Unboxing iTech Deals Surprise Box Of Tech (Surprise)🤔

Hi Lizzy’s tubies you guys you’re watching Lizzy’s TV and of course you know I am Lizzy so today we’re coming to you with
another video it is an unboxing video and the items comes from i-tech deals so
I got my little box here I’m sorry you guys I had a camera technical difficulty
because I tried to use my camera and I had to switch over so now I’m using my
phone so we did open it I haven’t really gone into the box so here
we go this is our box and inside the box we’re gonna start with ohh
first of all if you liked this video give me a thumbs up don’t forget to
subscribe and hit that Bell so you can get the upcoming video take out our brown paper here and I’m gonna put my glasses on cuz I need these so I can see the first
thing we got coming out oh yeah I like that
d-link connect it to your home my d-link Wi-Fi smart plug alright so I definitely
can’t wait to see how their work and supposed to turn device is on and off
you know there’s a mobile app you can use with it so we’ll see how that work
and I think that’s cool the next one is by Incase USB cable kit four so I got
three cables in here they got their lightning cable you can connect them to
the USB micro USB or a deck connector so oh yeah
Universal mobile charger this is something I really need I’m definitely
going to use that and it’s nice because it’s black so that’s cool so if your battery is dead
and make sure you got discharged up and you can take it anywhere you want to and
put it in your purse ladies men you can just carry it in your pocket
so it works both ways black nice got a great backing to it that’s nice it has your cable cord which is cool that’s cool all right light posts
we got some ear buds here cable illuminates to the beat of the music all
right so we gonna see how that work that’s that’s nice too I really like
that color so looks like it’s what orange yeah
that’s orange then we have the light pulse ambient light visual charging cord
which is cool I like that it even shows on the back of it where the cord
actually light up and let’s let’s open this up let’s open this one I kind of want to see that oh let’s tape so let’s see how that work out Oh now it wants to give me a hard time to get in the box I’m about to tear it up ya’lI OK that’s neat nice and green so I guess the lights it light up all through here last but
not least we got some bubble wrap [pop] and oh wow this is cool cook up a fresh start fifty dollar gift card all
right now that’s nice I like that by Hello Fresh
thank you Hello Fresh and then a have a wine voucher $100 wine voucher I’m gonna
get some wine off here and then we’re gonna do it on wine tasting for y’all
how about that so that’s cool so you guys that’s the end of my unboxing from
iTech deals this box was only like twenty dollars I got well over a hundred
dollars worth of stuff and with the gift cards alone with a hundred and fifty
dollars by itself including all of the other merchandise that came with it so I’m
very satisfied with this deal right here and we will be coming to you with
another one you guys don’t forget we reached on
March 27th we reached our 200 subscribers so what that means is there
is a giveaway coming for you guys stay tuned to the videos and you would
definitely see that giveaway video coming up soon I would say what’s in the
next couple of days or so so you just stay tuned for that
and like I said don’t forget to like this channel don’t forget to subscribe
and make sure you hit that Bell and stay tuned because you just might be one of
those winners for that giveaway so you all have a good evening good night
blessed weekend and I’ll talk to you soon bye

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing iTech Deals Surprise Box Of Tech (Surprise)🤔

  1. Hey 💜Momma Lizzy 🌸! Great unboxing video! You got some great items ! That was a great deal ! Tfs have a blessed evening!!

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