VR Arcade Tips & Lessons Learned: What Computers to Buy | Virtual Reality Tips

Hi guys my name is Will and I just
wanted to go over a couple tips and tricks, just general advice, things we’ve learned
and mistakes we’ve made. First of all PCs: we went ahead and bought
the cheapest PCs we could find, which is actually the vive bundle. You can see ’em right here behind me. They work, but we’ve had issues with them. Some games live Brookhaven don’t do super
well. And we’ve had one of the power units go out
on one of ’em, and just some general issues with other ones. I know a lot of our kids are doing the more
custom high end set ups. I think you can get away with the cheap ones
if you want, but you may end up just having to upgrade pretty quickly or have issues with
the hardware. So I would recommend getting a higher end,
obviously the graphics card’s the big piece, but don’t cheap out on the power supply, we’ve
learned that the hard way. And sometimes whether that’s with cheap memory
or with a faulty power supply it can cause a lot of problems where you can’t really track
it down. You’re trying to figure out what’s going on
and you have no idea.

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