VOEZ Rhythm Game Review

VOEZ is a new game out of Taiwan that is climbing
the app gaming charts. It is part Rock Band, part DDR, but in a karaoke-esc setting. Really you
have to play it for yourself and plenty of folks are. Put simply, VOEZ is anime-themed rhythm game.
You need to tap, hold, and swipe as colorful commands fall to the target line. There are
only a few different moves but the difficulty of the game increases as you move on to more
and more intense tracks. One thing that felt different to me is how the fall lines shift
and move as you play the level. Unlike Rock Band where the gameplay is static, there is
something ethereal about how the levels shift, pulsate and expand as you play. Making the game extra challenging, to me at
least, were the hard-to-spot white dots and the slide hold that shifts the track as you
play. These were the game mechanics that tripped me up the most, but also make it more fun. I was a bit surprised that I not only loved
this game but that I was quite good at it. Despite the club-esc dance beats (that made
me feel a bit like a DJ) there is something to the rhythmic play of the game that makes
it equal part exhilarating and relaxing. I tried the game on both my iPhone SE and full-sized
iPad and learned that Voez is way easier and more fun on a smallish phone. An important thing to note is that you need
to be on WiFi to download the game. The main app will require about 200 MB of space with
each additional song taking up another 5MB or so. You can enjoy unlimited play of approximately
ten free songs, the remaining songs requiring “keys” that you purchase to unlock. Songs
range from mellow pop, rock, or intense techno. Songs lyrics aren’t in English, but don’t
worry you can watch tutorials and navigate the game in four different languages, including
English. And that’s about it. VOEZ is fun and free
on both iOS and Android. So the real question is whether or not you like it enough to make
space on your phone.

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