UNIQLO Styling Workshop: Keeping The Balance, In Style.

I really like the Uniqlo AIRism BRATOPs, because it’s very light and very comfy. As a nursing mom, it’s actually very easy for me to nurse my babies in it. My wardrobe is arranged according to the type, so tops vs. bottoms and outerwears; and then they are all arranged according to colors. So like what Lena said just now, it’s easier to wear solid colors and then pair your clothes that way. I think in our everyday lives as women we are multi-taskers, whether you’re a go-getter working adult or you’re a busy mom or student, I think you should not compromise on your well-being. You should obviously learn to look after yourself and I think fashion and well-being are really closely linked because if you take pride in what you wear, it shows what you feel inside.

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