Veterinary Technician: Meri DuRand

[Music] Hi! My name is Meri DuRand. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician, and
I am an instructor here at Dakota County Technical College in the Veterinary Technician program. So, this year I was awarded the 2018 Veterinary
Technician of the Year award from the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians. Here at Dakota County Technical College, we
do offer a Veterinary Technician program. In the program, we focus on care and nursing
of a variety of animals, both in small animal practice, exotic and lab animal. The students are allowed to have hands-on
experience with a variety of species throughout the program, as well as learn the fundamentals
of nursing care. They practice things such as blood draws,
giving injections, they learn about anatomy and physiology of all of the species. We partner with local rescue centers to give
student opportunity to deliver free, hands-on care and nursing to animals under the supervision
of Certified Veterinary Technicians and the resident Veterinarian. Per the American Veterinarian Medical Association,
our students are required to complete an essential skills list. This list explains all of the tasks within
the program that the students are expected to meet, complete, and be proficient prior
to them entering the workforce. So, part of the program here at DCTC our students
are expected to complete an internship. They are allowed to go to a location of choice
for their internship, where they will do, a period of time, where they practice the
skills they learned here with the program. The students are put to practice at the internships
so that they are able to utilize the skills that they learned within the program. Once the internship is completed they will
graduate the program. [Music]

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