Vulture Kills Shocker – Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie CLIP HD

Idiots. Idiots. Idiots! Boss? Your wife keeps texting you.
Something about a brake light. What’d I tell you about
looking at my phone? Sorry. You left it out. You know
I’m a curious person by nature. I finished designing
that high-altitude vacuum seal. In case you want to,
you know, go for the big one? You’re still on that? I told you, no. The answer’s no. Forget it. I mean, that was badass. How many times have I told you
not to fire them out in the open? – You said, move the merchandise.
– Under the radar. Under the radar! That’s how we survive. If you bring Damage Control
or the Avengers down here, we’re through. You’re out there wearing that goofy thing,
lighting up cars… …calling yourself the Shocker. “I’m the Shocker. I shock people. ”
What is this, pro wrestling? Whatever, old man. Come on. Look. Look. I know you don’t give a crap
about anything. But I do. I built this whole place
because I got people I have to look after. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? I can’t afford your bullshit. – Get out of here.
– What? – You’re done. You’re off the crew.
– Yeah, all right. All right. Wonder if you can afford me
out there, though, right? With everything I know. – Excuse me?
– I’m just saying… …maybe your wife would like to know
where you really get your money from. – You know what?
– What? You’re right. – That work?
– I don’t know. I can’t afford that. Wait. Damn. – I thought this was the antigravity gun.
– What? No, that’s that one. Here. Now you’re the Shocker. Go out there
and find that weapon he lost. All right.

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100 thoughts on “Vulture Kills Shocker – Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Movie CLIP HD

  1. I like Homecoming overall, but this is a stupid scene – you go from blue collar, underground dealer family man to sociopathic killer and it's played as, "Oooopsies."

  2. Imagine if it just made a fart sound effect lol
    Edit:um wow you guys really like my comment not complaining just wow you guys are nice to me😁

  3. at first I thought that the joke about anti-gravity gun made Vulture look less terrifying but when you about that implies he was planning on having Jackson Brice die by having him suffocate in space. "damn"

  4. I’ll be honest I was disappointed this shocker died, this crazy and reckless dude seemed so fitting. The second one doesn’t even portray a likeable character, his “role” as the new shocker seemed so out if place imo.

  5. No ones gonna talk about that spider man can over power someone with a gmod gravity gun thingy

  6. 2:36 the confusion he shows is like if he sat down at his pc and his friend's facebook account was logged in instead of his.

  7. This is why I love the Vulture so much, because he never acts needlessly cruel unless absolutely necessary. I mean, despite knowing everything about his criminal operation, he was totally willing to just fire Shocker rather than outright kill him. He only kills him because he was literally threatened by him. None of his other employees seem actually scared of him, which makes him seem more like your everyday working man rather than a super villain.

  8. It was manslaughter, Vulture either intended to incapacitate Shocker or intimidate him to show that Adrian Toomes is someone not be messed with (Unless you are Spider-Man).

  9. It was weird seeing Micheal Keaton do this role given he literally did birdman and the unexpected virtues of ignorance

  10. I don't blame Valture for his anger.
    He had a jod and it was all taken away because of some top secret phenomena

  11. Lets be honest, dude had it coming, the shit they're doing is so illegal they have to worry about ironman, thor, hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D, Captain America, and the rest of the avengers coming down on them if they were discovered, he's out there being a dumbass not giving a damn about the job and only cares about getting paid. The man's work ethnics is literally trash.

  12. -Hey you see the character who looks like shocker, got his clothes and have a personnality?
    -Let's kill him so we can replace him by a random black man without personnality !

  13. -See that scene where he kills someone to make him intimidating ?
    -Yes .
    -Let's make this a joke !
    -What a great idea !

  14. What I’m trying to figure out is why this weapon wasn’t used against Spider-Man. This thing literally incinerates ppl!!!

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