Vivo Y11 2019 – Unboxing, First Impressions, Quick Overview

Vivo and OPPO, in Pakistan, are going at pace. Where Vivo recently introduced V17-series, OPPO also quickly replaced its original Reno-
series with Reno2 in only a few months If we say that both the companies
are competing really well in Pakistan, It won’t be incorrect. If we put the mid-range and upper mid-range
aside, and consider entry-level smartphones, Vivo seems to be on par. The company is already set to launch
the new Vivo Y11 2019 in the country on October 21st* Vivo has not yet revealed the price but… This phone may cost around Rs. *20,000*
[Official Price: PKR 23,999] We have received the review unit, for you. So you could make a decision about this
phone right on the availability. Okay, before moving on, I’ll request you
to subscribe this channel right away, If you aren’t already subscribed. Also press the bell icon for
further notifications. And if you are watching on facebook,
you can like our page as well. Let’s move on with the box. This phone
comes with a 5000mAh battery. 6.35-inch display. Resolution is not listed. So
There are both Triple and Dual-cameras On the front, there is… 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage, which
is now a common thing among budget phones This phone will be available in two colors.
The one we have here is Mineral Blue. I think, without wasting more time,
we should now unbox the phone. Oops! I forgot something… Promo… [rewind..] Now, we do the unboxing.. [Fast forward….] The first thing we get is, the silicone case. A SIM eject tool. And… some paperwork, And here it is, the Vivo Y11. Frankly, this is gonna be the best-looking
Y-series smartphone of Vivo. It’s glass-like plastic with a lining pattern
inside. Gradient color is also attractive… … especially in this price range. And yes… light shades also reflects nicely. But when we talk about plastic,
no matter how good it is, it’s not scratch resistant. So it needs care. Or else, you have a protective case… Let’s start the device and check what else
we’ll get in the box along. Again, a microUSB port, if you ask me,
this is really an outdated thing. Companies now start offering USB-C in
Budget and entry-level devices too. What do you thin about it?
Do tell us in the comments below. Oh, great! at least we get a 10-watt charger But 5000mAh battery is still way large
for it to get charged quickly. Anyway, we can only tell after
having it used for a few days. Let’s get the SIM eject pin to check
what kind of slot we have for SIM and memory. And this is a 3-slot tray… So you can use 2 SIM cards and
a microSD card all at onces. Some other brands do offer 3-slots but
only in their entry-level devices. Vivo, however, offers this full slot
in all of its devices, if I am not wrong. Let’s have a look at other components. As usual,
Power and Volume buttons are on the right side. SIM slot, we have seen already on the left side. On the bottom, we have… 3.5mm audio jack, a mouthpiece.
a microUSB port. and a loud speaker. On top, we have nothing. it’s all plain. There is a dual-camera setup on the back.
Which has a 13MP primary shooter along with a 2MP depth sensor. So, this phone is going ot offer portrait mode… Fingerprint sensor is also on the back side. On the front, there is an 8MP selfie camera. While the earpiece comes right between
the screen and the mid-frame. Now that the phone has fully booted up,
let met quickly set it up. So it’s the fingerprint and lock registration… Fingerprint sensor seems to be better on this phone. Let’s add in the face lock too. Okay. Phone has been setup completely. User interface is just same as we have seen
in the previous FuntouchOS. It’s all home-screens. No app-drawer. You can manage smart cards
on the far-left home screen. In the settings, we can
check some inner details. 1.95GHz Octa-core Processor
comes with Snapdragon 439 chipset. 3GB RAM…
and Android 9 Pie comes with, Vivo’s FuntouchOS 9.1 user experience. If we check the memory details. Then it’s the 32GB total space. While only 22GB is available for user data. I know that you have an idea why is that. No? Thec camera comes with the
2MP secondary depth sensor. So we do need to check the portrait mode. Let’s take another shot in standard mode.
So we could compare the two. Okay… this one is the normal photo.. And this one is with portrait mode, which, I believe, was handled well by the phone. Else we’ll know after testing the phone. Front camera is not that bad too. This is an average quality in this price range. In this room, I have a single soft light. So it may perform better in good lighting. The most attractive feature of this phone is the
5000mAh battery and its design. Battery can do a good job for long term usability. But the design, which seems like any premium
device, is plastic afterall. So how durable it is, I can only tell after
using it for a couple of weeks. For now, that’s it… I hope, you liked this video. So just hit the like button. Also subscribe to this channel, and…
also press the bell icon for notifications. See you in the next video.. Allah Hafiz.

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