Unicorns: Jamica El

(music) – My name is Jamica El. I am an engineer, dj and a story teller. My work is in prototyping wearable tools for resistance. I’ve created a wearable device, it essentially has a camera
and a recording mechanism, and it enables the user to record any sort of interactions
that they’re having. That can be something from life
logging throughout the day, or recording an encounter
that a civilian is having with a role of authority. So I’ve always been a tinkerer. I would take apart my toys, (laughter) and try to strategically
put them back together. And I just really didn’t have a framework for understanding what that was, other than like, tearing things apart. And later in life I understood that I really wanted to just
understand how things work. My tool was particularly inspired
by Sandra Bland’s murder. I was extremely devastated by that, and when I thought about
tools that would enable people to tell their own story, I sort of borrowed from tools that police officers have already. Body cameras, things of that nature. First I knew that I wanted to
embed cameras into clothing, so I narrowed down
clothing items or apparel into items that we would
want to wear more frequently. So our accessories, hats, jackets, bags, things of that nature. So those are the items and accessories that I’ve been working with primarily. Knowing what I wanted
the item to be housed in, I was then able to start
looking at the design of the technology. I see this tool having
roots in Afro-Futurism, in a way of re-imagining our community, re-imagining the future
of black communities. I think we’ll have our own opportunity to tell stories in our own voice. Reclaim our time, reclaim our narratives, and I think it will also enable a convenience factor and a safety factor in
that convenience as well. Hands free recording is
something that I think is gonna be really
essential to the community. (music) (static buzzing)

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5 thoughts on “Unicorns: Jamica El

  1. Here's the problem with that device:
    It will easily be banned due to its concealment as deemed "wiretapping" if the wearer doesn't inform the other party that they are being recorded, especially if the other party assumes they are reasonably in a private conversation. Based off the video, you will have legal issues. Also, you have take into account that people don't all wear hats in such a manner that it matches their line of sight. So with the above stated, the camera has to be visible, distinguishable and able to adjust the angle to their eyes.

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