hi everyone, welcome back to my channel i know for awhile i didn’t make videos because i was so busy and i got a lot of things happened in my life to take care of. My apologize to you guys because i missed uploads didn’t have videos for you guys over 2 weeks made me feel so bad. I’m so so sorry now i’m coming back to youtube and i promise i will bring more new contents for you all i hope you keep watching and supporting my chanel more and more now is 2018 i have a lot of new idea on my channel i really think this year is going to be one of the best year of my life at the beginning of the year i did set for my self goals so i want to achieve my goals i just want to bring you with me and see what’s good especially i want to focus more on youtube make more videos for you like i said and get to see more new subscribers i want more people get to know about me i think i can make it happen i will be making more videos in my studio cuz i know when i did my vid in studio, that vid get the most views who doesn’t want views then… ill try my best pls understanding when i make vids in studio i need a lot of time during day i have to go to school and go to work afterward if i want to make vids in my studio then i need to wake up early in the morning before school to record sometimes it doesn’t have enough time to film cuz it does takes a while to film tho i need to go somewhere to film but as normal it didn’t turn out well overall i have a lot of things to do during my day so as always im trying to spend my time for this platform if i cant make it i just need u to understand for me today, our topic is are these vietnamese brands good or no ? im gonna review to you about their stuff more details is brand HBS Hanoi Boyz Swagg in Hanoi Vietnam before i even talk about anything HBS doesn’t not pay me to do this, this is not an AD or anything of advertisement or send me any of this stuff in here this is my personal about how i feel about this brand and i want to introduce to you about HBS this is vietnamese brand vietnamese designer everything is 100% made in vietnam i want more people get to know about local brand in my country not bc u into fashion then u need to spend tons of money in designer brand like gucci,etc.. or local brand in US like MNML LA shirt im wearing rn so u can get good quality vietnamese brands makes a lot of stuff with good quality too

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