Vic Gundotra from Google talking about child safety online

Hi. My name is Vic Gundotra. I’m a vice president of
engineering at Google. And even more importantly, I’m
the proud father of two children, a young
boy and a girl. They literally believe that any
question they have, they can go find an answer to. And they can find it instantly
with the phone in their pocket even. And so I really love that the
internet has been a tool to help satisfy their
curiosity about life and about questions. We taught our children that
while the internet is a great resource, that there are
two things they have to be worried about. One is the amount of time they
spend on, not just the internet, but on any
digital device. And we keep that time
extremely limited. They’re really allowed to use
the computer for non-school related activities really
on the weekend. And that keeps a cap, and it
allows them to focus on their school work during the week. And the other thing that we’re
concerned about, and we’ve talked to our children at length
about, is that not everything on the internet
is appropriate for them. Neither is it appropriate, nor
is everything they find out on the internet accurate. And so we’ve taught them
restraint and a degree of critical thinking. Our children not only have
software on their computer that limits which websites
they can access. But even in cases where they
can access a particular website– for example,
with Google– we do audits on what they’re
searching for. In terms of software tools, we
also use those to supplement our auditing and our
limiting of time. Those software tools include
restrictions in the operating system. On the Apple Mac platform, for
example, it’s using some of their tools. It’s very easy to restrict the
number of sites, particularly for younger children, where you
really want to limit only the sites they can go to. And smartphones are increasingly
giving you the ability not only to do auditing,
but to be able to restrict what children can go do
online, who they chat with, and what websites
they can browse. Incredibly important for parents
to stay involved. It’s a mistake to allow children
to have unlimited, unmonitored access
to the internet. Certainly, you wouldn’t leave
your child alone in the middle of a city. And you should never do
that on the internet.

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