[Video 5] How To Save On Shipping With Taobao Global Direct Shipping

Hi there, welcome back, this is video 5, how
to save on shipping using Taobao Global Direct Shipping. If you have not, click here to watch
the previous video, on how to talk to the sellers and install the Ali Wang Wang software and what to ask. Ok now that you have put all your items in the cart, it’s time to select
shipping. Which one should you choose? But don’t worry, we will tell you the easiest
way. Generally, there are three ways to get the items shipped. There are the easy methods,
and there are the advanced methods. However, we are not going to overwhelm the beginner
and we are going to keep this short and sweet. Therefore we are not going to cover the other methods in this video. If you are still a beginner, and just want to buy something small
like clothes, books or accessories, our recommended shipping method is the Taobao Global Direct Shipping. And I will tell you why later. So what is this shipping method? It’s a service
to ship directly to your Singapore or Malaysia address. So these are the two options that
are available to you when you check out and this is how it works. In the past, we don’t
have the Taobao Global Direct Shipping option, and we will have to ship to the forwarder
separately. The forwarder will then calculate the cost of the items and give us a price.
Then, we pay the shipping fee, and they will consolidate for us and ship it to us. But now it’s much much easier, you just need to pay the shipping upfront, and all your items
will be automatically consolidated for you. Like this! So this is why we recommend it
for beginners because it’s much easier. Secondly, you know the shipping cost before you pay.
And this is how it looks like. There are two components to this. One is domestic shipping cost and the other one is international shipping cost. So which is cheaper? This is something
that everyone is asking, but frankly, it depends. There are mixed reviews online and you can find different accounts of different people having different experiences with different shipping methods. The only way to really find out is to ship the same items through both of the channels and see which one is cheaper. Therefore we don’t know for sure. But what we do know is that if you use Taobao Global Direct Shipping you can probably ship a few
more items without increasing the price of shipping. And let me show you how. Ok so this is my shopping cart and I’m going to show you how to check the price of shipping. So just click that to select all, click the orange button below which is “calculate”, and you will
see the direct shipping cost right here. If you choose to ship by this option, this price
will be added to your bill right now and there will be no more additional shipping charges. So now I’m going to show you how can you maximise your shipping. So I’m going to add one more
item and I will go to Shopback to search for it. We are just going to add a random item
to show you how does the shipping works. So as you can see, price is the same just now,
so instead of shipping 3 items for 44 yuan, I’m shipping 4 items for 44 yuan. At the moment,
we don’t know how Taobao calculates this shipping cost. Therefore the strategy is to squeeze as
many items as you can in your shopping cart without increasing the price. And that’s where
you get the best price. So if you are a beginner, and you don’t want too much hassle, and you
don’t mind the slight difference in pricing, the Taobao Global Direct Shipping option is
good enough for you. And now I will just go through the checking out process quickly. So these are the purchases I have made a few days ago, so once you are ready, click the
red button to check out. And you can either pay by Master, Visa, or E-nets. Frankly, I
have not used E-nets, but I have heard many good things about it. I chose to pay by Master,
and in here you can key in all your details just like any credit card transaction. What
I really like about it, there is this one time password that is sent to your phone,
which makes it more secure. So key in the one time password and done. So far all my
items using the Global Direct Shipping option have reached me and I can show you. As you
can see, it was shipped on the 13 of Aug, and I received it on the 21 Aug. Therefore,
if you are a beginner, we recommend you to use this option because it is very easy to
use. And that’s it for the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Taobao. Unfortunately, we don’t have
time to cover everything. If you have any other questions, leave it below and let us
what else do you want to know. Just remember to come back to Shopback so that we can pay you back. On that note, happy shopping on Taobao and Shopback. See you soon.

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100 thoughts on “[Video 5] How To Save On Shipping With Taobao Global Direct Shipping

  1. After completing with Ali pay, I wanna do the shopping. When I go to shopback, the word taobao is not there.There are some other shopping centers name.Why is that? E.g. 9.9 online, big deals, travel deals only.

  2. Hi, this video is extremely informative and I appreciate it very much. However, I would like to clarify some thing regarding the taobao global direct shipping. All I have to do after paying is to wait for the item to come, right? I don't have to confirm (or consolidate) the items like if I used 4px?
    Also, how long will it take for the global direct shipping to ship my item?
    Thank you, appreciate you making such videos!!

  3. hi! we would like to use the direct shipping method to ship back two electronic pianos (Cause its not available in singapore). is the price stated in my final checkout the final price? or do i still have to pay extra after that? cause i noticed a 中国大陆段运费:¥1998.00 海外段运费:¥39.00. confusing cause how come it sounds like you only pay 39 to ship to singapore but you pay 1998 to ship to china?!? correct me if i'm wrong! 😉

  4. Hello, its me again. Until today I've been trying to set my address but couldn't.The space for shipping address doesn't permit to type.And I tried to get the consumer service but fruitless.I want to buy one item. It says "shipping is free but for freight charges you have to contact the consumer service center". Please lighten me about this. Thank you.

  5. Hi there I would really appreciate it if you could reply me as soon as possible. I want to ask, am I allowed to buy different items from different sellers? Or must I only buy all the items from the same sellers? =) Have a nice day and thanks for your wonderful videos !

  6. may I know Toabao Global Direct Shipping allows us to pick up our goodie via POPstation? I have try 4PX and they allow us to choose delivery thru POPStation

  7. Great videos and guides.
    I bought 4 items recently using ToaBao Global Direct Shipping method. but only 3 items arrived. TaoBao lists the other item as "It has been put in storage". Any idea what I should do next to have it shipped? I tried buying something else thinking they would consolidate it with the new item, but it still didn't arrive. Any thoughts? Thanks 🙂

  8. hi, i tried global direct shipping how come the seller dont seen to know understand what is going on? keep asking me am i going to ship directly to singapore, is it because of my address ?

  9. Hello! If I buy two items from two different sellers, will the packages arrive separately or will they consolidate it into one at the warehouse? Great video by the way:)

  10. Hey man, got this big issue. Ordered about 2 weeks ago. But apparently, my items are still in the warehouse. Recently a seller just shipped his item but the issue here is. Does it consolidate everything once all the items arrives in the warehouse? Because from what i know, all the item have reached the warehouse and it's still in the warehouse. Any idea? Or should i just wait? The latest item that reached the warehouse was 4 days ago. I went online to see but no avail. Referring from your video, apparently your shipment from the warehouse looks pretty fast and quick but mine wasn't the case.
    Thank you, because i'm getting very nervous by the thought of it. The items i bought are basically clothes only. Hope i can get a reply from you ASAP, certain many people is having this issue too.

  11. I've same problem with Anson Wong, my order is stuck at warehouse, last update at 20 Nov 2015. Some forum shared this link https://goo.gl/IWaTyd on TaoBao but I'm not really understand what's it's mean. They say that's announcement for the delay on international shipping, is it true?

  12. Hello, can I ask if I buy during the taobao 11.11 mega sales, how long do I have to wait because it seems that my items are still stuck in the warehouse for about 2 weeks (from 11 nov till now) and the status stop at "您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常入库 ". I have been worrying for days because the delivery is not moving at all. May I know who can I contact with so I can ask what is happening? Appreciate your help. Thanks!:)

    The whole process goes like this:

    2015-11-11 17:50:32 您的订单开始处理
    2015-11-11 18:12:04 您的订单待配货
    2015-11-11 18:14:30 您的包裹已出库
    2015-11-11 19:20:07 浙江省金华市义乌市青口公司 已收件
    2015-11-11 19:56:53 浙江省金华市义乌市青口公司 已打包
    2015-11-11 20:02:32 浙江省金华市义乌市青口公司 已发出,下一站 浙江省金华市义乌市
    2015-11-11 21:05:16 浙江省金华市义乌市公司 已发出,下一站 虎门转运中心
    2015-11-12 18:27:35 虎门转运中心公司 已发出,下一站 深圳转运中心
    2015-11-12 18:27:38 虎门转运中心公司 已收入
    2015-11-12 19:55:42 深圳转运中心公司 已收入
    2015-11-12 20:16:27 深圳转运中心公司 已发出,下一站 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍
    2015-11-13 05:47:42 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍 已收入
    2015-11-13 05:47:42 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 派件中
    2015-11-13 05:48:53 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 已收入
    2015-11-13 06:15:23 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 已签收 签收人:他人代收
    2015-11-13 17:07:55 您的包裹已被中通集运仓签收
    2015-11-13 17:28:22 您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常入库

    and then it's stuck till now. ):

  13. Great video! Have been wondering if the price increases with more items in the cart but seems like it doesn't? Wondering how they can manage to charge a single shipping fee for international shipments!

  14. Don't use Taobao Global Direct Shipping (TGDS). It turned out to be more expensive. I purchased 6 items and chose TGDS to ship for me. It quoed RMB89 for the shipping cost. Out of 6 items, 4 were rejected by their warehouse due to the size which they claimed. I ended up I have to pay the seller for domestic return shipping for those items returned by TGDS warehouse. For the 2 items which weight less than half a kg, I was charged RMB89 which is very expensive. TGDS does not reduce the shipping cost quoted even though the items were rejected by their warehouse and not shipped out to their client. For the 4 items rejected apparently due to the large size, I managed to use another agent to ship the items to me. I do not know why TGDS warehouse rejected those items when other agent can consolidate and send. I felt cheated by TGDS and there is no way to email them. To call them from overseas will cost even more. So DONT USE TAOBAO GLOBAL DIRECT SHIPPING.

  15. I chose taobao global direct shipping for the shipping method. What is the next step when all the items has arrived at the china warehouse?

  16. hello i really like ur videos it was really helpful especially registration but i still have little issue with my alipay account n shipping details…but must have an i.d before completing ur alipay registration? and coming to shipping detail my google translate can't help that much cause it can translate country names any tips…thankz

  17. how can I buy the goods, and ship to my country (Cambodia)? because I do not have the Chinese address. Please advise me, your response is very appreciated. thank you!

  18. hi, I will like to enquire : i have 2 pages of items to be purchase but whenever I tried to combine all the item, I am not able to pay the total amount but instead I need to make two separate payments in taobao : total payment of page 1 and the other total payment in page 2,please advice.. thanks

  19. hallo bro im buyer from malaysia…my owder delivery time update 2016-01-15 – 2016-01-22 , but now not update status data..what should I do now?

  20. Hi Shopback, not all the items have this option right? In that case I cannot add in those items without this option alongside items with these options? Am I right?

  21. Can I use Shopback (ship-to-daigou-agent)? and then daigou agent (ship-for-me) back to Msia/SG?

    Or it is preset that the shipping address must be Msia/SG in order to get shopback rebate?

  22. I ordered some items, few of them arrived, 2 or 3 items missing, last tracking update shows it entered taobao warehouse, what should I do? already contacted zto and skynet. I bought the item end of January.

  23. in my version application i have only the old way to ship , seller>forwarder >me
    how to make it short cut like you , there is no that option when i check out there is only ordinary shipping way help pls

  24. Hello, this will be my first time to order from taobao directly cause I find the agents too pricey, I'm quite curious, if you use Taobao Global Direct Shipping, do they deliver it directly to your house/given address, or will it go through your local post office first? (I'm actually afraid of the customs tax lol) Thank you! This video is very helpful 😀

  25. Erm…if I want use global direct shipping method to my item, I need to tell or ask the seller or not? But I had ask the seller i want ship my item by global direct shipping , the seller answered me they no had this services, and some of the seller answers that they cannot directly shipping item to oversea..but I tried click checkout and there had the available option on global directly shipping on the checkout page..can I jz choose this option and ignore what seller said the no had direct shipping to oversea??

  26. I am in Cambodia, i am allowed to have taobao account, when i check out, i don't have option global direct shipping or anything else, just only talk with the seller, and most seller don't do oversea shipping. can you help ?

  27. Where to check after buy and pay on taobao. do they ship out with 1 parcel or different parcel (mean 3seller , 3 parcel?)

  28. I am confused.  I contacted two sellers but they all told me cannot ship to Singapore (but give me some china address).  When I tried to check out there are overseas charges which mean can ship to Singapore.  Do the sellers know that there is such thing as 'Taobao DIrect Shipping' or they are kept in the dark as the goods are consolidated by Taobao itself?

  29. Thanks for this tutorial! So from what I'm seeing the different packages from the different vendors would be in separate packages? I'm buying a few samples of the same thing from different vendors and i will need to be able to track which is from who

  30. hi ppl, this afternoon i bought sth, chosen direct shipping, now i recall there's sth i forgot to buy.. is it possible to order again but to consolidate the shipping? last time i use 4px can coz have to make 2nd payment for shipping of goods.. now for taobao direct shipping they try to charge me shipping again for my 2nd order..

    Please advise if anyone have any idea.. thanks

  31. There are three payments. You pay to get your Items to the warehouse, and you pay the warehouse for storage and then pay for shipping. But the first two payment are really small payments except for the courier services

  32. hi there,just wanna ask. whats the difference between global direct shipping and global consolidate and shipping? thank you.

  33. Bro, nice vid. Btw, I made payment already and all was okay. Then how to proceed to 'confirm receipt' ya after it has been successfully paid? I can't seem to find any button. IO didnt receive any email also after I've made the payment.

  34. Hi there,may I ask how do u track order once u have make payment and everything has been confirmed??

  35. Good evening,
    I live in Brazil and would like to know how can I make a purchase at TaoBao and send it directly to my address?
    I thank you for your attention

  36. I cant buy some of the cosmetic product the says ''The baby does not support international transshipment services, if you need to buy, please cancel international transshipment'' what should I do now ? please help me

  37. I'm from germany and just ordered on taobao and there were no shipping options whatsoever.. what did i do wrong will i still get my stuff? I already payed for it D:

  38. I'm the beginner and I chose direct shipping method. But it's already 2 weeks, I still haven't receive my parcel yet. What should I do?

  39. How to ship to Canada Ive been trying to figure this out for a long time and still dont know how to get my items here or what to press on the site.

  40. It will be a problem if u buy too much item by using direct shipping because the item came from many seller that's the problem . That will be hard to gather the item from many seller like that.. That's what I know right know

  41. is it possible to taobao direct shipping if the item is custom embargo (cannot be shipped to my country) items? if yes, please advice me how

  42. Hi i got a quesiton.If im already topup to my alipay account and pay with it and i dont paying using my credit card.So the cashback still working with it?

  43. After ordering will i get a message or email? Its my first time and i asked friends they said they just waited for the item without getting a notification.

  44. Not work for me 🙁 when i go into paying page, the green shopback button turns to red automatically… 🙁

  45. The Shopback Buddy link to Taobao have big problems. I've done purchases 2 times and Shopback capture my clicks, but reject and refuse to give Cashback after complete buying and item already received safely. DO you guys have any solutions? Shopback seems giving stupid reason unable capture purchase, but that is bullshit because they able to capture "clicks" on TaoBao using Shopback Buddy. If they able to capture click, sure they able to capture payment as well, where I've print screen and send to them but they ignored and also bullshit simply reject my missing cashback request without solid reason after I've proven with the print screen everything I do is following their steps and yet the click history do shows the system did capture something. Wonder anyone here facing the same of being cheated and scam fraud by Shopback Company?

  46. Hi there. I have been robbed for total of 150€ on Taobao. By saying roobed i mean i ordered some clothes and accesories for customs , send theme my credic card number, and my products havent came. Help me please guys!

  47. hello if the item weight 3kg – 5kg but the price direct shipping still not increased example 26 yuan. can i proceed it?

    im trying to get some clothes to germany but i dont even have 3 shipping options like he does or anything else, i just have one shipping method and its charging me like 200$ just for a bit of clothing

  49. Direct shipping is great, fast & efficient. it directly show u how much the shipping cost upfront but the only downside is very expensive. As for sea shipment it's the worst, TaoBao nowadays use only their official shipping company. And those shipping company has changed the ways they weigh or measure your items, making everything so expensive now. Just be aware your sea shipping cost may be higher than the products you buy !

  50. Hi 👋🏻 I please help me. I do need help!! I purchased items in taobao on 2019-05-16. Now it’s 2019-06-11 and items haven’t left from China yet. I don’t know how to do anymore. P.S first time purchasing in taobao

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