Using EFCO’s E-Z DECK Jack Wrench to release heavy loads

hello this is Dave Whipple EFCO field
operations manager and this is another toolbox safety talk on releasing heavy
loads using the E- Z DECK jack wrench the EZ DECK can be designed and
engineered to support 28,000 pounds per leg that’s an
incredible amount of force that even with a good sequencing plan it’s going
to take a lot of effort to release on the wing nuts if you begin using cheater
bars you’re only grabbing a hold of one side of the two-sided wing nut which
could Bend and apply a strange force that would break the nut it’s possible
the same goes for the sledgehammer the sledgehammer would be able to strike
only on one side of the wing nut which somewhere around 10,000 pounds
would be too much force to be putting on only one side of the wing nut it could
possibly break them EFCO doesn’t recommend using the cheater bars and the
sledge hammers as the only way to strip the wing nut when they get that kind of
load on that is why EFCO is developing the E-Z DECK Jack Wrench this tool is
designed to apply a push-pull factor on both the wing nuts you simply install it
by sliding one end over one side of the ear and further back to catch the other
side at this point we can either use the extension handle or the sledge hammer to
release the load to use the extension handle you simply slide one end into the
end of the E-Z DECK Jack wrench and apply force for moving the wing nut around
under heavy loads it may not be possible to apply enough force to move the E-Z DECK
Jack wrench alone so at that point we would use a sledgehammer and
strike the welded plate at the end of the tool to move the wing nut thank you for watching this video on the
use of the E-Z DECK Jack wrench for releasing heavy loads if you have any
questions you can contact your EFCO Field Supervisor

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