UNDEFEATED 1st Place MONARCH Deck Profile (240 players)

Today with Niklas Redlinger, who went undefeated in our regionals in cologne with 240 participants. what did you play? Monarchs. The new deck, just came out 2 days ago! 3x Structure Deck and thats it? almost – you need some tech cards, handtraps, but else you really just need the structure deck 3 times. ok, so let’s start with the decklist. 3x Erebus , 3x Ehther – as I said just 3 times the structure deck 😀 of course 3x Edea and 3x Eidos I’ve thought about playing only 2 copies, because you don’t want to draw him. But he is still great , and you propably need the 3rd copy, because of the 3rd Edea. that’s it for the structure deck, now the handtraps my plan for the tournament was to never go first! so I needed the handtraps to stop the opponent in his turn. ok you need to explain that! dark armed dragon? he is searchable in this deck with Return of the Monarchs, and also he can be added through Erebus from the Graveyard. So basically I can really play towards him and the fact that you can manipulate the Graveyard as well makes him actually not that bad. I only played Caius because, as I said, I wanted to go 2nd. Especially banishing a Skullcrobat Joker or in the Mirror Match Eidos or Erebus thats basically a free win. Also, I can often banish 2 cards. So I can get rid of cards in the backrow. Only 1 Kuraz because you only need him special summoned with Ehther in the opponent’s turn to stop his/her plays. It’s important in the mirror match because I need to stall long enough until the opponent has no options left. so only 1 kuraz, because you would brick more (bad hands) if you play more than 1 Majesty’s Fiend because it’s also searchable and great against Mermail and in the Mirror Match that’s it for the monsters. Spells: 1 Foolish because you need to get Edea to the Graveyard and recycle your Monarch Spell/traps. also you can get some targets for Dark Armed Dragon ROTA to search Edea, One for One as well. fastest cards to get to her, and it’s one of the most important cards One for One is actually a bit better because you can have 2 Tribute Summons then most important card: the Domain nobody can special summon from the extra deck, if you control a tribute summoned monster 3x Pantheism, to get through the deck 3x Stormforth. I would only play 2 if my game plan was to start the game. But it’s amazing if you go 2nd so I went with that It’s just a replacement for Edea or The Prime Monarch and it’s searchable. but else, you brick hard if you play 3 tenacity is also one of the best cards, just to search everything would cou consider playing 3x The Prime Monarch? the problem with this card is: you don’t want it on your hand ok, this is the real great opening hand but the chance of getting 1 Prime Monarch dead in your hand is too high if you play 3 I would propably kick the Dark Armed Dragon I’ve only seen him once, in my last game. But he was amazing then. I didn’t brick with him, but I’m not sure about it, yet. not sure what to swap in for the DaD, but yeah… would you play another majesty fiend or else the Vanity’s Fiend main? I think a second Majesty’s Fiend would be pretty great, but Vanity’s not as much, because you can’t trigger your spells with it. extra deck is redundant I suppose 😀 that’s correct. then the Side Deck: a normal Caius?! did you side him in? if you lose game 1, you are safe to go second and then Caius is so much better! so Caius is the Side Deck was a pretty safe option. so you would still play him? – Yes, definitely. Rai-Oh, I propably will put him out, because I would only play him vs. Mermail, but the Matchup is already good with the Majesty’s Fiends, so I will propably cut him. so yeah, he was an emergency solution, because I couldn’t get my actual Side Deck cards together. Landrobe, I will side him in in the Mirror Match, against Fog King for example. So you don’t really have an out in this deck, except dark Armed Dragon, so this is a great tech to special summon him and put the fog king face-down. Twin Twister, Propably the best side deck cards today I ran so many times into mask of restriction could you imagine them in the main deck? He could be great in the main deck, but I really hate to brick and Twin Twister is another possible dead hand card. difficult, I think I need to test it out. So maybe just play 1 main instead if the Dark Armed Dragon. 2 Chalice, they are better than Veiler, if I think that my opponent let’s me start. Drawing Veiler is just so bad, so Chalice is more flexible. Note: I sided them in quite often. Kaiser Colosseum, wouldn’t recommend it. I saw that the PePe matchup is good enough. especially if you side in the Vanity’s Fiends. so I will put the Colosseums out of the side deck.. that wasn’t my idea either! (looks to the right where his friend sits) I boarded the Raigeki in the Mirror Match, to take out the Tributes for the Tribute Summons. And all of them are great against Fog King as well. So I think I will kick the Dark Holes and the Thunder King for 3x Stygian Dirge. What do you think of Zaborg the Mega Monarch? I am not a fan of it. the problem is: it’s useless in the Mirror Match, and against Pepe he comes often too late to really hurt the deck. so then they already used the most important xyz, so I think there are better option. But he will get better after next booster sets. So what were your matchups today? I played Monarch Mirror Match the most so you think that Monarchs have a future in the Meta? I think it is a great anti-deck, against Pepe. Mirror Match is actually pretty skillfull. So… I think PePe is a 70:30 Match-Up. your opponent needs to have the out to Domain, and you yourself aren’t allowed to brick. so mirror Match is mirror Match – fun and skillfull in my opinion. what do think about the Super Quantum Monarchs? yeah, I know it, from the OCG. 3x E-teleport, not sure what their names are, but there are is a red and a blue one. not sure how much more consitent the deck gets with it, But I think a problem might be the trade for the Edea and you need Edea to get to your spells in the later states of the game so thank your for the deck profile – anyone you wanna greet? Steffen and Brecho – I build the deck with them Steffen dropped because of me in round 3, mirror match. but I didn’t play DaD main, who won me the last round, if they hadn’t helped me with the list. so it was actually the right decision? I am not sure about it – he was only important in my last game, but then again he was great. So you might test it, but I will propably put him out because of the risk of a dead draw. So I sided him out quite often The last quiestion: Do you think you only had luck our do you think Monarchs might be actually very consistent? I think I was very lucky, I only bricked 3 times today. so I actually didn’t play 3 out of 24 games, just because you can’t do anything. it’s very difficult, we all need some more testing with the deck. But if you have a good hand in the deck, Monarch are kind of unbeatable. PePe just **** itself then. In my opinion, It’s consistent enough Thanks again, and good luck in the next tournaments. thank you.

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