Using ExpenseIt to Create and Add an Expense and Receipt to an Expense Report

This video will demonstrate how to use the
Concur Mobile App to add expenses to a report. To learn how to create expenses, please view
the demonstration titled How to Use Concur Mobile to Create Expenses. Adding expenses
to a report via the mobile app allows you to quickly prepare a report for submission,
even while still in the course of your trip. In order to use the Concur Mobile app you
must register and assign a PIN that you will use to sign in. Please visit the Mobile Registration area
of your profile within the Concur web application to register. Once registered, download the application
from the application store applicable to your device When you are ready to log in select the application
on your device. Once downloaded and installed use the user
name and PIN that was assigned when you registered. Your user name will always be your U I N at
T A M U S dot E D U Click continue Enter the PIN you assigned yourself during
registration Click Sign in to Concur There are two ways to add expenses to a report. The first method is to open the expense report
and add expenses directly to the report. The second method is to open your list of
expenses and select the expense, or expenses you wish to add, and then add to a current
report or create a new report. In most cases, an expense report header should
already be created prior to the traveler embarking on a trip. This video will focus on selecting
expenses from the list of available expenses and adding them to a pre-existing report. To view your list of available expenses tap
Expenses This will display the expenses you have already
created while on your trip, along with imported travel card charges, and expenses imported
from the ExpenseIt app. To select expenses to add to you report select.
Add to report Choose which expenses you want to add Tap Add to report again You will be shown a list of open expense reports. Tap the report name you want to add the selected
expenses to Press add to confirm the addition of the expenses The expenses are now added to the report. Any missing information will be indicated
in red From this screen you may view the receipts
that are attached Add additional expenses Or view the report summary, which will contain
the header information previously entered such as dates, purpose and benefit, and account
information. You may also edit expenses as needed to correct
amounts, add receipts, or change the expense type chosen Once all expenses have been entered and matched
with a credit card transaction. and required receipts have been attached you
may submit the report by selecting. Submit report. This concludes the demonstration of how to
add expenses to an expense report using the Concur Mobile Application

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