Up To Speed, September 7

Up To Speed. Week In Review. S: Sravya here with Katie to get you up to speed on everything happening around and inside Verizon. K: We continue to move closer to delivering the promise of being the first to 5G. This week, working with Nokia, we completed the first over-the-air, end-to-end data transmission on a commercial 5G New Radio network and we were there to experience it with Cynthia Grupe and Mike Haberman from the Network team. You guys have been a great partner to make this happen in a really short amount of time & being the first company to be able to do this so with a combination of both our companies we’re able to pull it off so congratulations, that’s really great. Thanks very much. It’s been a couple of months of first with our first outdoor demonstration at your headquarters back in June, then we moved to our headquarters in August for first mobility handoff demonstration & now here we are in the field on a commercial network 4 weeks later & we just couldn’t be prouder, couldn’t be happier. K: Very cool, look for more news about 5G next week when we head to Mobile World Congress Americas. S: And the NFL season kicked off last night. Jessica Thrope caught up with Hall of Famer and Eagles great Brian Dawkins to help spread the word about Verizon Up. J: Hey everyone, I’m Jess & I’m here at the Walnut Street store in Philadelphia where Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins is meeting with fans. This is just one of the many events we have going on in the City of Brotherly Love as we celebrate the official kickoff of to the NFL season. Verizon Up is making this extra special for our customers with pre-kickoff events, including a flag football game with Randall Cunningham for some of our lucky customers. It’s all just to say thank you for being with Verizon. Back to you. K: Exciting stuff this season for football fans and Verizon customers. Yesterday, Verizon announced that Dan Schulman, President and CEO of PayPal, has been elected to the Verizon Board. Before joining PayPal, he worked for AT&T, Priceline, Virgin Mobile, Sprint and American Express. You can learn more about Dan & our board online. S: And TechCrunch’s Disrupt event is taking place this week in San Francisco, Tony McNary was on hand at the tech startup conference. Hey everyone, I’m in San Francisco here at TechCrunch Disrupt. The largest Disrupt event to date. This is the place to be for entrepreneurs & startups. I caught up with our very own Sanyogita, she hosted a workshop about 5G technology. For example in addition to large bandwidth, high speeds, we have the low latency & the scale to bring a lot of IoT devices. It provides a platform for cloud, which is very new to the user. K: Thanks for the update. Now, Chief Creative Officer Andrew McKechnie knows a thing or two about startups. He’s helping us start our new in house agency 140. You can learn more about Andrew and his vision by listening to our latest Up To Speed Podcast available on UpToSpeedPodcast.com or your favorite podcast player. S: When Solutions Specialist Bradley Hill moved from Arkansas to California, he was amazed at just how reliable our Network connection was. It inspired him to record the trip and produce his own video about the experience. K: You can watch the full video online. And, if you want to share your story or know of a story we should tell, let us know. Follow us on social, drop us a message, send us an email or leave a comment. We’d love to share it. S: Alright, that’s going to do it for us this week. Be sure to follow us on social for everything happening around and inside Verizon and also for a chance to win one of our very cool Up To Speed football jerseys. On Monday, we’ll be announcing the winners of the first-ever companywide Hack Day, you don’t want to miss it. Now here’s Brian Dawkins to close us out. I’m Briand Dawkins, until next time, you’re up to speed.

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