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Hi. I’m the youtube deal guy matt granite
and if you are subscriber… first of all, thank you so much… you are now getting one
of the biggest deals in the country before anyone else who watches me on usa today or
your local tv station. And if you’re new, welcome. I feature daily
deals, none of which are paid products, all of which are under this video screen. You
can just click and what I’m going to show you right now is the ultimate car charger
that turns your car’s dc adapter into a fully-functional wall outlet and also throws
something else in along the way. Take a look. I will get to the price in a
moment. At what is my favorite fifteen dollar deal
today… converts your vehicle’s 12 volt power into a typical outlet you’d find in
your home… and even adds a usb power power too. You can charge or power anything from a laptop
to ipod… ipad… smartphone… gaming device… even something you’d use in an emergency. Just plug and play… I’ve tested many variations
of this product but my favorite one today.. … just dropped to its lowest price with
a link I found. 15 dollars down from 40 with free shipping today only. SO of course as I test everything… let me
show you… this is the packaging. I’ve destroyed the top of it but that was so I
could use it. Cool thing. Made by Cobra. Don’t know if that means anything to you but it
has a swivel top so that’s a little bit easier for placement depending on the location
of your vehicle’s adapter. You also get a USB port so you can plug in to that right
there. There is an LED that turns on it when it is powered and of course the best thing.
That outlet right there. $15 and again the link right under this video window. And as I mentioned. If you’d like to hit
that subscribe button and find out about other big deals like this before anyone else, you’ll
also keep me employed and feel free to like these videos. And I really appreciate you being here. And if you want first access to my exclusive
deals, hit that subscribe button. That will make sure you get the biggest deals first.
Thank you so much for watching.

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