Using NYC Open Data

today we’ll show you how to learn about
your city this is New York City’s Open Data Portal home to over 8,000 datasets from trash
collection tonnage to parking tickets to restaurant inspection
results, these data sets are here to help make the city more accessible and
transparent we want to make sure you can join us
putting the Open Data Portal to use data sets are available in machine
readable formats and are updated whenever new data becomes
available you can also view data visualizations from the Open Data tumbler and tweets. Let’s jump
into the data if you want to look for something
specific enter your request in the search bar or search by category
on home page for example, in the Social Services
category you’ll find one of our most popular
datasets, 311 service requests 311 is the city’s non-emergency
information service request hotline let’s check it out. As you can see there’s a lot of data here, but with the
filter tool you can specify and adjust the content you want to focus
on by clicking on the unique key I can filter the data by various
classifications such as the date, locatio,n agency or complaint type. Let’s say that I am
interested in noise complaints. to select complete a click on is and taking noise on the right I can use the visualized to render the
data in an hour which are let’s say I want to visualize
the data geographically here they can change the
plots or location here they can also change
the map will appear based on different configurations after applying filters a nap at the
noise complaints throughout the city will be generated you can zoom in and click on the red
circles to see exactly where the noise
complaints are neighborhood mystery the exact location on the tape was nice you can also
explore all the data in 20 cell or other one this easy cracked wall
makes the Open Data Portal an ideal starting point for further exploration

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