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New phones, new launches and an interesting news in this TECH NEWS I will teach you everything happening in the world tech in a simple way.. I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊 Samsung M-series phone has been an huge hit for Samsung. Continuing the release of three phones, they are gonna launch a fourth phone. This is named Samsung galaxy M 40. A special feature in this phone is it has an Infinity O display. Like Samsung galaxy A8s it has cutout for selfie camera in the top left corner of the phone. This phone is first in the series to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It has Snapdragon 675 processor and Adrino 612 GPU in it. They have provided with 6 GB RAM and 120 GB as internal storage. It has a triple camera setup in the back side. Also comparing to M30 they are claiming the camera quality is substantially high. We can except the price to be around R.s.20,000. Youtuber called Technical Guruji named Gaurav has published exclusive first look of this phone. Not only that, he gave an additional information that this may be launched on June 11th. Sony company is officially exiting smartphone business from India. Kenichiro yoshida says that, unlike other companies which sells Refregiretor and washing machine as daily necessary products, we sell entertainment products and that has been our foundation. Not only that, this generation kids have lessen watching TV and started using smart phones as their first gadgets. So they are considering this smart phones as primary devices for entertainment. From 2012 when they joint up with Sony Erecssion they were only manage to sell about 6.5 million devices per year when comparing to global market, this was less than 1% market share. Currently smart phone has been a money losing business for them. According to this year sales report, smartphones has led to loss of 90 billion dollar. So that’s why they are quitting smartphone segment from India and gonna concentrate entirely on picture and imaging business. But still they have promised to give continuous support for their existing users. Just because they had a brand name called “sony”, they sold their premium phones for high rate. And at the same time, the competitions were selling budget phones with lots of features in it. I would say this is the reason of loss for Sony. Tech Fact. Tech Fact – Let’s see an interesting fact about Sony. Sony was founded in 1946, by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The name of the company was called Tokyo Telecommunications Laboratory. but after 12 years, they renamed as the name Sony. The name Sony comes from the Latin language and it means sound. The Sony Walkman which we know was a product Sony launched for prisoners in jail. It could run for 40 hours in single AA battery. In 1998 Sony released a consumer product which had a night vision in it. Nintendo asked Sony to make an add-on product for their gaming con sole. But for some reason this deal didn’t take place. Then Sony came separately and made a console called Play-station. This console was a world-wide hit for Sony. Losing this deal was Nintendo’s biggest. AMD computex 2019 took place recently. In this AMD showcased many new products. Their new graphics card and processors was their best. They launched a new graphic card named as RX 5700. This is powered by RDNA macro-architecture. This graphics card in the first to use PCIE 4 interface. Comparing it with last generation, this could give two times performance. Comparing it with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070, it has more than 10% performance. Not only that, they launched 3rd generation RYZEN processer. The consumer based RYZEN 9 3900X has 12 core & 24 threads in it and it is all available for just 499 dollars. Comparing it with its competition, they are giving it for nearly half the rate. On June 10th, in an event called ‘Next Horizon Gaming Event’ they will launch the graphics card and processor AMD was nothing comparing to Intel, but now it has proven to be biggest competitor to them. Continuing Xiaomi, Oppo & Vivo a new Chinese smart phone is going to launch. The TIKTOk app which we all know is gonna launch a new smart phone. TIKTOK’s parent company named ByteDance said that releasing a phone with their pre-installed apps has always been their dream. In Apple app-store, TIKTOk is currently the most famous app. Till now this app has been downloaded for 33 million times. In play-store even-though this is not in the first spot, it’s still in the top 5 places. They have downloaded this for 88.2 million times. In India, they gave a ban to this app recently. But now they have removed this ban and this app is available now in play-store and Apple app-store. If this phone gets released, are you really that crazy to buy a TIKTOK phone? Let me know in the comment section down below. Today’s Hot News We have seen many products selling in the name of art. Like that lets see about a wired thing which got sold at an auction recently. A laptop containing six deadly virus was recently auctioned. It’s bid has already crossed 1.2 million dollars. This art is named as ‘The Persistence Of Chaos’. This is just a simple 10.2 inch, 2008 model old Samsung laptop. It still runs on the old windows XP os. They have installed these 6 most dangerous virus displaying in this screen. This virus has been responsible for nearly 100 billon dollar loss all over the world. They have strictly told that this virus in the laptop should be used only for academic purpose and if they use for any other purpose, its illegal. Virus containing laptop has been selling for 8 crores, so next time if your device gets a virus, see if you can sell it in any auction 😉 Friends if you find this news interesting, Like it. 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