Unboxing ALL top six stocking stuffers of 2018

Hi Upstarters! It’s only eleven days until Christmas! We’ve got a massive unboxing for you today! Yeah, today we’re going to be opening six awesome stocking stuffers. What’s a stocking stuffer? It’s cool little things you get in your Christmas stocking. Stay tuned to the very end. Because, thanks to Planet Fun, we’ve got a whole stocking of toys to giveaway! Yay! I can’t wait to find out what the six toys are. Yeah, they’re going to be epic! Can we get our stockings now? Please, please. Please, please. Holy moly! Look at the size of this stocking. I know, right? It’s so cool. Ok, let’s find out what’s in these stockings! Oh, look! It’s like a little wombat. I got a pink unicorn. Look, this is a little puppy. I got a little tiny dog! I got a little cutie poodle. The first stocking stuffers are TY. Yeah, they’re TY Beanie Boos! Did you know there’s over three hundred TY Beanie Boos? What? Over three hundred? Yeah, they come in lots of different sizes. Yeah, and they’re so huggable. And cute. They’re so snuggly. This is all I need for Christmas. Do you like TY Beanie Boos? Show us if you’ve got a TY collection. Let us know in the comments below. You never know, you might win one. Yeah. You might even win a different one to these. Right, let’s see what else is in this stocking. What?! I got a purple one. I got a blue one. Oh, you did too. Yeah, look. They’re different colours and some are circles… and some are square. That’s what I was going to say. They’re Shopkins Lil Secrets. Yeah, and even. On the back, you can check which one you might have. Hey, look. There’s some coding things. Yeah. They might be a combination. How does we know what to put in? I think that that little gold thing is what you do because it has this little magnifying glass… …and it says secret map inside. Hey! Guys. Look. I have a Makeup Salon. You have a Sweet Store… I have a Puppy Hotel. Let’s get ripping! I got my suitcase out! Let’s start by opening up our maps. Look at this cool map! I think what we have to do, is we have to… …find these Shopkins on the map, then we have to scratch them to reveal your secret code. I’m trying to scratch my code off. Oh, look! What is it? It’s a doggy paw. It’s one of the codes. And it’s yellow, so it must be this code. Hey, look, guys, I found one of mine. Cool. I found another one of mine. I’m going to scratch it. It’s a doggy bone! I found the doggy bone. I need one more. I’m having trouble finding my last one. Oh! There! Over there. Thank you. Most welcome. I’ve cracked mine! It was a paw, a bone and a crown. Cool, what’s inside? It’s a doggy hotel! Wow! Nice. Oh, look! I cracked mine too. My one’s a Makeup Salon. Wow! What? She gets a slide? Oh, look. I just realised something. If you pull that down, someone can go inside there. This is actually really cool. I can open up this and then it turns into a seat for my person. I’m going to put my Shopkin on its bed. It’s got like a little doggy house, where you can switch the switch and it goes into its doggy house. I just found out something. If you’re having trouble finding out the code… … it shows you the code on the back. If you want to lock it, all you need to do… …is change the code. I got So Sweet Candy. And it comes with Butterscotch Bridget and Lolita Pops! I love that you can take it anywhere. It’s like a little handbag. I love my one’s slide. I like the little cage and the dog house. This is an awesome stocking stuffer. Let’s find out what’s next. Wow! It’s Raphael! Cool! these guys are the new Ninja Turtles! So, they’re based on the new TV show. They look awesome! Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Oh! Look at his fiery red hands! What up dude? My one comes with a dog. And she can bend her arms and her knees. This guy is so cool that he can bend his knees and he can kick her in the face. Ahhh! I like my one because he’s the master of the Ninja Turtles. And I like his big stick. For whacking and walking. Ouch! Ouch! Stop! It’s just training Master. But, apparently, I’m loosing. Yip, you’ve got one more heart left! Ha! Ha! Ow! My foot! No! I really like the Ninja Turtles because they have these big glowing things. Like, April has the flaming green bat. And Raphael has the red sticks and the red hands. I really like mine, because I can pretend she’s flying. I really liked finding a Ninja Turtle in my stocking! It was awesome. What else is in the stocking? Wow! Squishes! Oh, wait! No! They’re called Soft N Slo. It’s a koala! I got a blue husky. Oh! Another one! Another one! Let’s open them! I’m going to open up my favourite one first. My one smells like soap. It’s like a Squishie. I’ve heard of these, they’re really cool. It’s like everyone at school brings them. Look, look, look! I squished them together and now they’re all wrinkled! Let’s squish all six together! Wee! Oh! Look at them! Look at me, look at me. Let’s see how much we can squeeze them. [ Laughs ] Holy moly! They’re in a little ball! Oh! Look at mine! It’s like a hot dog. I’m a sausage. Feels like playdoh. I like that they come back so quickly. They are so incredible! They are so cute! I can’t stop playing with them. There’s loads to collect. Look at all the different ones we’ve got. Bong. Bong. Bong. Bong! [ Laughs ] I wonder what else is in the Santa Sack? Let’s have a look! What is this? I think it’s a Tech Deck! Awesome! My brother has three of these. Yeah, I have a whole bunch too. I really like them. They look like mini skateboards. They’re skateboards for your fingers. Oh! So, what you do is you put your fingers on the skateboard and then you do cool tricks with them. Like flips and stuff. Mine has a face that’s melting. My one is a bird that’s flying and the sun. My one’s a red one with blue ghosts bird things flying around. Let’s open them! Wow! They really are little skateboards. Oh, look. I got mine out. I wonder what these are? Flip. Flip. Flip. They’re stickers. I think these let you do really good tricks. Look at this. I can use this to change the wheels. Me too. I’ve seen one of my friends do this. It takes a lot of practice, he says. Holy! Did you see that? [ Laughs ]
Holy! Oh! Holy! Mine landed! Wahoo! Mine landed too. There’s loads of different Tech Decks to collect. I like that we can do tricks with them. Yeah, and even, you can change out the wheels. I like how you can make every Tech Deck different. Yeah! I think that this would be perfect for my brother’s stocking. I think it’s cool for mine. Me too! It’s time for our last stocking toy! Cool! They’re little baby Hatchimals! This is going to be the third review about Hatchimals! This is going to be awesome because I finally get to be in a Hatchimals video. This is tinier than our other Hatchimals. Yeah, but they’re really cute! The last ones we had were like… … that big. Open! Oh! I found an egg! And, I think it has a love heart on it. Oh! Look! It’s a little type of map! My ones are pink and orange egg. And it’s got a heart and in the middle, it’s got a star. Oh, these are Season four Colleggibles. Oh, yeah! Oh! They’re called Hatch Brights. What does that mean? It means some of them shine when they’re in the light. Wow! There’s eighty new characters! I just realised that when you rub, the heart… … it turns pink. My one’s got yellow spots and Gemma’s one has bright green spots. And mine has purple spots. That means that I have a Star Light Shores. I’ve got a special edition’s one. I’m going to see if I can hatch mine. I cracked it! I’m going to pull the top off! Holy! It’s a little glowing one, it looks like. How is it see through? Yeah! You’ve got an ultra rare one. I’ve got an ultra rare one? Because purple wings means you’re ultra rare. Oh! Can I try to break it? On the bottom of this, it looks like a little nest! I’ll try and crack it now. Oh! Cool! Look at my one! It’s a little underwater one. My one’s a rare one! And it’s got a little wand. Oh! It looks like she’s got the one-off the.. Forest. Desert. Forest. Oh! It’s off the forest! And, it’s very common. Yeah, but it’s really cool. Oh! Look at it. Hello, little Hatchimal. Time to come out. I’ve made a hole! What’s the little horse thingy? Toughen and it’s a common. Common. My one is common, but it’s really cool. Oh! I just made a massive hole in mine. Look. My one doesn’t have wings, it’s clapping and it’s got a heart in the middle. Hey, look.
What one did you get? I got a little whale. I got that one. Oh, her ones. Oh, no. It’s a common. Little Hatchimals are so cute! Colleggibles are so cool! I almost like them as much as the big Hatchimals. Yeah! It was fun finding my ones. These stocking stuffers are amazing! We had a great time unboxing them! Would you want a chance to win one or all of these toys? Which stocking stuffer would you most like? Tell us which one, and why, in the comments below. Thanks heaps Planet Fun! We had so much fun with these unboxings! This was the best time of my life. Have a great Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas! Bye! Right, let’s go play!

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