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Hey, thanks for your interest in Vogmask. You are thinking healthy style, but you probably have a few questions. Hope this short video helps. You may have noticed Vogmasks are offered in three sizes: Large is for most adults. Medium is for 8 year old to small adult female. Small is for 3 to 8. You can also reference the written instructions in the box, summarizing proper fit, use and care of your Vogmask. Before you use your Vogmask, check the back of the box for the use-by date at the top of the diamond. The filtering nanofiber is efficient for 3
years from the manufacture date. In severe air quality conditions, this filter may become saturated with microspic particles in as little as 45 months. When you notice an increase in breathing resistance, it’s time to get a new Vogmask. To put on your Vogmask, start by opening the sealed bag and unfolding the mask. Note that the upside of the mask is the side with the bendable aluminum nose band in the trim. Next, position your Vogmask over your nose and mouth, then place the ear loops around your ears. Once you have your Vogmask positioned, form the nose band over the bridge of your nose to create a good seal around the nose and mouth by forming it with your fingers. You can adjust the ear loops with light stretching if they seem tight at first. Note that the disk on the side of the mask
is a one-way exhalation valve. It won’t allow particles in, but helps moisture and CO2 escape, providing a more comfortable experience. Maintaining your Vogmask is easy: Just by hand washing. Start by rinsing the outer and inner layers
with water, then add one drop of liquid dish soap to clean. Rinse again and hang your Vogmask until it is completely dry before storage. Contaminants cannot multiply on textiles without moisture. Now, be cool, protect your health and be an advocate for clean air for the future of the planet.

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