[Unboxing] Sweet Fragrance’s blouse/ Taobao indie brand

Hello everyone today we are unboxing the “sweetie” blouse from Sweet Fragrance I ordered this blouse in pink The package is here! When this blouse became ready to ship, the shop owner wrote that the pink color might be different from the stock photos but i think she always has a nice sense of style so even though there might be a color difference, I trust her judgement I’m excited to see how it looks in real life Open~! Ok so it’s packed inside this box It’s so pretty!!! It’s actually really pretty It’s a very soft shade of pink I don’t know if there’s a color difference to be honest So here’s Sweet Fragrance’s tag and there’s an extra button too But the most important thing is – I can’t wait to share this with you – There’s a chocolate inside too! XD White chocolate It’s literally “sweet fragrance” Ok so here’s the blouse! Let me open that bag Here we have it, at last, “Sweetie” blouse in pink! The owner also said something about the collar What’s that called? Lace. The lace on the collar having a slightly different color than the fabric I can see that Since the lace is more… a little more “baby” pink? But it’s not that different anyway So that’s the color The collar has a nice curve in the back Also full shirring And my favorite thing is this little bow on the wrist part it has a curious shape XD The lace is of good quality The fabric is kinda similar to the previous blouse The white one with hime sleeves Both features chiffon fabric with silver lines in it It’s kind of sheer though So you’ll need to wear something underneath if not inside a JSK Alright! So next I will try on the blouse, and coordinate it with some dresses! Ok so after trying it on for a while I feel like this blouse is pretty well-made in general It has lots of lovely details, such as the collar I really like the shape of it in the back Details like this add something to the whole outfit. Moving on to the downside First of all, I purchased this in size M and it’s kind of small in the bust. But I must be the one with the tiniest bust among size S and M and it’s small even for me although it has hidden button around the bust area it might not suit girls with a larger bust measurement The second thing is the wrist part I read through the comments and some complained about the wrist being too tight After trying it on for myself it is indeed pretty tight around the wrists I think I have very small wrists already and I felt a little uncomfortable after wearing it for a while so that’s one thing to be improved too Again, about the color of the blouse Honestly though, if you compare it with other pink blouses I have this one is sweeter from color, cut and details it goes better with sweet style So I ended up wearing it with AP’s donut print last year Wait was it last year or the year before? I think it’s the year before The old donut print, you know With that print in pink, it looks pretty good together So I guess the conclusion is, as the name suggests, the “Sweetie” blouse goes better with sweet dresses So this is the unboxing and review of Sweet Fragrance’s “Sweetie” blouse in pink, Hope you enjoy it, bye!

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