Vitalik Buterin: “I Definitely Hope Centralized Exchanges Go Burn In Hell”

I definitely personally hope centralized
exchanges burn in hell as much as possible The thing with developers is right that we’re fairly fungible people you know we can kind of you know one developer goes down
someone else can keep on developing if someone puts a gun to my head and tells
me to write a hard fork patch I will definitely write a hard fork patch no
we’re right the github issue I will write up the code I will publish it I
will do everything they say. If I have a problem you do this and I publish
a hard fork patch delete file a bunch of accounts um how many people fear will be
willing to download and install the update and switch to that chain? I see
relatively few raised hands. This is called decentralization. Do you personally own cryptokitties? I think like two people
gave me a couple of cryptokitties that I haven’t really looked at them since. Tokenizing real-world assets whether they’re securities or gold or
bonds or like fiat or like I don’t know what pixels of some Banksy photo or
whatever I think is like all interesting it doesn’t seem psychologically that
easy for people to make the leap from paying forty million dollars for a Mona
Lisa painting to pay 40 million dollars for a digital private key that
claims that it has some arbitrary attachment to a Mona Lisa painting and
that’s like okay fine I understand that I don’t really understand the art world in
general anyway when you can just like photo like take your copy that looks almost
identical yeah Even centralised exchanges end up having a lot of volume like the better decentralize exchanges are as a baseline
kind of the more happy I am because that way we can really like take away this
stupid King making power that these centralized exchanges have or like where
they have this ability to just decide which tokens become big by yeah just
deciding to list them and charge these crazy ten to fifteen million
dollar listing fees and like the more we can get away from that world and into
something which actually you know it satisfies the blockchain values of
openness and transparency the better. I definitely am less optimistic about
private blockchains than I was two or three years ago basically
because like there’s there’s like there is this bubble and there were a lot of
promises and like oh my god IBM makes two hundred million dollar savings by
pointing something on a blockchain and I have no idea what they actually did they
probably just like digitize something that was paper before I’m like great which other blockchains interest you by
which measurably which of the block changes to you and they have private
keys for? For experimental reasons Well a lot of this is the kind of historical reasons but Bitcoin, Bitcoin
Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Carbon-Dioxide Let’s see I got some Doge, I think I think I got some Zcash All sorts
of Ethereum based tokens

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25 thoughts on “Vitalik Buterin: “I Definitely Hope Centralized Exchanges Go Burn In Hell”

  1. Could you all tone down the intro and outro electric sound effect? When you have headphones on that sound is incredibly loud compared to the actual audio.

  2. The more i follow vitalik, the less respect i have for him. Used to be a big fan of this “geeky prodigy”

  3. So (gay and) hypocrite. Ethereum blockchain is centralized too! TheDAO was an indisputable proof that it's centralized.

  4. I've always had my gripes with centralized exchanges. You don't hold your own private key so you don't control your funds and they are always prone to malicious attacks. I've only used DEX's and use Bancor to swap ERC20 tokens.

  5. We know a bunch of decent decentralized coins, BTC, DCR, ONION. But trusted decentralized exchanges are still under water.

  6. Centralized exchanges are the only way I know how to trade USD to initial crypto. There may be other ways – but none of which I, and surely many others, know. There needs to be a better, easier way to "get started". THEN centralized exchanges can burn in hell.

    Post below if you have suggestions on the best ways to trade for initial crypto without mining.

  7. I am glad Vitalik shares the same view as me lol. It is now the era of Decentralised Liquidity Networks like Bancor, DEX 3.0!

  8. Wow, what an arrogant ignorant moron. He doesn't understand how economy works at all.
    Exchanges can't decide "which token becomes big". Just like him uploading a patch doesn't make anyone to install it, an exchange uploading a new currency doesn't cause anyone buy it. He can't make a simple logical connection.
    There's no "king power", if an exchange tries to offer currencies nobody wants, it will have no clients. Exchanges follow the market.
    And to wish they "burn in hell" is not only ignorant, it's incredibly ungrateful. Without the exchanges tha have been working since 2010 crypo would never be able to achieve what we have. Certainly he wouldn't become rich.

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