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Throne of Eldraine is very nearly upon us,
and spoilers are being flung directly at us thick and fast, and a little while ago the
commanders of the four Brawl precon decks were revealed. Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale is leading a knight
tribal brawl deck, which I’m really hyped for, but I couldn’t help but design an EDH
deck for her instead! So before we get into the deck tech I just
wanted to mention a couple of things. I built this deck as soon as the Brawl decklists were
available and we could play them on Arena, but since then there’s been a whole load
more knights revealed, so there are definitely going to be a few changes and substitutions
in the new cards. Secondly I’d like to say a huge thankyou
to my Patrons, you guys are awesome, and I appreciate you all.
If you’d like to find out more about supporting me and the channel through Patreon there’s
links in the usual places! And with that said, let’s crack on with
the main phase! Syr Gwyn is an awesome commander, with a very
clear mandate for how to construct the deck. Loads of knights, and loads of weapons for
those knights to weild. A 5/5 with vigilance and menace for 6 mana
is alright, but it’s her abilities that really make this card shine. Being able to
draw cards whenever any equipped creatures attacks is huge, so the plan is to load as
many knights with swords as we can and start swinging. And thankfully her second ability makes this
even easier reducing equip costs to 0 for knights. So we’ll start in the most obvious place,
the creatures, specifically knights! Balan is a knight who really knows how to
handle a weapon. If he’s got two equipment attached he gets his first strike upgraded
to double, and we can instantly attach all equipment to him for a huge voltron swing! Danitha Capashen from Dominaria reduces the
actual cost to cast our equipment by 1, every little helps, And Puresteel Paladin is even more card draw
and basically a back up in case our commander gets too expensive to re-cast. We couldn’t have a tribal deck without a
lord or two, and in the case of knights because they’ve been around for so long there’s
actually 4 included in the deck, all providing a pump and two go a bit further. So I’d actually been planning on releasing
an Orzhov knights build soon, so part of that list has slotted nicely into this one. Arvad
the cursed, Aryel and the Corpse Knight are all solid includes, and I’ve added Varchild
from last years Commander product in to bump up the usefulness of Arvads legendary boosting
ability. Now we enter into the good-stuff knight section! Crimson Honor Guard is a great card at dealing
small chunks of damage to each and any player, which soon adds up. Bloodsworn Steward is from C17 as well, and
bumps Gwyn up to a 7/7! Red and White decks are notorious for making
you work a bit harder than other colour combinations to ramp and draw cards. Thankfully Knight
of the White Orchid is a staple and a knight, so it’s win-win! Cavalier of Dawn is a really nice 2for1, first
it gives us spot removal for something threatening, and then it’s recursion for any equipment
or enchantments we might’ve lost through the game. I think Silverwing Squadron is going to be
awesome, not just in this deck but any that run it. It gets bigger and scarier the bigger
your board state, so great in token strategy decks, and can pump out 2/2 tokens so also
good in those type of decks too. And we couldn’t have a knight deck without
a little something from Lorwyn. This diminutive Kithin Knight helps all our knights to pack
a wallop, and if they’re packing, that double strike becomes even more potent. They cant all be knights in the deck too,
I’ve got a few supporting creatures in here. Khorvath, one half of the Dragon/knight partnership
is here to take our knights airborne, and make them hasty. And just like with Aryel
I’d recently been playtesting a list with the partners as commanders! Jor Kadeen’s metalcraft ability should easily
be activated by our equipment, and I’ve included the three artifact lands in my build
too to help with that. Now this card has massively spiked in price
the past few weeks since it’s unbanning, and makes up a large chunk of the decks cost.
It’s really good, but can definitely be subbed out for a new Eldraine knight. I don’t
actually own a paper copy, but on mtgo where I play most of my games it’s not as crazy
money. Tiana is a bit of an insurance policy against
our equipment getting destroyed. It doesn’t come straight back into play, but it’s better
than it being in the graveyard! Finally the Auriok Steelshaper reduces equip
costs, and gives our knights yet another anthem boost, but is here because he’s not a knight
himself! So on to the next most important part of the
deck, the equipment! Bloodforged battle-axe can go nuts if left
unchecked. With the amount of double strike we’ve got in the deck some of our swings
are bound to connect with an opponent. Hammer of Nazahn is just as great in this
deck without it’s true owner. Being able to skip equip costs without having our commander
down will come in very handy. Yay for tribal equipment! Heirloom Blade almost
replaces it’s dead knight with a brand new one, you have to cast it though and re-equip,
but still better than nothing! Deathrender is another great bit of kit for
replacing it’s equipee when it get’s killed, this time directly from your hand on to the
battlefield! More tribal equipment now with Stoneforge
Masterwork, and if we’ve managed to make enough knights stick around the wearer of
this fine bit of armour is going to be proper hench. The sigiled sword somehow makes it’s own
2/2 knight tokens. I don’t know here they come from but I’m definitely not complaining! Argentum armor is a lot of mana to cast, a
lot to equip, but hopefully we’ll be ignoring that cost, and then the fun begins blowing
everything up, one by one! It can take out lands too if you’re feeling super mean. Helm of the Host doesn’t have any stand
out targets here like Aurelia, but having multiple copies of any of our creatures will
also be useful. Mask of Memory is classic Boros card draw,
and again just like the battle-axe shouldn’t be difficult to get some damage through. Sword of the animist is definitely a staple
in my eyes. The trigger is on attack, not on damage so there’s no question over if
we’ll benefit from it. We’re in Boros colours so naturally I’m
going to include Sunforger, and there’s some great targets for it in the spells section. Finally there’s swiftfoot boots. Our commander
is expensive so we need to do what we can to protect her. Can’t give her shroud though
otherwise we couldn’t attach any equipment! Next up we’ve got the spells, and I’ve
bundled the instants, sorceries and enchantments together. Steelshapers Gift and Magnetic Theft are great
in any equipment decks, And Enlightened Tutor and Open the Armory
help to tutor out the exact equipment we need at that moment in time. Sigarda’s Aid is such a cool enchantment.
All our equipment now has flash and automatically equips when it ETBs! Remember the Fallen is a double whammy of
graveyard recursion, bringing back a knight and an equipment in one card, that’s value! And Armed Response is an interesting direct
damage spell, I really like it but again this could be one of the cards to replace with
a brand new knight. Then there’s some knight spells! Righteous Confluence is super versatile, and
knight’s Charge effects all opponents and then is mass graveyard recursion for when
there’s a good amount of knights in there. History of Benalia is a tricky one. Awesome
in standard, and very much on theme with stunning artwork, but might be underwhelming in edh,
the jury is still out on this one and I’ll carry on testing with it. Etchings of the Chosen is a really nice tribal
card from Modern Horizons. Part anthem, part protection. Phyrexian Arena kicks off the rest of the
spells providing repeating, cheap card draw, and Land Tax makes sure that we keep up in
the ramp stakes. We’re packing two board wipes, Merciless
Eviction and Austere Command, and the brand new Mire in Misery. It’s not quite a boardwipe
but hits multiple creatures at once, and I just love it! Then there’s a bit of spot removal with
Swords to Plowshares, Bedevil and wear/tear. I’m running two planeswalkers in the deck, Nahiri the Lithomancer and Gideon, Ally of
Zendikar. Nahiri is really cool, she can generate tokens
to protect herself, can cheat artifacts into play, and even make one if you can ever get
her up to 10 loyalty! Most people remember Gideon for his first
ability turning into a 5/5 for the turn, but his 0 ability is also amazing, just being
able to generate knights for free is great value.
Artifacts are up now, and it’s mostly ramp to be honest. Sol Ring, the new Arcane Signet, Commanders
sphere, Thran Dynamo and Mardu Banner all speed us up. Solemn Simulacrum does what we all know by
now, a bit of both! A brand new card now with Circle of Loyalty.
It reduces Knights CMCs, gives them an anthem effect, and can generate knights, either when
we cast a legendary, or by just paying 4 mana. And then there’s vanquishers banner, helping
with the card draw even more, it’s such a solid tribal card! Finally it’s manabase time, and I’m going
to do something a bit different than normal, and not go through the whole list. If you’re
interested in what I’ve chosen you can check my list over on Archidekt, the link is in
the description. What I am going to do is go through some of
the more specialist lands I’ve included. Path of Ancestry is a solid tribal include,
and Tournament Grounds is just made for Knight decks. Quite literally, it’s from the knights
brawl deck! Smacking opponents creatures with your tooled
up ones is great fun, so Arena is in here, and it taps stuff down as well, so that’s
something sneaky to try. Inventors Fair is another way to pack even
more fetch into the deck, and is one of my favourite pieces of mtg artwork ever. Sunhome adds even more double strike to the
deck, just in case we didn’t quite have enough already, And Vault of the Archangel is a card I should
really play more often. Deathtouch and lifelink is a brutal combination, and the great thing
is that it applies to your whole team, not just one target creature. I’m really interested to hear your plans
for the deck. Which of the new knights that I haven’t covered are you interested in
swapping into the 99? Drop your thoughts down in the comments section, or over on my discord
server, there’s a link to sign up to it in the video description! If you’re after more deck techs here’s
a playlist of them for you, or if you fancy something different why not give this video
a try, you won’t regret it! And if you haven’t already, tap the llama
to subscribe to the channel for new videos every monday and thursday.
I’ll catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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  2. Helm of the Host going on Knight Exemplar seems like something to aim for. Then all your Knights will have indestructible. Or you could copy your commander for double draw effects.

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