Warm Breath

Human life is priceless, so it must be protected This is especially true for activities involving risk to life and requiring additional personal protective equipment Since the discovery of the Far North, the problem of health protection of freight forwarders, who suffered from the exposure of cold and icy air on the respiratory system, has become urgent Тhe solution of this problem became our device «Warm Breath» This invention is the personal protective equipment of the respiratory organs in low temperature conditions The “Warm breath” consists of a case (respiratory mask), an electrical current source, a voltage regulator and a heating element The device works as follows Air inhaled by person through a respirator gets inside on special heating element and heats up to a comfortable temperature (+10 ºС) Inhaled air is heated This device can change the air temperature from – 30 ºС to + 10 ºС Since expeditions and tourism to the Far North are still going on, this problem of health protection remains relevant to this day Also, tourists who need to climb the snow-capped peaks of the mountains need protection from cold air

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