Verizon’s eyeing Yahoo for $3 billion | Crunch Report

Word on the street is that Verizon, aka TechCrunch’s
corporate overlord, may be getting closer to buying Yahoo’s main Internet assets. Verizon
reportedly wants to make a $3 billion second-round bid for yahoo…which is lower than the $4
billion to $8 billion bids Yahoo’s Internet business received during the initial bid cycle.
Verizon is expected to to make its offer next week. Snapchat has redesigned its Stories page to
combine the best of social networks, magazines and television. The new design lets publishers
include an image and headline to promote each day’s story. You can also now subscirbe to
publisher channels. Check out Josh Constine’s piece for the full walkthrough. Google launched a new iOS app today called
Motions Stills. It works by taking your existing iOS Live Photos and stabilizes them so you
can turn them into GIFs and video clips. As TechCrunch’s Greg Kumparak writes, the app
makes your iOS Live Photos less shaky and more awesome. Speaking of making things better, Twitter
has made it easier for developers to embed multiple timelines into their web apps or
content management systems. Twitter has added three ways to make it easier, but the simplest
one is to opt for the approach. That lets you customize and embed
a timeline into a site, with minimal coding skills required. Now let’s face it. The tech industry is not
as diverse and inclusive as it could be. Good for PoC is launching today to prodive a list
of safe and inclusive tech companies for people of color to work at. I’d recommend checking
it out if you’re a person of color looking for a new tech gig.

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