Upgrade Huatli Planeswalker Deck

Upgrading the Huatli Planeswalker Deck You got the Huatli Planeswalker deck and played
it. It’s a lot of fun playing dinosaurs. Now you want to upgrade it so it’s more
challenging. I’m going to show you how to upgrade the
Huatli Planeswalker deck, right now. Reaching and teaching Young Mages of all ages. Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. Before we get started, tell me who is your
favorite Planeswalker in Standard? I would like to know for my upcoming videos. Just put it in the comments below. The purpose of the Hualti Planeswalker deck
is to make Dinosuars. Keep pumping them out. And make them bigger and more mean. So let’s see what we took out to make this
better. Raptor Companion – He’s a very generic 3/1
for 2. Nothing exciting about him. I think we can find something better. Tilonalli’s Knight – I’ve played her and
she’s ok, but she only gets a +1/+1 til the end of turn. And really, I have a hard time pronouncing
her name. Frienzed Raptor – This is another one where
like the Raptor Companion, It’s just okay. No special abilities. Bonded Horncrest – He can’t attack or block
alone. I played a lot of games where this a big problem. Pterodon Knight – I would prefer something
that had flying all the time. Shining Aerosaur – This has flying all the
time, but seems to be a bit expensive for that power. Hutali’s Spurring – This is actually a pretty
cool card. But I didn’t have Hutali out enough to get
the extra effect. So it’s gone. Now for the upgrades starting with the land. No changes other than taking out four basic
lands in favor of two Evolving Wilds and 2 extra slots for other spells. I think they should put Evolving Wilds in
Planeswalker decks by default. They are an easy way to do some mana fixing. Each added creature helps with the dinosaur
theme. Otepec Huntmaster – He’s like the Kinjalli
Caller making your Dinosaurs cost 1 generic mana less to cast. But he can also be tapped to give a Dinosaur
haste. Now that’s nice. Raptor Hatchling – Aren’t these so cute? Nobody wants to attack or destroy them. They are like little Dinosaur land mines. You attack one and then big Mama comes. Sky Terror – This one is a no brainer. A 2 drop 2/2 with both flying and menace. This is just too awesome. Only direct damage takes something like this
out. Especially in the early game. Kinjalli’s Sunwing – This is a great dinosaur. Just being out on the battlefield makes all
of your opponents creatures come in tapped. Cast Out – This is important to exile your
opponents big creature or even a Planeswalker. It can take out just about anything. I added an extra Lighting Strike and Burning
Suns Avatar. I think we need to make sure we have plenty
of removal spells. And the Burning Suns Avatar is one of our
major win conditions. So we need an extra. That’s it for the additions. Take a look at the mana curve. It has a huge spike at 2 making this a very
aggressive deck. It wants to run fast and overwhelm quickly. That’s a decent first upgrade. This deck can be upgraded with cards you can
easily find or trade. There are some extra upgrades you may want
to look at if you have the cards. The first is adding in Inspiring Vantage. It’s what everyone calls a fast land. I just pulled one out of a Standard Showdown
pack. If you have it in your opening hand, you don’t
have to worry about which color mana to put down first. You have them both in one card. The second card I would like to add is Settle
the Wreckage. This will be a great surprise combat trick. They think they have you, and now all of their
creatures are gone. They get lands for it, but then you are ready
to swing in for the win. That’s a surprise upset. And one more thing. When Rivals of Ixalan comes out, there will
be some nice cards in that set that can add to this deck. Don’t think that this is the end of upgrade
possibilities. What do you think of this upgrade? What would you change to make it better? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video consider subscribing. Just hit that rhino down below. And don’t forget the bell notifications
so you don’t miss anything. These videos are possible because of my sponsor
Fodder Cannon Games and my generous Patrons. Check out the videos on the side. They may interest you. I have more videos coming out soon. So until then, Rhino out.

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16 thoughts on “Upgrade Huatli Planeswalker Deck

  1. I think I have a couple Inspiring Vantage and a Settle the Wreckage. What should I pull out for Settle the Wreckage?

  2. Hi Young mage. Did you add an extra territorial hammerskull and just not include it in the video? I notice your list there shows 3. The original deck has 2. Thanks

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