Unbound Merino T-Shirt Review | Merino Wool Shirt for Minimal Travel

Shirts! You’re probably wearing right now. And if you’re not, you’re
probably at the beach or just sitting at home
on your couch shirtless. If so, that’s totally cool. Anyways, most people wear shirts. So, in this one, we’re
gonna be taking a look at the t-shirts from Unbound Merino. Let’s check them out. [upbeat music playing] So first things first, this thing is made of soft Merino wool. Upon taking it out of the package and trying it on for the first time, I found that it fit me very well. I have a size medium. I am six foot two, 175 pounds,
and it fits super well. One of my favorite things
about the fit of this shirt is that the size of the sleeves
fit tightly to your body so you don’t have this weird corner that’s kind of hanging out, flapping around, that you get in some t-shirts. It fits super well. Granted, I’m not super
buff, but fits well. The type of Merino that these are, they are a little tiny bit itchy when you first put this thing on. So it’s not something that
you’re really gonna notice, but it’s a different
feel than a cotton shirt or some other Merino
wool shirts out there. But to feel that itch,
you have to, like, meditate. [lullaby music playing] It’s very, very slight. This is the gray crew neck. They also have v-necks in the colors of heather
gray, blue, and black. [upbeat music playing] The Unbound Merino Tee
comes with a little booklet that gives you some tips on
how to take care of your shirt, as well as my favorite thing in there. They tell you how to do the ranger roll. So it’s a great way to pack
your bag when you’re traveling to keep everything compact. You’re hardly ever gonna
need to wash this thing, so one of the benefits of Merino wool is that it doesn’t really
hold smells, right? So you can go days and days
without washing this thing. I’ve personally gone about
maybe 20 wears without a wash. It does feel nice and
fresh after that wash. And if you do wash it, you wanna hand wash it in the sink or you want to put it into
the washer on a cold setting. You definitely don’t wanna
put it in a hot setting, and you definitely don’t
wanna put this in the dryer, otherwise that thing is
just gonna shrink right down and hardly even fit you anymore. It might fit your toddler
cousin or something like that, but not you anymore. The shirt is a little bit fuzzier. It has a little bit more pilling on it than other Merino wool shirts
that I’ve seen on the market. Unbound Merino does include in the booklet the way to get rid of this is that you wash the shirt with jeans, with the zipper closed, obviously, so you don’t get that
zipper bite on your shirt. But I have noticed that
it is a little bit fuzzier than other t-shirts. And another note on the durability is that I have seen a hole develop in this thing. After only about 15 uses I noticed it. So that’s a bit of a concern if you’re gonna be on
the road with this thing and you want it to hold up. So just keep that in mind. [upbeat music playing] Pricewise at the time of this review, this shirt is sitting right around $65. And that’s gonna be a decent price for a Merino wool t-shirt and right in the middle of a couple other key brands in this space. So on the low end, we take a look at something like a Woolly, which is gonna run you
about 45 bucks on Amazon, and on the higher end,
something like Outlier, an ultrafine Merino t-shirt,
is gonna run you about $110. So the Unbound shirt kinda sits right in the middle of those two things. So to wrap up, some of
the pros of this thing are that it’s a Merino wool t-shirt, super soft, and you’re not
gonna need to wash it often. In my opinion and for me, it
fits well and it looks good. Obviously, your mileage
is gonna vary on that. And the packaging is pretty cool with the detailed instructions, as well as telling you how to ranger roll. I always appreciate little
design details like that. They make all the difference. So some of the cons of this thing are that the collar gets a little
bit tight after a wash. You’re gonna have to wait
for that to loosen up again. It pills a little bit more than other Merino wool t-shirts on the market. And I did see a hole develop
after only about 15 wears, which is a little bit of a challenge. Thanks for taking a look at
the Unbound Merino t-shirt. Be sure to head over to Pack Hacker.com for more gear reviews just like this one. Thanks for checking this out. We’ll see you in the next one. I’m not going to the gym every
five minutes of my life, but fits well. What do you think? [upbeat music playing]

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11 thoughts on “Unbound Merino T-Shirt Review | Merino Wool Shirt for Minimal Travel

  1. great product and company but if you want to exchange or return the shipping back to canada is $15.  add that to the $7 you paid for shipping to purchase it and that is a $22 loss if you don't like it.

  2. this is going to be surprisingly disappointing from seeing your review. i ordered one as an add-on from their indiegogo hoodie project. let's see when it arrive.

  3. I ordered some socks last month and they sent me an email 2 weeks later saying " you didn't specify what color you want" Really? They took that long to tell me this? Very unprofessional. I will never order from them again.

  4. Woolly clothing is much cheaper. And I already got my order after a week. You know where I'll be shopping.

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