UVA Gives Back: The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

I think that departments
have really gotten into giving through the CVC. It’s an easy way to become
involved in the community. Organizations can sign
up to receive donations through the CVC. They then are on a list
of 1,200 organizations that you can choose to give to. For me, giving is about
more than just money. It’s about actually feeling
like I can make a difference. By giving a small
amount each year, we can provide to the
families that need assistance. The free clinic was started
with the sole purpose of having a place where
uninsured individuals could go who needed basic
quality health care. Up to 20,000 people
die a year because they didn’t catch a medical
condition early because they couldn’t
afford to get health care. The free clinic
provides that first step to get people healthy. We’re extremely grateful. We use those donations
to directly help patients each and every day. So many patients have
been able to receive care that they desperately
need that they wouldn’t have had without the presence
of the Charlottesville Free Clinic. Everything that goes through
the CVC, 100% of your donation goes to the organization. There are no
administrative fees. There’s no kind of
overhead to use CVC. Madison House is a
nonprofit organization who corral the energy of
all the students at UVA to connect them with the
community to volunteer. Many of the nonprofit
organizations couldn’t be as good as they are
without the support of the UVA students through Madison House. The students who go
into the programs that volunteer with Madison House
leave as different people. They leave as better people. And they really take
what they’ve learned and apply it to their personal
and professional lives. There’s so many ways to give
to these organizations that give so much to the community. You can provide assistance
through cash, check, payroll deduction, credit
card, even stock options. Habitat for Humanity is a
self-help home ownership program. We extend a helping hand
up to partner families who work hard in this
community, but just can’t seem to find simple,
decent, affordable housing. If you donate $1 or you come
out and spend the day on the job site or you walk side
by side with a partner family as an advocate,
you’re putting wind in sails of a family who’s
going to have a brighter future because you cared
enough to make a difference. I worked with Habitat on
actually building my home, building other homes. It was a great experience. It makes me value my
home just that much more. Charlottesville is definitely
a unified community. You have people from all
different types of background. No matter their walk
of life, they’ll come and support and
unify with each other.

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