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Suddenly in Fursatganj the shortage of water is increasing. And the biggest concern is that the water of the lake is also drying. Where is this water going? What’s happening with this water? To know this watch our channel secret of water tonight. But grandfather how come suddenly there is shortage of water? Sometimes back there was news about the over flowing of lake. This is what even I am not able to understand son That where did this water go? The weather is also not that hot, to turn the water into vapour. Grandfather we have to something about it. Or else the people of Fursatganj will be worried. Grandfather can I get one bucket of water? Water? I was taking shower and suddenly the water went off. I got scared seeing Mr. Chadda I thought he was some ghost Yes even I got scared Grandfather quick give me water. Soap is going in my eyes. This doesn’t happen in our village. Water comes from lake in Fursatganj. Why is the water decreasing there? I will go and find out Underwater suit on Imli and Chulbul you both stay here I will just come back. Oh the energy is creating here So this is the reason for less water supply. Boss, boss help… Turn on the transformer with the I-mote I cant stand on the ground and fight , I will fly and fight. I will switch it off with the remote, so that the robot won’t work I will show you now. No return that, my remote give it back Game of your transformer is over now Timbaktoon . What is that? Vir is on that giant wheel, look Vir, Vir…. Yayyy… Opps I feel my game is over Oh Vir I was too scared for you. It’s okay Imli. and do you know Mad max was generating electricity from the water, And with the electricity he was making electrical transformer robot. Now there wont be shortage of water in Fursatganj. Vir you always put your nose in my business, And you always ruin my plan. I am mad very very mad. Today i declare Mahasangram with you. Yes! Mahasangram!! The first warrior of my Mahasangram is my mad bike. Look, this is my special bike. I have named it as Mad bike. What’s special in it boss? When Vir will sit on it then…. Go boss, I won’t talk to you, I am working for you since so many years but you didn’t even make a cycle for me, and now you are making a motor cycle for Vir. what’s wrong with you boss? Meowwwwwww, he is right boss, he is right. What’s wrong with you boss? This bike is not made for Vir’s travelling, instead it is made to finish him. You have to leave it in front of Vir’s house. When Vir will sit on it and place both of his legs like this, Then his legs will get stuck between the iron belts. He won’t be able to escape. and his body will stick on the seat because of the magnet. Did you understand? Boss Boss, what is the use of this remote? I will switch on this remote and control Vir like it is done in a video game. Then I will take Vir to a dangerous place and finish him. Ha ha ha ha I am glad, very very glad. Vir, let’s go to the market and get some carrots, I am hungry. Hey, whose bike is this? It’s very nice, let me sit on it and see Target matching target matching. Ha ha ha Game on Vir What’s happening? Imli..This is not a bike but a robot. I Gintu, save Vir Today I will save Vir and show you. Gintu… I will call Dadaji. Robot boy suit on Robot boy suit on Why isn’t anything happening? Ha ha ha ha, Vir, your laser beam cannot harm the mad bike. It is laser proof. Grandfather? Vir, Imli has told me everything on phone. This bike is in auto control or Mad Max is controlling it. You need to change its setting to manual control anyhow. Ok grandfather. Oh no! Ha ha ha ha, now mad bike will crash into the children, then Vir will be insulted everywhere. Stop! Please! Sorry friends. Ha ha ha ha, now it’s going to be fun. Now, how will you save yourself Vir? What’s this. A bike is flying towards us in the air. How is this possible? Parachute on Parachute on Phewwwww…. I’m saved. Hello Vir, where are you? Look up; I am going to land near railway crossing. I have got an idea to liberate myself from this bike. You please reach there along with a strong rope, Do it fast Imli. Yes! Wait Imli, I am also coming. Imli, look behind. I’m coming from behind. The speed of this bike is too much. Keep the rope on the road and I will pick it up. Ha ha ha bye bye Vir.. Noo…. The bike is no more in my control. Now Vir is controlling it. But he cannot stop it.. He can only control the handle. Timbaktoo my mad bike lost. No problem but my Mahasangram has just stared. Wait and watch what happens. Today you take my next warrior at Vir’s house. And kill him there. Vir is not at home. I have got news that Vir’s school is taking their students to the old fort. There are many ancient and unique statues and materials in the fort. Very good, you have given me good news. I have a robot which looks like a devil’s statue. You have to spread the news that this is a statue of Satan and sometimes it gets up in the night. By the time Vir will think, that robot will kill him. Ha ha ha ha ha , i am glad, very very glad. This is danger devil. He has many powers and his tail is so strong that it can bash Vir on the ground and finish him. In the morning, in the morning , in the morning by the sea In the morning, in the morning , in the morning by the sea Ohh, break has failed, the bus is not stopping, oh nooo Yeah…… robo boy thanks. Come on everybody, remove your luggage fast. Imli, you wait here. I will go up and bring the luggage down. Please come, you are all welcomed in this old fort. Look, this is raja Bhan Singh’s statue and that is Rani Roopmati’s statue, these statues are one thousand year old. Wow! Great. And whose statue is in the middle of the hall? Oh no, why did you ask? Now i will have to tell you, this is a devil. People say that when full moon’s night gets over, and next day when sun’s first ray falls on him, he becomes alive. alive and kills anyone who ever comes in front of him. Today is full moon night; please be careful, he will definitely wake up. Go danger devil, destroy Vir. All the best. Mummy… Vir how is this possible? How can this devil wake up? Xray vision on Xray vision on He is Mad Max’s robot that guide must be Timbaktoon. You all stay away, I’ll be back. Robot suit on Robot suit on Robo boy.. Robo boy You all run into the fort. Now, it’s time to finish the devilish deeds of the devil. Target matched Fire suit on Fire suit on Drill suit on Boss boss, even you’re danger devil has failed in front of robo boy. No…. Kids you all must be hungry see i have made carrot pudding for you all. Wow, carrot pudding. Thankyou grandfather. Grandfather you dint make snacks? I just want carrot grandfather. Okay, I will arrange snacks and carrot for you both. Hello, will you eat carrot pudding? Yes, Thank you I like it very much. Even my danger devil failed in front of Vir. But cosmic wolf won’t fail. Mona, next warrior of my Mahasangram, Cosmis wolf will be made from star powers Vir will never be able to defeat him. Meow, you are genius boss super duper genius. Where did Timbaktoo go? Why havent he come yet So many books! Now, from amongst these where will be the book which boss needs? Timbaktoon…… Get the book fast. Yes Boss, I am in the library between the books. But where is that book? You fool, The name of the book is Space Cosmic Powers. Space Cosmic Power….. I found it. Boss, I am coming. Ah….!! Chulbul? You? Every time you do some nonsense. This time I won’t leave you. Give my book back. Hey Fool, come here with that book fast Half part of the book? But what is this book about? Look Space Cosmic Power, this is a very old book. It is about space powers. I will explain you all. Look in the sky these stars make picture, These pictures have different powers. That means, Mad Max is trying to do something bad with these powers. There is a possibility. But what bad can Mad Max will do with this book? Now my mission of detriment will be successful. And the detriment will be done by this wolf. Meoww…! You are genius boss. Super genius. I will bring the powers of this wolf on land. Boss you take care of your wolf and I will take care of this robotic wolf hope its in good condition What is happening? Oh God! Now how will I control this Timbaktoon the Wolf? Anyways, detriment is still going to happen. Papa, this is a wolf. Today, a wolf has entered in FursatGanj from nowhere and is destroying the whole city. Nobody has a clue from where he has come. I guess, again Mad Max has planned to destroy Fursatganj. I should go. Yes Vir, you all go. Robo boy suit on Chulbul, are you alright? Yes Vir. Vir, look there, the wolf is moving towards Imli. Imli.. Vir save me Vir Vir… I am fine. Vir….Vir…. this is a roller gun. I have loaded few capsules in it which has sun power. You have to hit these capsules at the center of wolfs head. I understood grandfather. Vir, aim at the right place Grandfather, let him become huge so that I will be able to see the centre point on his head clearly. This is the last capsule left. Hey Boss… What happened? Oh! I’m saved. Boss Vir, you are great! and that book is super great Actually no, you all are great. Boss boss, your warriors of Mahasangram are failing one by one. And Vir is winning I feel you should end this Mahasangram Control, anger control. I cant defeat Vir with anger. I should work with calm mind. Timbaktoo what do you feel, Will I be able to kill Vir or no? Meow… You are genius boss super duper genius. One day you will surely finish Vir. She is right boss, she is right. But when will that day come boss? you have become old boss but could not catch Vir, now see that you don’t kill yourself by thinking of killing Vir. I am mad very very mad, you have insulted me, but you will never be able to insult me again This is my new robot Dar Magnus Tonight will be a dark night in Furstganj, Tonight my Dark Magnus robot will spread darkness in Fursatganj and in that darkness Vir will vanish ha ha ha ha ha Dark Magnus, boss is telling that you will spread darkness in Fursatganj, can you show us a sample Stop stop, all of my experiments machine will get spoilt, Timbaktoon at least have some common sense. Stars are looking so beautiful up in the sky. Yes Imli, it looks like crores of bulbs are lit and giving us light Vir, who was that… just flew, was laughing, and has spread darkness all over? Vir, do you have electricity? No aunty, just now, it has become dark You all wait here, I will check, wing suit on Children, there is no electricity, take this, heyy where is Vir? He is gone to check, why there is no electricity in Fursatganj Robo boy How did it become dark? Robo boy please help us Let me check, till then you switch on the head lights of the car or else it will be pitch dark Vir, you have to come to help people and then ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Grand pa, it is very dark all over the place, can’t understand how did this happen? we have to do something to lit the city first or else there will be robbery all over Grand pa, a black shadow passed from here and it became dark, Let us go to your lab and see it in CCTV, whether we can trace the shadow Yeah come, our CCTV will definitely have the image Grand pa, he is the one, he is surely a mad max’s robot, and he sucking all the electricity. Why is Vir not coming out, why is he not coming out? Dark magnus, wait for him. I am waiting for him boss Grandfather, I have to fight with that robo who is doing all this Vir come with me, I want to give you lightening suit, so that you can fight with the robo in the dark, and he won’t be able to suck your lights Lightening suit on Lightening suit on I think you are waiting for me Robo boy, kill him, don’t let it go Come on robo boy… Vir, get out from there as soon as possible, it is sucking your power. Why should I leave from here, who will fight with him if i wont You need some time, try to find out its weakness, keep him busy, you may come to know his weakness. Ok grand pa Ohhh, I think it doesn’t like water. Grandpa? Yeah Vir, tell me Grand pa, it doesn’t like water, his body gets short circuit, Imli, I have an idea. Yeah, tell me Vir.. You go to Fursatganj’s market lane, and tell everybody to stand on their balconies with water pipes, as soon as I get out from there, ask them to pour water on the robot Ok vir. Ha ha ha bye bye robo boy Ha ha ha ha this is your end. Come on robo boy robo boy robo boy Vir, we are ready. I cannot escape from here, he is sucking all my powers, Grand pa, lightening suits light is going off, He is more powerful than we have expected. Vir you can do it ,you can do it vir you can do it. Vir, you think you got saved? But no, you cant get saved. Because my Mahasangram wont be over until, You are not over. My lightening robot willl kill Vir! This is lightening robot. It will go in the sky and sprinkle ice powder on clouds due to which the clouds will get freezed. And there will be no rain in Fursatganj. Ha ha ha ha… You are genius boss, super duper genius. The residents of Fursatganj will crave for even a single drop of water. and then we will go there with our water tankers and sell them water at high costs. We will be millionaires. Ha ha ha ha Have you taken an oath of talking nonsense for rest of your life? I don’t want to do water business. When the clouds will freeze, Vir will go into the clouds to melt them them and once he reaches there, whom will he find? Tell me tell me. There he will find you Boss. You will go there to catch him and you will try to bring him here. But boss, he will bang and beat you. I am mad, very very mad. Vir won’t find me there, instead he will find the lightening robot who will kill him and bring him here. Then I will study the whole system of Vir and prepare my own robot. Meow..You are genius boss, super duper genius. She is right boss. Grandfather, since so many days the clouds are as it is. Rain is not coming and even the clouds aren’t moving from their place. Yes, its getting hotter by the day Grandfather, We don’t know what to do. If the climate stays like this then all the crops will get ruined and we will face a dearth of food. Ok grandfather, now I should leave. Vir, I have checked, these clouds are freezed by using some chemical. I will give you a cylinder, which has the powdered medicine. You need to go up in the sky and put this powder on the clouds. After this, the clouds will become normal. But, who can freeze the clouds like this and why? I have no idea. May be someone wants to stop the rain to create a dearth of food. Grandfather, give me the powder cylinder. I will go and spray it on the clouds. I will join you. I have never been between clouds. I will join you both. We will carry a lot of carrots and eat them up on the clouds. OK Vir, Oh yes! I forgot to tell you one thing, don’t let this cylinder fall on the land otherwise there will be a big blast which can destroy the entire Fursatganj. Ok Grandfather, I will see to it that this cylinder does not falls on the land. Bye Grandfather. OK you both can do a picnic while I will go on the other end of the cloud to spray this chemical everywhere. Robo suit on Where he has vanished? Ha ha ha ha.. Vir, Bye! We won’t meet again… ha ha ha ha. Noooo……! This cylinder should not fall on the land otherwise, Fursatganj will be destroyed. One is robo boy, but who is the other one? Imli, Chulbul, come on. We need to go back. Hey Vir, look its raining. We will sail our paper boats today and Chulbul, we need to do our Carrot dance too. Not carrot dance, its rain dance. You all do rain dance. I will have carrots and do carrot dance. Today is last day of my Mahasangram. All my robot failed. Now I will have to do something. Vir today is last day of your life. Done! my new invention is complete. Now I will move Fursatganj and Vir from my way. But Boss why can’t I see your new invention? What amazing work have you done? You want to see my inventions amazing work? Then see this! Yes! See my invisible power store chip. Now see, its work Boss, this invisible aircrafts will cause destruction. What is this happening? Spiked ball? From where did it come? Look someone is controlling the ball from the sky and attacking us. Run……. Look there!!! It has disappeared with Bunty. Grandfather I have to do something. Help… Help.. Robo boy suit on Save me Grandfather the ball has again disappeared in the sky Looks like Mad Max is using some invisible powers What was this heavy thing, which banged into me? Moreover, why is it not visible? X ray vision on Weird, can’t see through X ray vision also? Grandfather This is an aircraft. Vir you are completely trapped, now it’s impossible for you to escape. If you can save yourself then try, my poisonous electronic gas can melt any robot, you will also melt. Boss Vir has blasted the aircraft. Vir has blasted the aircraft, but along with it even, he will get dismantled, ha ha ha. Grandfather, Mad Max has built an invisible aircraft, he had absorbed me in it, and he took away my powers also. No problem Vir, this time you will use the emergency suit. Boss now what will happen? X-ray vision on Vir you can’t do anything to me. Nobody can do anything to me. How can Vir see me? This rain is spoiling my plan. Mona Boss is getting beaten up We have to do something fast No..My power chip No…Not again…. Vir I will come back again I have not given up. Very good Vir, I have done no mistake by inventing you…

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