look at you, but looking at it looking forward, so it’s like you have no idea I’m taking snaps of you right so this is for the real perverts out there You know shout out to the perverts out there that want to take sneaky photos with a box on their phone Oh my god. Yeah. Oh my god Or, or you know if you just want to take undercover photo of your cat rolling. That’s what this is I’m Loki chicken on my camera just like right in front of the cat It’s called a spine see look this girl is trying to spy on what this guy is doing all right? Let’s be one of those perverts tanner is That word It’s so tiny its way tinier than I anticipated you so this right here is like a little magnet Okay, so I put that to the side I take off this little magnet supposed to go on My iphone right here right and this is supposed to That were really wait a second this This is not gonna work. This is straight-up knocking over first off. This magnet is super. Wheat not even like gonna hold it up Regardless, there’s not enough surface area on this particular lens to do that so the question Then is does it even like work for what it’s meant to work for oh This is actually super awkward And I feel like you’re gonna be fiddling with this so much to the point where it’s gonna be super Obvious that you’re doing something right so you got to be like on your phone And you gotta like switch this lens around and then you gotta like move your phone around like this So it’s like if that person hasn’t noticed like what are they doing? What the fuck over there, and then I’ve realized it by then Wasteful Whoo what is this right now, dude Star Wars science horse trainer to brain sensei Okay first off before we even go any farther. I’m gonna be worried if someone starts using it it doesn’t sense a brain It’s like hey you work weird sense with people that actually have brains you Could have said any of that you chose Conor first person to come to my mind guys a few just for roasting Conor I’m gonna give you a shout-out link to his channel his personal channel do he vlogs no joke click it right there Dude train like a Jedi use your own mind to control the movements of a tablet projected hologram works with the same innovative brain sensing EEG technology used in medical and military devices see if you can become a Jedi Master I’m game with that dude more than a toy or a game But Star Wars science comes the force trainer to Shakespeare hold up, dude is this kid asleep Look at this like this laxa, Daisy. It’s like the days of boys science comes your time Just so like mom made me do this commercial a grand experience now You can move Holograms with the power of your mom What could you get more expressionless kid? Was a kid I would have felt way better about this product if they it seemed like they liked using it cuz they’re just like I’m dead inside Honestly it feels like a real darkness situation regardless Oh mamacita move holograms with your mind I like that action look There’s kind of a different face here isn’t the same kid it seems like it’s the same kid dude alright? Let’s open this puppy up and get it actually working though And then put this on whoa you see this thing right here, dude They’re like all these contacts that go directly onto your skin doing them on and off button click little button right there Feel like jellies don’t normally need these on fish sent me So I’m really curious about what this does I hear some music I see Star Wars science Horse trainer hologram experience what am I supposed to be doing? I’m supposed to be thinking about raising it Now I don’t have what it takes what am I supposed to be thinking good thoughts? Oh, what why isn’t that working? Told you I’m pretty sure I did not do that I hate the fact that it just says raise the ball with your brain Does anything wait did you do it? I did it, and I’m mad right going again I know maybe I’m sick dude and cuz it only worked when I was mad Wow – you Disco ball lamp rotating RGB colored LED stage lighting party bulb with three watt book lights Wait is it a party bulb or a book light cuz I feel like that’s giving off completely different vibes right I read a book It’s a party It’s so rare that it’s a part I’m in it to win it right now you it does not say book light anywhere on it It just says the high powered lamp look at this thing, dude I guess I need to plug this into something do we have anything to plug into got a MacBook here? I? plug into this oh You can kind of see right now on the MacBook what it’s doing let’s kill those lights baby. Oh There we go, dude Okay, so here’s the question do we have a book? So I have this comic book you guys remember from the dollar store, so what I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna I’m gonna take this comic book right down right here And I’m gonna shine this light on it because I don’t have enough light right There’s just not enough light so I’m gonna try and do my best to read now with this Why that is definitely difficult to read? I’m not gonna lie. I’m like It’s still possible. It’s obviously still possible to read, but it’s very disorienting, but the comic feels alive now Like a it, just but the comic always seems like a party right wait can it change settings Oh, yeah, it’s just a little light on the back. Oh, there’s the book like Okay, there’s no way that base so yes, right if you’re If you’re in that point in time in your life where you want to quickly switch from a party to reading This is your this is your product, but for me dude that is wasted Smoke Oh Yeti heated footie Ready heated foot and hand warmers heated foot and hand warmers my word, but why does it look so creepy you don’t I mean that’s like ah Yes, yes a thousand times yes, I bought my Yeti feet proudly they’re a bit big on me, I wear women’s 8.50 But no matter my feet are toasty fabulous. Okay, you do you boo Add to Cart Okay hand warmers What is that a picture of dude? Yes, it doesn’t look right scratching stuff. Yeah, look. It’s like Jurassic Park Here’s the issue Each one of these needs a different plug. Are we serious right now. This is not. This is not real right All this hair flying everywhere Okay, so here’s the issue is that I have to be tethered to a USB port I just put it on high heat and now we wait It’s warming But I feel like I feel like the issue with this is that the most crucial part of your hand that you won’t warm is Your fingers you’re actually not the palm of your hand I mean, it’s definitely getting warm, but I feel like most people are gonna wear it like this, and I feel like sweaty palms I’d rather have sweet yeah, and this is like not breathable so like my palm was already sweating Dude feel the sweat actually feel on your face. I’m just kidding. He was just like okay. I Have it’s definitely warm so for its intended purpose. It’s tasteful, but for every other purpose. It’s not Oh that scared me neon nightlife men’s light-up beef for Vendetta Spacey guy Fawkes mask won sighs Wow I feel like the people that wear this don’t give a crap about that kind of stuff yeah I mean like the people that wear that like the people that want to remain anonymous that are like marching that are like trying to Stand for something then I can be like oh, let me get one with cream you know I’m not gonna lie. It looks. Okay. It looks pretty cool. I mean Personally I would have like not even had the colors I would have just had like a flat mask with just that on it. You know it would have been a little bit more Aesthetic, but hey, what are you gonna? Do at the part listen? Let’s try it out? Why is it yellow? Ho? Why is it yellow Kim colored? This is what the mass is supposed to look like it’s supposed to look like this like white pasty thing not this weird yellow one Listen listen to this one this mask light up that Is so annoying that Beep is incessant your left eye, it doesn’t make it all Is that better this doesn’t look right this is what I’m hearing non-stop And I hate it. This is when you want to be really foggy. Hey guys look at me by the way though. I’m anonymous But Phil look at me Neon lights flashing on this mask is an oxymoron in and of itself for those reasons. I’m out wasteful Guys before we get to the next couple of products see that big old subscribe button down below If that subscribe is in red that means you need to press it and subscribe to get these vids regularly Next item original sound grenade emergency personal alarm battery included sound grenade How interesting? So this thing is like someone’s approaching you and if you don’t want to use pepper spray if you don’t want to use a knife If you don’t use a gun a sound grenade Hey listen you won’t you come near me dude you will implode with my sound That dubstep Have your ears bleed or or it Boom sound grenade portable SOS alarm 120 decibel alarm. Okay. Well I mean crime deterrent Animal repellent rescue signal alright, so got some ear plugs here Tanner You’re gonna want to put these in Rollo marks are all these puppies up. Okay. Well here we go Yeah, how do you ready POTUS? One slightly up, okay would have full felt like Wow This thing is like vibrating in my hand – I mean I feel like I feel like that would work I feel like I have to rate it tasteful for that I feel like their marketing is a little weird, but I mean if you’ve got this on a keychain And you just like yank it off real quick. You know no I would totally work Someone to rob somebody if they pulled out on me a bit there you go guys use this against Tanner when he comes for you Alright guys the next item is a mystery item Tanner says alright. Hit me hit me man Maybe I shouldn’t reach in you never know dude. They could it could come alive at the spider Box in there Oh, are you proposing to me I mean? You aren’t though, are you really gonna do like a box in a box in a box? Farting I wanted to propose that hey Here’s the thing okay. Here’s the thing here’s what like just happened I opened it up and I saw flesh tones And then it started making a noise which I could feel cause it’s like vibrating the thing and I was like whoa what’s happening Like what is that, but I’m Madison I could let just talk about things being alive But what if I like like the best way to break up with your girl does this like? I just she’s like oh you’re proposing wrong you know Smooth Peter smell you later woman under the leave forever I have to say this is not great. I hate this I hate this and I hate the fact that you got me tanner. I hate it. I hate it I hate it get got wasteful. I’m so tasteful See that video right there. That is a twelve million volt stun gun foam. No joke it’s hilarious good Click it will see over there this video right there That is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy so let’s find out if YouTube’s right am I right all right high five

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