Universal Field Robots: Creators of autonomous field robots with extraordinary capabilities

My name is Tim Cassell. I’ve been at Universal
Field Robots for two years now. So Intech became interested in the whole robotics automation side a few years ago because Jeff Our Director, sort of really thought that
was the way of the future. So the idea of UFR was to develop a robotic product but its also to advance Intech’s knowledge in the whole robotics and automation space. The “Universal” in Universal Field Robots
means that it can be applied to a whole range of different applications. That’s really only limited by whatever you
want to put on the end of the arm. Its an excavator based model so obviously
it can dig. It can also mow your grass, it can pick fruit
from trees, it can really do whatever you want it to do and you are only limited by
your own imagination. So the first thing that we are going to target
is the agricultural industry. We’ve already got a mower on the end of the
boom so we can mow grass. We are in the testing phase for that at the
moment. We’ve just purchased a small industrial robot
so that we can put another robot on our robot and have the small robot pick fruit from trees. So we use the big excavator to get it right
up to the top of the 6m high tree and have the small robot with the gripper on the end
pick fruit off the tree and it doing that completely autonomously based on computer
vision input from cameras and laser scanners and the like. Our challenge now is to look at all the disruptive
forces applying and to take new technology on board and be able to deliver it to customers
and so they get there edge. The robotics industry is an exciting and new
area of expertise that will only develop in time and open opportunities that don’t exist

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