Upgrade Jace Planeswalker Deck Again with Rivals of Ixalan

Upgrading the Jace Planeswalker Deck Again You upgraded the Jace Planeswalker deck during
Ixalan. It’s a lot of fun playing Merfolk. Now Rivals of Ixalan is out. Can you upgrade it now so it’s even better? I’m going to show you how we upgraded the
Jace Planeswalker deck, right now. Reaching and teaching Young Mages of all ages. Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. Before we get started, tell me who is your
favorite Tribe in Standard? Do you like Merfolk, Vampires, Pirates, Cats,
Zombies or even Dinosaurs. Just put it in the comments below. The purpose of the Jace Planeswalker deck
is to make Merfolk. Keep pumping them out. And let their synergies make them bigger and
unblockable. So let’s see what we took out this time
to make this upgrade. Jungle Delver – We didn’t take this out
before, but now we have a better set of one drops. Jungle Delver is great if you have a way of
creating a lot of mana, but we want to hit fast. Deeproot Warrior – This guy is ok. He’s a 2/2 for 2 that becomes a 3/3 when
blocked. We can do better. Jace’s Sentinel – This works pretty nice
with Jace. But Jace doesn’t come out that often in
this deck. So he is only a 1/3 blocker in the early game. Headwater Sentries – A 2/5 for 4. This is an ok blocker, but we still need something
with bigger teeth. If we wanted a wall, a Gleaming Barrier may
be better. Jade Guardian – This guy is pretty cool. He can come in as a 3/3 with hexproof for
4. But that’s a 3/3 on turn 4 and I don’t
think he will be big enough. Air Elemental – A 4/4 with flying for 5. This one is still a tough call. You know I like flying for it’s evasion
ability. But I think we may want to keep with different
evasion… unblockable. Fleet Swallower – As much as I like to mill
my opponents, this doesn’t fit with the theme of the deck this time. We also took out all four Castaway’s Despair. We will need the slots for some other spells. And that’s it. Now for the upgrades starting with the land. This time around we are doing better Merfolk
synergies. So we want to have the ability to cycle a
couple of lands. We added Desert of the Indomitable and Desert
of the Mindful. If you get them late in the game, you can
use them to draw a card. We added two Hashep Oasis. This can be used to pump an attacking unblockable
Merfolk. Remember you don’t have to sacrifice the
Oasis, if you have another desert out. It does seem silly that Merfolk are using
Deserts… They’ll get over it. And of course we added a couple of Evolving
Wilds so we can fix our mana better. Now for the creatures. We want to have a faster deck so we need more
one drops. I added an extra Kumena’s Speaker. Very nice because after turn two it’s often
a 2/2. The Mist-Cloaked Herald can be really annoying
later in the game. A 1/1 unblockable is annoying, but generally
not enough for your opponent to waste a removal spell. When the Herald gets boosted by the Oasis
or another spell, this is nasty. We want to be able to cast things more quickly
and Channeler Initiate helps us with Mana Fixing. It’s the only non Merfolk creature in the
deck. It allows us to have the extra mana we need
and as it’s doing it, it gets bigger and bigger. So later in the game, she’s not making mana,
but attacking. Merfolk Branchwalker is a great 2 drop. The Explore ability helps you get through
your deck much faster. The Merfolk Mistbinder is a Merfolk Lord. She gives all of your Merfolk +1/+1. Having two of them out is devastating. We add an extra Shaper’s Apprentice so we
can have an extra flyer in the deck. We removed one Shapers of Nature. It’s a fine card if you get it late in the
game. Early in the game on turn 3, it just doesn’t
work as well as we want. We added two extra Vineshaper Mystic so we
can add those extra counters. Merfolk are all about counters. And we kept the Herald of Secret Streams and
Tempest Caller the same. Now for the spells, we added three. This time around we didn’t add Blossoming
Defense. It’s a great trick, but we really need to
get through our deck faster and let the Merfolk Synergies do their thing. We added 2 Opt… Scry then draw… Great! Deeproot Waters becomes a Merfolk factory,
and they are hexproof Merfolk. One thing I see a lot…, people don’t treat
token creatures like their regular creatures. A token creature is the same as a cast creature,
it just entered the battlefield differently. And finally Waterknot. I like this a lot better than Castaway’s
Despair. It cost one less mana, so we can get it out
quicker. We have more blue mana in the deck, so having
the 2 blue requirement isn’t a big downside. That is our revisited Jace Planeswalker deck
upgrade. You can compare it with our previous upgraded
deck, in the card above. This deck can be upgraded with cards you can
easily find or trade. There are some extra upgrades you may want
to look at if you have the cards. The first is adding in Botanical Sanctum. It’s what everyone calls a fast land. If you have it in your opening hand, you don’t
have to worry about which color mana to put down first. You have them both in one card. And if you have a Jace, Cunning Castaway,
he would be great in this deck. Swap him out for one of the creatures like
a Vineshaper Mystic, but keep Jace, Ingenious Mind Mage in the deck. And one more thing. This isn’t the only way, or best way to
do the upgrade. This is an upgrade around card drawing and
Merfolk synergies. You may find other cards work better for your
play style. What would you change to make this deck better
for YOU? Let me know in the comments below. I have more videos coming out soon showing
you how to upgrade decks and play magic better. So subscribe now by hittng that rhino down
below. And don’t forget the bell notifications
so you don’t miss a single one. These videos are possible because of my generous
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11 thoughts on “Upgrade Jace Planeswalker Deck Again with Rivals of Ixalan

  1. I like to play angel tribal and dinosaurs are looking good too (I really like Selesnya). I'd like to create a vampire tribe deck as well.

  2. Here is my question. I have purchased Feline Ferocity and Edger Markov commander deck. I used a few minor upgrades to the deck to make it more of a voltron deck and go wide tribal. When I goto my local fantasy shop some of the people are playing decks that values over $500 and do many combos like a sliver deck. My question is with out breaking my bank and spending a lot of money to be competitive what can I do to make the decks I have better or more competitive. Ps I have watched your beginners videos. I have only been playing for about 7 months. Please help make gaming in my local shop a better experience.

  3. I personally enjoy pirates. I used the treasure producing ones to upgrade the Nicol Bolas planeswalker deck for a rather effective ramp!

  4. Dinosaurs but I want to try merfolks. My question is do you think Lumens, Tyrant of Orazca is good in this deck? If so what do you think I should replace with it? I already replaced 1 Vineshaper Mystic with Jace, Cunning Castaway.

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