War Robots Update 4.7 Overview | Faster Upgrades, Robot Buffs, Lunar New Year Event, New Robots 2019

In this update we reduce upgrade times and
tweak stats for many robots and weapons In short: everything gets a buff!
…except Hellburner Lunar New Year and new items Lunar New Year is our next event This time — with rewards you never seen
before! Details coming very soon Also, with Lunar New Year come new robots
— flying Dragons. More on them in another video. Link in the description! Balance changes and faster upgrades Some items and robots got stronger Natasha, Butch and Raven received extra durability
and movement speed Lancelot became slightly faster and its side
shields can take more damage before falling off Suppression robots got buffed as well
Rayker received an extra ability charge Invader takes 30% less damage while in the
air Some weapons deal more damage — Sting, Ion,
Wasp, Redeemer and Thunder Finally, there’s a Hellburner nerf to curb
its self-destructive behaviour It explodes faster and deals less damage upon
dying. This should give pilots facing full groups
of Hellburners more opportunities to fight back There are also minor buffs to Bulwark, Gepard
and changes for module slots on older robots such as Griffin. To top this off, we reduced upgrade times. The change becomes very noticeable on most
items starting from level 7. You can get more information from extrended
patchotes on the website Link in the description! Community items! Community-made paint jobs for Mender, Weyland
and Inquisitor have arrived Created by War Robots pilots Red Rooster and
Battledrone82. Thank you guys! Keep sending us your ideas — the best ones
might get into the game! And lastly, Bolt! Community robot is now available for Gold
starting from level 5. This was the update 4.7 overview. For the full list of changes visit the official
War Robots website. Don’t forget to subscribe and get ready for
the Lunar New Year craze! First TEN comments under each new official video receive ONE THOUSAND Gold There’s more. The 7 most liked comments under this video will get Ao Qin, Ao Guang and Ao Jun in 7 days from now You win only if your Pilot ID is posted correctly and platform mentioned Happy updating Commander

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100 thoughts on “War Robots Update 4.7 Overview | Faster Upgrades, Robot Buffs, Lunar New Year Event, New Robots 2019

  1. My prayers have been answered! Thunder is back on top as Close Quarter King!! Just ate up a full health Rhino with my Carnage and it’s twin level 12 Thunders. Nothing survives
    ID MW8R40

  2. This is one of the best updates yet! Really love the direction the game is going, I love all the changes and I really like the community robot and skins! Super great work Pixonic! One thing I do think that should have been added was lower upgrade costs and slightly higher silver payouts, but other that great update! 👍🐉.

    ID. 1X5Y7J
    Platform. iOS

  3. I work 2 jobs when I’m done!!! I come straight home to play this game but I’m a new comer and I love this game!!!!!!!

  4. your bonus tasks for the hungbao lottery is useless as long as there are champion league players on my team. how about you fix the match making and start the event over? ID:Y8Z4D8 platform steam

  5. ID: CVYDZ8 Platform: IPad Good stuff, but please work on the costs too. Over 100 Euro for a robot is far too much.

  6. Pix, Griffin needs a speed boost, it’s now significantly slower than than a Natasha and Fury, and jumping it is often suicide since it’s often the only jumping bot w no stealth. It just takes so long to get it into battle compared to other bots. Buffing it’s speed to 40 or 42 would make sense when you compare it to other heavy bots. Certainly it has a much lighter chassis than a fury, butch, or natasha.

  7. Love me a flyin dragon. They look fantastic Pixonic team. The weapons n decrease in upgrade times are also great. This game keeps getting better. U80KN0 iOS

  8. Nice buff to Thunder. Have been working on replacements for like forever. Love the new designs for the battlefields want to see more new battlefields upgrades. iOS id: Y17BUP

  9. Alls I have to say is, you guys must be raking in the cash. I spent a fortune on this game last year.
    I believe I am a very frugal player and I have a lot of fun but…I sure get tired of losing to wallet warriors at times.
    Well, it is a good game and congratulations on hour success.
    Just so you know, I am joining a twelve step group to beak my habit so, you might feel it a bit.

  10. Suddenly, I find myself regretting selling my lvl 8 Patton. Absence of active mod is why I sold it. But the new buffs brought my Lance and Carnage out of storage. Thunder buff sent me thru Diamond 1 in 2 days and loving my new Rayker while doing it. Hello Expert league 😀
    ID: 2E21FN Android

  11. It is great
    i love the design of the News weapons ans the buff for the butch, thank , War robot
    If you want, i have a new idea for you on my account, BASTION.0.1

  12. I love this game, this is the best game for mobile phones, weapons and robots are constantly balanced, and each of your updates brings something new and interesting, thank you for all pixonic!
    ID: 8KSRDR
    Platform: android
    ❤Shere Love❤

  13. Congrats to top (most liked) comments winners, who received a pack of new robots:

    V8JR1T Gameroom

    haris rehman
    U8WQ6E Android

    Dominic M
    TO8D5H iOS

    Over-Rogue Gaming
    E4BEF9 Android

    YPWRYH Gameroom

    Darwin James WR
    TZ4X68 ios

    Tepo Castro
    GXTO8P iOS

  14. This is the best update
    The robots are awesome
    The upgrade update is good and it is the best event i hope i win the new robots!
    Platform iphone
    Id GW2G4P

  15. Bring something new for us, which anyone could afford. And you can buy for silver.[100million!!] That would be a treat for us players!

  16. Yall players quit being a suckers for these new bots. Its too powerful and paid to win bs. New bots just for them to make money. Players who are suck and have no skills use the best bots and weapons!!!!!! Yall the reason why other players have to spend tons of money to catch up and a chance to win.

  17. Only 10 luck Pilot. Pay to get new robot… Only 99$… Pay pay pay pay pay…😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 Pay to Win

  18. you should make a energy weapon that heals teamates and distroys enimeys and make cost as much as the fujine in silver ID: N08W0Y

  19. Basic– Stealth– Energy Shield– Physical Shield– Quickdrag– Dash– Inbuilt weapons– Flight– what next? — Drop your thoughts 🤗

  20. 离倒闭不远了普通玩家大量离去为什么?因为你们各种不公平让普通玩家失去玩下去的空间等普通玩家都离去你们游戏也就凉凉最好直接出个金钱买的无敌机器人无敌武器多省事?脑残策划

  21. They screw up the game play after they came up with last stand, ares, dragon bots, invader. Older bots give players chance to use their skills to win. Not these stupid paid to win bots.

  22. I want the auo Jun because I just started playing I'm level 10 I'm low on resources and I can't use money to buy stuff

  23. Love what you're doing with some of the older retro Bots ! When new changes or updates are being introduced it's pretty exciting! But also can be quite frustrating (especially when you hear of things like the new ShieldBreaker which is still a horrible idea!).
    But this particular update seems very well-balanced & I'm Looking forward to seeing it!
    Thx War Robots!!!

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