Using data science to manage the Flint Water Crisis

>>Abernethy: We’re currently in a place where there’s
a lot of politics and a lot of news and but there’s also people out there that
are turning their taps on and not willing to drink the water. Right now
the city of Flint has a much smaller staff than they had many years ago. At
the city level they don’t have really any resources of folks who are
professional data scientists that can look at data in aggregate, apply newer
algorithms that are being developed by researchers in my area and in other
areas. So we are hoping to provide some of our expertise to their needs. What we have right now for every
property in Flint, for every parcel, and we have information of the parcel that
can be used for a predictive algorithm to decide ‘oh is this a property that
should be at risk?’ Those properties are likely to have a very high level of lead
in their water. So one thing that we’ve suggested them so far, and one thing
we’ve been able to develop is a set of predictions and that provides advice to
folks on the public health side and from the city side where they might want to
check further for lead pipes, lead service lines, where they might want to
check for lead in the plumbing, and where they might want to just be concerned
more broadly about the local infrastructure of those regions. Our
long-term goals are related to just provide as much value to the citizens
and the city and state officials this is not just a fun little visualization
challenge; there are humans that are actually dealing with this on a daily
basis and those folks need support

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6 thoughts on “Using data science to manage the Flint Water Crisis

  1. I'm open to ship water to Washington DC.
    Should lable it as 12 oz Bottles lable
    Warning There are an estimated 2,500 lead service lines still in place as of April 2019
    Thats the good new
    Before Water contamination:
    Coliform bacteria
    Legionnaires' disease outbreak.
    12 from Legionnaires' disease

  2. This really pisses me off… It's a shame the people who made the decision to change the water supply are not in jail already.. Our judicial system plays by different rules when it comes to some people..

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