Vans x Karl Lagerfeld ‘Sk8-Hi Reissue’ Unboxing with SJ

hey YouTube today we are unbagging the
Karl Lagerfeld Vans collaboration and taking a good look at the boucle on the
sk8 hi. hey YouTube it’s SJ and today I am unbagging a new purchase, if you like
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ado let’s get into this unbagging I can’t be trusted with a knife I’ve got a
bag instead so I was actually unwell when the Karl Lagerfeld Vans
collaboration dropped and I kind of forgot all about it and the only
sneakers that were left online to fit me where the checkerboard with the Kyle
face in the slip-on version and because I already have the Vans light in a
checkerboard I was like no don’t really fancy them so I was a bit gutted to
everything else I’d like to sold out however walking along Regent Street I
just thought I were called in on the off-chance into the car Lagerfeld store
and surprisingly this was this week bearing in mind this is a week out from
launch they still had pretty much old stock
left in the shoes which was really really surprising I mean this was a
women’s only collaboration but I really thought everything was just gonna sell
out like that I mean obviously it did online
on his own site and some of the sneakers including these are like I measure back
what only available in his own website without further ado I’ll stop rambling
let’s open these up here they are the van’s car Lagerfeld collaboration nice
checkerboard box with sort of gray and black gloss very and I am and I got a UK
6 there was only while the guys said there was only UK 6 in the UK 7 left in
this particular style whether that was true or not I don’t know but anyway
let’s have a look at these nice practical dust bag I know as I said
before I do put sneakers and just back when I’m traveling but here
they are they are actually really really nice now I normally wear the era in vans
they’re my favorite style or the slip on style I literally live in though I
bought my first pair of the escaped highs on sale couple of months ago which
I’ve worn quite a lot but because it’s a keepsake we’re back in the UK it’s cold
I thought I want to cover my ankles I cannot bear cold feet so I got these the
leather on these the lever here is actually really really soft it’s it’s
way softer and more luxe than the normal level vans I would say and I have sense
of smell back which is weird that’s another story and but the leather smells
really really good quality which is kind of what you’d expect from anything Karl
Lagerfeld puts his name to in all honesty and the tongue here as well if
you’re picking us up in fact let me get them both out so you can have a good
look back out the way the the lever here as well now having laced these ones up
yeah and as you can see the cameras the cameraman the picking us up you’re gonna
see it is so nice and soft it’s a really really good good quality the laces they
kind of I think there’s some I don’t think they’ll ever are there sort of
waxed or coated cotton but they have this sort of Sheen to it and I don’t
know where the camera is picking it up but they they kind of look leather but
they’re not but it just adds a real luxe feel to the the sneakers and then you’ve
got obviously the the Chanel inspired clay if that’s how he said with a sort
of tweed enos which overseas it comes from the the Chanel jackets
which is obviously a Lagerfeld absolute Chanel thing but then obviously Karl
Lagerfeld really bought the the jacket back which makes these quite
instinctively Karl Lagerfeld opposite then on the back here you’ve got the
leather panel as well again that’s so soft
and the leather vans detail here which makes you know it’s a van
then on the back you’ve got curls iconic silhouette and the traditional vans logo
so I’m really really pleased that I bagged these they are a real luxe drop
they are much nicer than I was expecting them to be I’ve seen the leather
versions with the sort of padded sole almost a platform so in office in town
and I actually thought they looks a bit cheap so they were they weren’t for me
if I was gonna pay it would have been Dee’s or the the low version but I am so
pleased I bagged today so I’m so pleased unfortunately I know we keep saying it
but it rains in this country so much probably not the most practical drop for
winter but you know these are gonna get worn they’re not gonna stick get they’re
not gonna sit in my closet gathering dust I’m gonna be wearing these a lot
and I really can’t wait to wear them but typically it’s raining right now they’re
not gonna get more on this weekend you can see here as well as I’ve got the
van’s car log third label on one thing I want to bring out though and I I
literally just noticed this before I started filming these sold out on his
website and it’s the only place they were available I think they were 99
pounds I’ve just checked my receipt and I wasn’t really paying attention because
I was so happy that I bagged them which I know is a really bad thing to say but
I’ve just seen that they charged me 120 pounds which I’m a little bit peeved
about to be honest you know if they’re advertised at 99 pounds on his website
120 pounds in store that’s a little bit cheeky I know the stores on Regent
Street and the rents are high but come on dude come on carlac field you’ve
charged me an extra 20 quid here not on I think you should send me a Chanel bag
or something but yet so these bad boys gonna be styled with jeans look I’m
actually gonna wear these with my leather skirt I don’t know when so what
do you think girls out there and boys you know I know this was a women’s only
drop but what do you think and no these are probably going to be plastered
everywhere this week London Fashion Week I’m not going this year by the way but
you know I’m glad I caught them they are a pretty luxe
as I said but tell me what you think worth the hundred and twenty quid as
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– stuff I ran out like I’ve kind of said everything

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2 thoughts on “Vans x Karl Lagerfeld ‘Sk8-Hi Reissue’ Unboxing with SJ

  1. Love them SJ! They're stunning! Cheek of them to charge extra though! In all honesty still haven't worn my slipons! Ageee the padded slipons looked v cheap! X

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