USB/CD/cassette tape deck Tascam CD-A580 ~ unboxing & short demo ~ Česky & English ᴴᴰ

Dear viewers, in this video we will take a look inside of this box and as you correctly asume…. it is a product from the copmany called Tascam (Teac). But what exactly it is, we will see in a short moment. So without further ado, lets get to it. Inside is… user manual, remote control, even a battery and a set of screws. So… In the box is a device packed in plastic. Electrical cord cant be removed… And thats basicaly it! So let me show you couple of pictures of how it looks from up close. And that is all from this video for today. Some other time we will take a look at how this device plays cassettes, or how it records on them, and the quality of the recording. And of course i can show you ohter functions. But all of that depends primarily on your responses, Because it is utterly clear to me, that cassettes and CDs belong to the last century, so it is hopelessly outdated and you obviously don’t care about it at all, today. So it depands if you are interested in such video, I will obviously make it. Either way, this is really everything for today, and I am looking forward to see you in the next video. Goodbye and have a wonderful day! …now lets play!


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