UNH Advice For Incoming Students

[MUSIC PLAYING] I think the biggest
piece of advice I could give to an
incoming student is to get completely involved
in something that you’re interested in. And I think that those
opportunities that are going to arise are going
to lead to everlasting benefits that you probably won’t
realize your freshman year. But looking back on it as a
senior, you’re going to say, I’m really glad that I did that. No endeavor is pointless
no matter how big or small it is, as long as
it matters to you. It’s all about what
you’re getting out of those experiences and how
you’re using those experiences. Because they’re
part of your story, not only as a UNH
Wildcat, but as a person. My advice would
be to be fearless. A lot of things seem uncertain
when you go into college. But be bold and be
deliberate with your choices. Don’t be afraid
to make mistakes, it’s the only way you’re
ever going to learn anything. And just be yourself
and have fun. Take advantage of everything
that UNH has to offer. There is so many things that
people don’t know about. But the more
opportunities you take, the more opportunities you get. Be open to anything. There’s so many different
opportunities here, it’s hard not to set
yourself up for success. Take some risks. Don’t be afraid to get cringey. Because just some of
the awkward moments are where you’re going
to meet some people who might make a lasting
impression and be with you throughout
your four years here. Make relationships–
that’s like the biggest thing I can say– with peers,
with professors, with everyone on campus. Those are the people
that’s going to help you. I’m nobody without my
friends, family, mentors that helped me get here. I think it’s important,
you can never forget about your support
system because it’s your biggest asset in the long run. When I go into job interviews
they don’t ask me necessarily about my GPA, they asked me
what I get involved in school, what am I passionate about? So I think it’s the things
that really jump off the resume for you that
are really important. Being just something to get
involved and become close to the people here
is something that is absolutely necessary to make
the most of your time here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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