Upgrading my Dell XPS 15 9570! [SSD RAM & Wi-Fi] | The Tech Chap

Hey guys, I’m Tom the Tech Chap and as you may know the Dell XPS 15 the latest 9570 model Is actually my main work laptop for 4k video editing and when I’m out and about on the go and away from my main desktop at home but you maybe thinking hang on Tom I thought you used the Huawei Matebook X Pro as your laptop Well, it’s true, I actually use both I’m kinda spoiled being a tech YouTuber And I use the Matebook as more of a travel laptop

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100 thoughts on “Upgrading my Dell XPS 15 9570! [SSD RAM & Wi-Fi] | The Tech Chap

  1. Hi Chaps! Thanks for all your comments – Quick update:

    1) If you're doing this upgrade, you could go for the newer Intel 9260 Wi-Fi card (faster, BT 5.), I already had a 8265 laying around so I wanted to keep costs down (and still improve my Wi-fi reliability)

    2) Some of you are saying I re-connected the black/white antenna wires incorrectly on the Wi-Fi chip, in fact the Killer card required them to be the opposite way around compared to the Intel. Which is why I reconnected them in a different way.

    3) Be very, VERY careful with the two phillips-head screws under the flap. They are extremely soft and easy to thread.

    4) You can unplug the battery before doing upgrades if you need to, better to be safe than sorry, but it's not absolutely necessary.

    5) Here's a link for the wallpaper: https://imgur.com/gallery/Ytp5l

    Hope you enjoyed the video! Cheers 🙂

  2. Be careful, Upgrading the SSD and Ram is easy, but reinstall the system is another story. I am the person who successfully upgraded the SSD and installed the Windows 10. However, there are two things, Dell doesn't allow you to install the intel graphic driver directly from the intel website, and Dell system will detect the upgraded XPS as unauthentic, which makes some dell software useless. Some of them are crucial like the premier color!

  3. I ordered the Ram right off from your amazon link. So funny that when my ram installed, its label is facing in.. not out.

  4. Very similar process to my hp omen 15, recently did all of these same upgrades, ended up saving around 600 bucks from factory 👍🏽 so i was able to shell out for the better 1060 GPU 😁

  5. So your saying I don't need to put windows 10 on a USB stick? After a shutdown and turn back on, windows will automatically starts

  6. What's the real life battery backup you are experiencing? Also how color accurate is the display for photo editing?

  7. You can clone your ssd so that u dont have to reinstall anything and expand the storage after using the Samsung migration tool free on Samsung website,

  8. Great video, but could you be more specific on getting the operating system software off the old drive and then onto to new? The nuts and bolts of the actual change seems quite straight forward…

  9. i just got the dell xps 15 after watching your reviews and recommendations of the device, but Im only now discovering how bad the wifi card is. I really wish you had talked about this more during your reviews of the device. I certainly wouldnt have gotten it if I knew that I would have to jump through so many hoops just to get decent wifi. Its really horrible!

  10. Hello, very good video. I have a question regarding SSD: would the Samsung 970 EVO Plus be a better option? My question is because some customers have reported that despite having better performance, reaches a higher temperature as well.

  11. You’re also going to need to invest in about 5 power cable adapters because of the design flaw and the wire always breaking in the adapter as they keep failing and eventually your XPS will never power on.

  12. So I replaced the SSD, but the computer won't recognize it and is unable to put on the copy of windows 10. I go into the BIOS, and it's there, but I can't do anything with it. Seems to want drivers… but the computer isn't connected to anything… tried to google inland professional SSD drivers, but there doesn't appear to be any… so thanks for skipping those crucial steps..

  13. I have the same laptop, they're ace 😉 BUT the web cam sucks, stay tuned Dell is due to refresh these soon.

  14. Would upgrading to a 2 TB hard drive be better then the 1TB? Meaning would it as fast or is their any other bios changes that I would have to do? I need space along with the speed.

  15. I'm considering returning mine for the 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD. It's on sale right now for $1699.00 that's 500 bucks off and is only $300.00 more than I paid for mine, which is what you have. I tallied the cost of what you linked and it's over 400 bucks. I guess the question is… Will the speed increase be worth it if I spent the extra cash to get these things and install them on my own. Or do I take my laptop back for the $300 upgrade? I'm still within the 15 day return policy.

  16. Doing this is a no brainier – if you sell the components you take out on eBay to recoup some of the cost, you’ll actually end up with a top spec laptop which is cheaper and faster than the same configuration purchased from Dell.

  17. Did you reinstall the Dell applications when you upgraded your SSD? Do you feel they add any value?

  18. Say I have a gaming laptop like a gigabyte laptop aero 15 and I want to replace the main SSD how would I copy all the other stuff like fan control apps and RGB keyboard apps how can send that to USB 1

  19. After watching this Im upgrading Ram and SSD, only question is, how can you do the upgrade without having to install windows?

    Can you upgrade and clone the drive so you wont have to do a clean install?

  20. I just bought the same Dell but with the i9 and it had a 1TB SSD in it. I bought a 1TB Samsung 970 Pro m.2 SSD. I received the laptop from Dell, updated Windows, setup the fingerprint lock then dropped it off at Best Buy for the Geek Squad to switch out the SSD. 3 day's later, today, I pick it up and they said it keeps "Blue Screening", so I told them to put my origional SSD back in and I'll take it with me. Which I did. In your video it looks like you had no issues. I'm going to try and do this myself. Did you do anything special that wasn't shown in your video? Thank You for any help!

  21. It's better to upgrade on your own since you can sell your previous hardware, costing you less money in the end and having better performance. Main reason I think most manufacturers make everything soldered to the motherboard.

  22. Hi, I have the same laptop and my original OS is windows 10 HOME. I want to install a fresh windows 10 PROFESIONAL, do I need to purchase a windows license?

  23. 0:25 you mean: you just don't care about your carbon footprint and the effects of buying so much unnecessary technology on both environment and people….

  24. I dont know why no one is commenting on how filthy is that fan for the CPU/GPU, Sir get a can of compressed air / nitrogen for electronics and blow that dust, fluf out of the system!! Do yourself a favor..

  25. Is there space for a second SSD in the 9570? It looks it on the specs on the Dell website but I can't see where it could be from this video.

  26. @The Tech Chap
    Hello i just got a few question. Will i be able to chanve tge wifi chipset tge same one you bought as well as the ram to my dell xps13 laptop.
    (Laptop has 8gb ram 500gn ssd)

  27. Hello. I was wondering if I could ask a question about a XPS 9550 laptop. Is the graphics card upgradable from 2gb to 4gb?

  28. Hey Tom, thanks for your update on components, which we could use to upgrade our Dell machines. Are there any further updates on components or is your last post (7 months ago) still the best advice for upgrading?
    I'm looking forward to hear from you, have a nice day. Best regards Julian

  29. Hey! great video. I've a question, haw does the crucial RAM sticks compare to the dell ones??

  30. Hi Chaps I just bought the XPS 15 7590 and i want to learn how to do photoshops and video editing, but I’m absolutely clueless of what’s the best photo and video editor software for beginners?

  31. this inspired me to upgrade my ram instead of paying someone with experience and probably an education to do it for me at an inflated price. For better or worse. I won't be touching the HD though because I'm not that confident. Either way, thanks in advance. If I brick my laptop, I won't be back to curse you out because bricked laptop.

  32. Hi you Foolish Scammers who get paid for promoting this complete trash DELL:

    2 weeks ago, I bought a Dell XPS 15 9570 with the i9-8950HK processor, 4K touch display, 32 GB Ram, 1TB SSD and GTX-1050Ti Graphics and Win 10 Pro, so full package and I paid 2999 Euros for it.
    Anyway, here is my review:

    1) 1st day: Arrival, opening package, didn't start immediately, after 20min of pressing on and off, charging cable etc, it booted finally.

    2) After booting, weird sound from the chassis – Fan makes nailing noises, made all updates via Dell Customer Service but still doesnt work.

    3) 2nd day: Due to my Pro Customer service package a Dell Technician came and replaced the Fan and it seemed that the loud fan noise has been gone, but after he left still nailing sound.

    4) 3rd day: Another technician came and replaced the fan and its cooling distribution channels as well and noise were gone and still works fine yet.

    5) few days later: the wireless just disappeared from my device manager and not internet, after restart worked again, but after every restart it takes ages to find the wifi router which is behind the laptop actually. NO I dont want to change the Killer Wifi adapter to an Intel one, wtf, why would I start replacing brand new parts??duh

    6) NEXT: carbon cover on the keyboard area shows all your finger prints, yes i washed and dried my hands, but its annoying.

    7) NEXT: The left side of the keyboard area, exactly where the audio jack is, getting reall hot, software shows 60 degrees few times a day (NO im not gaming, just doing Excel and powerpoint and some simple movie clip edits from my gopro cam)

    8) NEXT: The FN key is super annoying to use them for F1-F12 and the HOME and END buttons (which are on the curser buttons left and right), so much space but they put them together, whats wrong with DELL guys? Yes i know i should have checked out the picture of the keyboard from the picutres online before i order it, but still, not many are doing it anyway, so…

    9) NEXT: The ENTER Key is ridiculously smaller than any other notebook on the market from the past 30 years until today. Yes i know i should have checked out the picture of the keyboard from the pictures online before i order it, but still, not many are doing it anyway, so…

    10) NEXT: I guess its an Windows thing, but it is crazy how tiny the icons of some programs are, due to the 4k resolution

    11) NEXT: Again a windows thing i guess, but 8 out of 10 programs appear blurry when you install something or even use the software, it looks like windows 3.11 graphics

    14) NEXT: The Headphone jack is cracking and all that, awful.

    13) NEXT: Battery goes under full usage mode, such as 6 chrome pads open, playing youtube as background music via headphone, doing office stuff, like word, excel, etc.. and some pdf's open and 2 usb sticks attached, it will last for approx. 3 hours, than battery is empty. Well, reviews reviews reviews, promised other info.


    -days of waiting until getting set up due to lack of quality of the components
    -many people online sharing the same issues day after day
    -it is tiring to restart the machine all the time because wireless disappeared
    -NO im not willing to pay 3000 eur for a laptop and need to buy additional stuff and raping my laptop with other parts just to work simple features like Wifi.


    Thanks for the Review you fool

  33. use minitool partition wizard and you dont need to reinstall windows XD, use the tool to move the windows system to your new SSD

  34. Hey dude, love your channel, super fun to watch, I've bought the new Dell XPS 15 7590 i7 OLED model and wanted to upgrade the 512 GB to 1 TB RAM. Is it worth using the same Samsung 970 EVO plus to upgrade it and not bother with the 16GB RAM?

  35. Does someone mind explaining how to get Windows 10 onto a USB stick? I've got an Asus laptop with a failing SSD that I'd like to change myself.

  36. Hi Tom! your videos are super cool, keep it coming.
    Can the removed ssd be used as an external drive with some sort of adapter? I searched in amazon, i am not able to find a PCIe based adapter, only SATA is available.

  37. 4:54 so he says they are color coded so put them back white on white black on black.. but actually does the opposite 😀

  38. Hello,
    This SSD: WD 500GB Black SN750 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink ==> is it compatible with the Dell XPS 15 9570 ?

    I mean because of the Heatsink (more height, and knowing that the XPS already include a thermal paste for the SSD)

  39. The Windows "Serial Key" is no longer stored on the BIOS with Windows 10. Microsoft stores the computer's identifiers and allows Windows 10 to re-activate as long as only certain parts are replaced.

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