Vision-free MIT Cheetah

(footsteps thudding) – [Man] That’s 2.5. – [Scientist] Go for three. That’s as fast as it can go. – [Man] That’s three. (footsteps thudding) (gravel crunching) (footsteps thudding) (wood clattering) (footsteps thudding) – [Man] One, two, three.

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100 thoughts on “Vision-free MIT Cheetah

  1. I don't see anything great in this. The push part can easily be programmed using gyroscope module. Am I missing anything enough to appreciate it???

  2. U know what guys we will make a robotics cheetah. Cos we are engineers we are dumb right. How about a robotics women ? Cos you guys never get laid 😀

  3. They are like the dog dudes form halo 4 this one is the prime with the suppressor and the minis like the one with the boltshot

  4. Don't put your names at the end. When the robots take over and find all the robot abuse videos, who do you think is going to the show trials?

  5. the part around 1:39 where she's doing a three legged walk does it have anything to do with "sound stimulation"??
    please answer my question!!

  6. Awesome work. Missing the wrist joint on the front legs and the knee on the back legs (compared to a cat, or a horse) makes the walking look really awkward because of the arc the feet swing through; looks like they're constantly in danger of stabbing into the ground or catching in a clump of grass.

  7. Hey can we get an Officer Earl mode that makes it get up on its hind legs, and runs about 12m/s while yelling "Flint Lockwood" every 10 seconds or so? Thanks.

  8. тот самый момент, когда в твоей стране в ВУЗах занимаются фигней((

  9. 2:04 Welllll you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow, kick off your shoes and you throw em in the floor. Dance in the kitchen til the mornin light, Louisiana Saturday Night

  10. when I saw this electro-mechanical device I appreciated more than ever how complex a human being is, simply the amount of mass calculations of these few steps not only require a good amount of energy to calculate and execute the walk with at least a dozen of motors, while a kid of 3 years old can do on his own without any help. I do not believe these scientists are able in the short tern of doing more than what they have been doing for over 40 years in car automations as well ass all automations in different sectors. the human like robots who talk and amazing but are no different than this contraption because they are fed the information that they regurgitate following programmed questions. when I am sitting on my captain chair reclined good 35 degrees to the back and trying to reach the mouse is quite frustrating, I wondered why I cannot from far point my finger to the screen and move the page up or down and switch websites and talk to the computer to do the searches I need without touching the mouse or the keyboard. after 50 years from the first computer we are still far way from this simple task. so these silly walks do not impress me unless I see this four legged contraption run on the highway avoiding cars and trucks and remain functional, maybe 50 or 100 years from now. some people may say cars already do it on their own without human intervention like Tesla and others, the difference is these cars have huge batteries and cost astronomical amount of money not counting the cost of maintenance and battery replacement. this charade is far from being this great invention that is a game changer, the usual american propaganda.

  11. A fantastic achievement and a great video; many thanks and congrats to all involved — but don't be late for your required class on gender identity

  12. What a piece of of junk my dog can everything that thing does and more faster, quieter and lasts for years with no maintenance for just can of dog chow. How much does this POS cost?

  13. I think they should redesign the legs. They have a femur, knee and foot but lack an ankle. That is the best way to allow the Bot to clime slippery slopes. Also mount the legs on the side instead of under it so it can lower it's center of gravity. And turn them around, you know, like real legs…… Oh man, this video is a year old. They probably did all that crap by now. (8

  14. SAD.  Thank you Dumb ASS MIT guys.  Governments will take your technology and at best, put people out of work and at worst, arm these things so they can have a more perfected POLICE STATE.  It is men like you that make oppressive governments successful.

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