UV01™ Urban Vest – стильний бронежилет. Українська Броня™ – UARM™

Hello everybody. With you is traditionally an Andrei Shooter company Ukrainian armor. And today, in the most numerous requests, we will consider in more detail the body . Armor of the hidden type of Urban Vest Proceed as detailed below. Let`s go! Externally, this jelly is made of high-quality waterproof fabric. Also, the jelly has two pockets that are closed with a zipper. Zipper is also waterproof. The inner part of the jelly is made of durable and durable fabrics, which means that it . will serve you faithfully and for quite a long time. Underneath each vest with secret zipper hides armor packet. Actually the material that provides for the protection of your vest. Under this zipper there is a special tick, which shows the official information. Namely: the date of manufacture, the name of the model, the size, the changes on which were made and the technical conditions of operation. In the neck area you will find only a tick with our logo and a special hook, so that the yolk can be conveniently hang on a regular hanger. Also in the middle of the left side of the vest is a hidden pocket. Which is also protected by a waterproof lightning. In order to make it more pleasant for you to look in your pockets more often, in the middle we have been equipped with velkro cloth. And the reliable protection of the jelly traditionally provides soft ballistic protection, made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Which can have level 1, 1a or 2 according to the State Standard. Behind you will protect the armor piece, made with a single piece without joints and bumps. In the front of the city, there is a split zipper in the city, a special flood of about 70 mm is made. This is done so that the part of the body armor has a reliable protection. And according to our already established tradition, we use the YKK firmware established in this jelly. And that’s all.
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