Uniqlo MA-1 Men’s Bomber Jacket Review

What’s up guys! Brock here from The Modest Man and today I’m reviewing the Uniqlo MA-1 men’s bomber jacket. This one is in size extra small. And it’s in the olive green color. Okay, I’ve seen this jacket get a lot of praise on places like Reddit Male Fashion Advice. And obviously, the bomber jacket is super cool. Right now, it’s very popular and for good reason, I think it’s a, it’s a really cool style of casual jacket. So, I thought I’d give this one a try. I haven’t had a whole lot of luck with Uniqlo in the past. You know, their clothes tend to be a
little too long on my 5-6 frame. But I want to give this jacket a try anyway. What I like about it, well I love the price, it’s very affordable. I love the color. It feels great, it’s pretty lightweight, but it does offer a little bit of insulation and warmth. The length is pretty good and even the sleeve length is pretty good. What I don’t like about it, is it’s just a little too baggy on me. And I understand, that the bomber jacket’s
style is a little roomy. But, this one is just too roomy for my build and especially, through the sleeves. I mean, you know, I’m a relatively small guy and the pirate sleeves are not a good look. God! They just make me look small and scrawny. So for that reason, I’ll be returning this jacket. You know, if you’re a little bigger than me, I think the extra small could work for you. But, it’s just not quite right for me. So I hope that helps. Once again, this is a review for the Uniqlo MA-1 Men’s bomber jacket, size extra small. And until next time, stay stylish!

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40 thoughts on “Uniqlo MA-1 Men’s Bomber Jacket Review

  1. i am one of ur biggest fans ; and i have a soft request that can u make a video on how to pair Shirts with Jeans or Chinos with good footwear ;

  2. I really like your vids!! Hope to see you on Menfluential 2018, you work is excellent!! Continue like this and your channel will grow even more!

  3. Hey Brock, I want to wear sports jackets for the summer and spring(hotter months) what should I look for and do you have any suggestions?

  4. I agree with the baggy look. Maybe I should give it a try. Olive green does not go with my skin tone, but the overall design is not bad at all. Loved it. Great video!

  5. I guess xs in US is more a s in EU and Asia. And they have xs also in those part of the world, Had this experience a few times with big brands: COS,Mango men and uniqulo in Asia they fit me 120% 🙂

  6. Can you review this one instead?


  7. don't blame ya on the fit. I think you can find better. I found one XS at h&m similar to this one that fit out of the box (5'6" 142) http://www.hm.com/us/product/35170?article=35170-J You might also try ASOS they have a green bomber with black accents and free returns / ship in this price range. Peace yo

  8. Brock! Keep it OEM with the Alpha Industries MA-1. (The original)
    Try either the Slim version of the American MA-1 or you could even check out the EU version which is more of a trim fit and doesn't have the flap pockets.

  9. I don't know why you don't like it. It looks great on you. I don't think it makes you look "small and scrawny."

  10. i need a bomber jacket from brands of asos site i am 5.3 and my chest size is 31 i need a bomber of 16 shoulders 36 chest and 26 length which size will fit me

  11. I'm a 5'4 and the XS fits me perfectly…I think it's because you feel awkward about it that's why you don't carry it pretty well. In the video you were really stiff, I guess it's just how you feel about the clothes…so different folks, different strokes.

  12. Interesting to see your review. I'm 5'4'' and I bought XS of this jacket in Japan and it fits me perfectly. But now it's getting tighter cuz I gained some weight.

  13. lol I actually have this exact jacket and I actually bought it the same month this video was posted. except I have a medium for some reason which doesn't make sense because I'm 5'6" as well. maybe I should have gotten an xs

  14. But wouldn't the baggy sleeves make you look bigger, not smaller?

    On a non related note, I keep expecting to hear you say, "I'm going to enjoy watching you die……….Mr. Anderson"

  15. Ofcourse it won’t suit you when you’re walking around like a blind person with back problems. Bomber jackets are supposed to be baggy and big and while wearing one you should feel comfy and chill. It looked bad mostly because you’ve put on jeans that are imo too skinny for this jacket making your torso appear off with the rest of your body. Cut that hair, put on bigger jeans and walk freely mate. Relax those shoulders, old man.

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