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The whole Fursatganj is surrounded by a weird disease. Nobody has a clue, what type of disease it is? The doctors are worried. Scientist’s are doing research on this. Grandfather, since yesterday my eyes didn’t close. I couldn’t sleep. And Bunty’s couldn’t close his mouth. Mosquitoes and flies are going inside his mouth. Doctor’s are unable to find out about this disease. Look, how my father’s hand is twisted. Everybody is going through something or the other in the whole city. We were just watching an news on TV regarding this. I will try to find out what kind of disease this is. Hundred years back this disease was seen in the air of Madhya sagar Kaluka deep. Then how did it reach here? It must have reached here through some Migratory bird. When birds fly from one city to another, many germs or bacteria get stuck on their legs or wings. How did the villagers get rid of this disease? A local doctor found the cure for this disease, and the cure lies in this flower. If you eat the leaves of this flower or if you drink its juice then you can get rid of this disease. This information is hundred years old and we do not know whether this flower is still available there or not. We will know about this only when we visit that place. Vir, You all go by the spaceship.Please take care. Grandfather, I will also carry the flying wings along with me. By chance if without the spaceship we might need Chulbul to fly. You are right Vir, Go with a proper planning. Wow! This Island is so beautiful. Even the birds here are so beautiful. Everything is beautiful. What is happening? Vir, they are here. Come on let’s run. Wait, first let me talk. It may be possible that after talking we become friends. We are here to make friends. We need your help. Hoola hoola teeroo bhoola!!!! Hoola hoola teeroo bhoola, Har koi hooola. They are not in a mood to talk. It is better to leave from here now. Vir, There must be so many animals in this jungle. You go, I will stay here as an innocent donkey and spy on them. And will also find out about the flower and inform you. Good idea Chulbul. Wing suite on. Hoola hoola teeroo bhoola!!!! Vir!! Save me. My plan to act as an innocent animal and spy, is a flop. Imli, Chulbul is in danger. I can see a boy with Chulbul who has also been tied with a rope. We need to save both of them. Thankfully, I have the flying wings with me. Please leave my Adhisa. He will never repeat this mistake. Adhisa!! Hola Hola, take this lady away. Adisa will have to face the arrows as a punishment for committing a robbery. Adhisa!!! Grandmother!! Holaa holaa, Nyuki nyuki. Go and follow them. Thank you Vir. You are welcome Chulbul. Thank you for saving me. Oh! You can speak our language. Very good. Holaaa Holaa, Nyuki nyuki. Let’s go from here.There are many anasi webs here. Anasi’s web? What’s that? Oh! So your Nyuki’s i.e honeybees don’t come here because they are afraid of Anasi webs. Anasi means Spider? OK. My name is Adisa. My dadi is unwell. Our head was not giving me the giant flower’s leaves for her treatment. That’s why I tried to steal them and I got caught. What was the need to steal that flower? Everybody has a right on flowers. That flower is a remedy for all types of diseases. So Adhooja doesn’t allow anybody to grow the same flower anywhere in the village. Only he has that flower and because of this flower he scares everybody and makes them his slave. Because someday or other everybody needs that flower. Who is Adhooja? Is he your head? No, he is the chief of the army. Even the queen is afraid of him. Whatever he says the Queen follows him. Now, even we will have to take the flower quietly without asking. Many people in our village are unwell and we are here to take that flower. I have a plan, listen. Ok, as soon as they start following me you all have to go and pluck the leaves and then fly onto the same tree. And stop there. I will meet you there. Hoola hoola teeroo bhoola!!!! You have tried to steal our leaves, today you will have to face our arrows. Respected queen, my name is Vir. In my city Fursatganj, everybody is unwell. And I am here only to take the leaves of the flower. No, you can’t even touch our holy flower. We will finish you right now. If you want to finish me then do it by yourself. Stop asking others to attack me with arrows by saying hoola hoola teeru bhoola. You are challenging me for a war, I accept your challenge. There will be a war Holaahollaa. Vir, please give it a second thought. Defeating him is impossible. Grandfather says, that a person who turns impossible into possible is the one who is known as Brave. This fight is for the rights of these villagers and me. If I win this fight then you won’t stop any villager to take this flower. You won’t keep anybody as a slave. This is accepted. We respect your bravery. Let the war begin. Adoojha!!!! Haha!! Vir!! Adoojha!!!! Nyuki!! Vir!!! Adoojha!!!! Disengage! Danger to robotic chip from breaking. Vir!! Vir!! Today is a day of happiness. Vir you are very brave. You can take as much leaves as you want. From today onwards all the villagers will have the right on this flower. Thanks a lot. The medicine for that disease is ready. But the most difficult work is to visit every house and serve them this liquid. Grandfather, I will do this work. Robo boy has once again saved Fursatganj. He searched the medicine for this disease and treated the whole Fursatganj with it. Thank you Robo boy.

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