Understanding Assistive Technology: Simply Said

We all like to do things like
color, and read, and use a computer. It’s how we play, learn,
work, and get things done. But when a disability makes
it hard to do something we’d like to do, we need a little help. Luckily, there is a solution. Welcome to Simply Said: Understanding
Assistive Technology. Assistive technology – or – AT is anything that helps you do something
you couldn’t do otherwise, like walk, run, communicate, and more. These helpful tools can be as simple as a
foam grip that makes it possible for a child to grasp a crayon and create art! As common as glasses that make It
possible for a student to read and learn! Or as sophisticated as software that
makes it possible for an employee to convert their spoken word to text
on a computer screen and succeed. Whether you’re young or old, male or female,
whether you’ve had a disability from birth or developed one over the years, AT can help. Finding AT is easier than you might think. Every state has an Assistive Technology
Act program to help you find AT. In Minnesota, it’s called the STAR Program. You can find it at
starprogram(dot)state(dot)mn(dot)us. To find a program like STAR in another
state, check out the Association of Assistive Technology Act
Programs at A-T-A-P-O-R-G dot O-R-G. There are also many AT centers-including
PACER’s Simon Technology Center. That you can find it at PACER dot org slash S-T-C. The STC’s consultants help you explore
the numerous technology options available. Its lending library lets you try different
kinds of AT to discover what works best for you. So, now you know a little about AT. It helps you do something that
you couldn’t do without it. And it’s available in every state. This has been Simply Said:
Understanding Assistive Technology. Video style inspired by common craft dot com Produced by the PACER Center Directed by Bridget Gilormini Artwork and Narration by Jonathan Campbell This project was funded
through the Minnesota STAR Program.

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15 thoughts on “Understanding Assistive Technology: Simply Said

  1. I love the clipart! Can you tell me where you get it from? I'd love to use it in my classroom. Thanks a lot! Awesome video! 🙂

  2. Yes! I love this. Assistive technology is like engineering controls (from an occupational health and safety standpoint) and like ergonomics (fitting the tools and environment to the person to make work possible). Let's empower each other!

  3. i love your video! is it very crazy to ask if i can download,edit with my voice translating to spanish and upload the videos to my channel? i work at a foundation, of course i would give the credits to you with my voice on the video and link with credits to your channel in the description. my mail is [email protected]

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